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Looking For A Good Time . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Sunday, October 01, 2006

I enjoy making lists in my head, and although I rarely commit them to paper, my mind is like a steel trap which can hold vast amounts of useless trivia, and that is firmly where I would place my list of the Top 5 Celebrities I could sleep with and not be held accountable.

This is a fun game that I remember being played on an episode of "Friends" as well as countless bars across the country.

The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity, and the rules are that you get to come up with a list of 5 famous people who, if the situation ever presented itself, you would be allowed to sleep with and receive a get out of jail free card from your spouse, girlfriend or significant other.

It's a hypothetical, sexual game and those are always a good time in my mind where they tend to play on an endless reel along with old episodes of "Beverly Hills 90210" and "ALF."

So, without further ado, here's my list and I would be interested in hearing opinions and other people's chosen suitors (but remember that if you tear mine down it might come right back at you).

1) Sarah Michelle Gellar - This stems from my intense appreciation for "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," which was quite simply was one of the best shows in the history of television. Besides the fact that I think she's cute, I find the fact that she's a vampire slayer powerfully erotic.

2) Adrianna Lima - Just look at the picture as Lima needs no further explanation, and is the best reason to look closer at Victoria's Secret catalogues.

3) Gina Lynn - This is not the kind of girl you take home to meet your mother (i.e. porn star), but sometimes you just want to roll in the gutter and I can think of nobody better to cushion that fall.

4) Carmen Electra - It would be great to sleep with a one-time Pussycat Dolls member, and despite her tainting by Dennis Rodman and Prince, I have always found her hot, hot, hot.

5) Brooke Burke - Ever since I first saw her hosting her travel show on E!, I've felt that Burke was extremely attractive and also seemed to be a reasonable person. This is obviously based on a large assumption that her TV personality mirrors her real-life one, but even if it feel a bit short, her body could make up for the rest.

This list is ever-changing, and people can be added or deleted on a whim, which is another reason that the game belongs up there with Candyland and Uno as the pinnacle of a good time because playing them never gets old.

And the visuals aren't half-bad either.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Paul Walker
    Johhny Depp
    Hugh Jackman
    Dane Cook
    Christian Bale
    David Beckham
    and even with recent behavior- Brad Pitt still stays on the list.
    I know, that's seven but I just might strike out with two (at least two are happily married/hooked up) and so I need a back up

  3. Jackie Says:
  4. Oh my God, Dane Cook... Anonymous, what are you thinking? He's so obnoxious.

    Bryan, you picked the same girl with slightly different faces each time. I mean,they're hot, but the only one that sticks out is Adriana Lima.

    As for me... Michael Knight from Project Runway
    Sacha Baron Cohen
    Colin Firth
    John Krasinski
    and... Salma Hayek (with a few stipulations)

    Not to be confused with my "Go Les" list of...
    Salma Hayek
    Katharine McPhee
    Elisha Cuthbert
    and Angelina Jolie
    (Rachel Bilson if she gains some weight)

  5. JLee Says:
  6. wow, I'll have to think about this and come

  7. nobich Says:
  8. Antonio Banderas!!!!
    Denis Leary
    Johnny Depp
    Bruce Willis (now I'm really showing my age)
    and I'd go with Sarah Michelle Geller too what the hell
    so when do we start??

  9. Miss Ash Says:
  10. Courtney Taylor Taylor the lead singer of the Dandy Warhols.

    Gale Harrold he played Brian on the American version of Queer as Folk

    Paul Walker

    Tyson Beckford the model

    Colin Ferrell :)

  11. nobich Says:
  12. oh & owen wilson might be fun as long as he doesn't speak

  13. Melissa Says:
  14. I love this game.

    George Clooney - a classic
    Eric Dane - McSteamy
    LL Cool J - "Tell Daddy how you like it"
    Ronde & Tiki Barber - sometimes a girl needs a sammich.
    Vin Diesel - I want to hear his voice in the middle of the night asking if I'm awake.

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Of course- Tyson Beckford. love that guy.
    and Clooney- yum

  17. Kayla Says:
  18. #1 Hugh Jackman. Why? Hot Wolf.
    'nuff said

    #2 Jake Gyllenhall. Too damn cute.

    #3 Tom Welling. (Superboy in tv show Smallville). Those eyes and that smile say it all. Plus, he'll grow up to be Superman!

    #4 Keith Urban. I am not a big fan of country music, but I'd cross over for this hunk of Aussie hotness

    #5 Keanu Reeves. Just out of pure curiosity

  19. Wendy Says:
  20. Vincent D'Onofrio. Chris Noth. Tommy Lee Jones. Wesley Snipes. Steve Buscemi.

    Because sexy doesn't necessarily mean pretty.

  21. locomocos Says:
  22. i love this game-

    ewan mcgregor
    colin firth
    johnny depp
    tom welling
    lenny kravitz

    ...can i have a list of 10?

  23. locomocos Says:
  24. 2 Dollar -
    what about such hotties as
    scarlett johansen
    natalie portman
    rachel weisz
    kate winslet
    Zooey Dechanel

    that's my les list...;D

  25. Anonymous - I think you went over your allotted 5, and that's the hard part of the game - keeping it at 5.

    Jackie - Cook walks a fine line with being obnoxious, but I do like some of the wording he chooses. Ali G is an interesting choice, and I like the go les game and will have to throw it out there for another time. I do like Salma and Elisha.

    Jlee - This game does make you choose wisely, and tough decisions must be made.

    Nobich - Glad to see Geller on there, and I'm surprised Depp isn't on more people's lists. And I'd start tomorrow if I could find a little more cooperation from the stars.

    Miss Ash - I don't know who your second pick is, and as for Farrell, he might be worth it but I bet you would stink for a week afterwards.

    Nobich - I like Wilson, but don't think I'd put him on the list.

    Melissa - I knew you'd put the guy from Gray's Anatomy, but for your sake, I wish you would get over Vin Diesel no matter how much you like the growl. He's not worth it.

    Anonymous - Clooney is a cool guy, and Beckford seems to be gaining popularity too.

    Kayla - I think I see a pattern with your choices, and I love the explnation behind Reeves because the guy just seems fairly bizarre so you could almost consider it a sociological experiment.

    Wendy - I agree that it doesn't mean pretty as personality and other intangibles go a long way. That being said, Steve Buscemi? I think he's a hell of an actor, but . . . .

  26. Cassie D - Missed your answers while I was responding, but I think your choices for both straight and les are solid with the exceptions of Firth and Zooey.

    I think that they are both good choices, however, I just don't think they make the top 5. It's tough and 10 would make it too easy.

    That's the beauty.

  27. JLee Says:
  28. ok, here goes

    Eric Dane (Dr. McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy)

    Josh Hartnett (maybe cuz I just saw "the Black Dahlia")

    Hugh Jackman

    Marcus Schenkenberg (had to throw a pretty boy in there)

    and I guess George Clooney...always liked him.

    It's hard though, because I totally agree with "because sexy doesn't necessarily mean pretty" 100%!

  29. Jlee - I'm fine with the doesn't mean pretty philosophy, but I kind of loathe Josh Hartnett and his addition on your list.

    The rest are very solid, but my opinion doesn't really count much in this game as it's your list - Hartnett just always appears like he could burst into tears at any moment in my view.

  30. JLee Says:
  31. ok, I change Josh Hartnett to Dane Cook. I happen to think he's very hot also... :)

  32. Wendy Says:
  33. My 14-year-old was grossed out by my choice of Steve Buscemi, too. She agrees that he's brilliant and says she'd marry him, but she'd never actually TOUCH him.

  34. julia Says:
  35. 1. Scarlett Johanssen
    2. Stephen Colbert Hel-LOOO! I can't believe nobody said him yet!
    3. Kate Winslet
    4. Hugh Jackman
    5. Jim Carrey, only if in character from Eternal Sunshine

  36. Jlee - I think you made a wise decision.

    Wendy - You're daughter expressed what I was trying to get at far better than I did.

    Julia - Like your Jim Carrey "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" addition, and I assume you'd be going to bed with Colbert's brain and wit versus his looks. Those are good reasons too in my book.

  37. Toby Keith (but he'd have to have pass too)
    Ben Roethilsberger
    Jim Belushi (goofy isn't always bad)
    George Eads (but only with the short haircut, not the hippie looking one)
    Rick Springfield (I know that is so high school and shows my age, but gotta go with my heart)

  38. Jackie Says:
  39. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot Jude Law. Scratch Salma Hayek. Sorry, that was going to keep me up at night.

  40. Sarcastic - I can easily forgive Springfield as that obviously has a nostalogic value, but Jim Belushi?

    You can do better. A lot better.

    Jackie - I would go with Salma, but it's your list and Law goes on - just watch out for homely nannies.

  41. I suspect Jim's sense of humor would make up for a lot.

  42. I'll take his brother is comedy one-off any day of the week, but I understand where you are coming from.

  43. BostonPobble Says:
  44. 1. Brian Dennehy
    2. Chow Yun Fat
    3. Morgan Freeman
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Dennis Leary


  45. 1. Dave Grohl
    2. Chad Kroeger
    3. Robb Wells, Mike Smith, and John Paul Tremblay all at once.
    4. You ... LOL
    5. The cutest guy from High School...wait that's who I am making this list up for!!
    Sometimes our fantasy should really stay just a number on a list.
    I did 5 last night like I have been doing for over 2 years.
    2 is on tour, and there is no way he would look at me without mood altering chemicals.
    3 has a brand new movie coming out tomorrow, I got no chance. They will hit the mainland Saturday afternoon, and have so many women begging to ride they will be sore for weeks. I see a trip to the Health Unit for all of them next week.
    No comment needed on 4, that was an attempt to make some one laugh.
    NUMBER 1 is in town next month opening for Dylan.
    Wish my happy ass luck!!!

  46. BostonPobble - I like the depth here with Chow Yun and Morgan Freeman some nice choices, however, Brian D. is very perplexing to me. I would like a little more background on the matter.

    Girlbehind - I do wish you all the luck in the world as bedding someone from the list would be a major accomplishment. I also appreciate the in-depth explanation because I wasn't sure who some in the middle were; with the exception of yours truly.


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