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It's Just Like Magic . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Saturday, October 21, 2006

Since Kate Moss put on some weight from her original heroin chic phase, I've thought she has looked pretty hot in several magazine shoots like these:

When Moss got busted for snorting lines of cocaine like Snuffalufagus (sp?) last year I can't say I was particularly shocked. A model snorting coke? You must be kidding me. Who would have guessed it?

Probably about 98.5% percent of the population, and that 1.5% percent who didn't are likely the same group that believes that Long John Silver's is fine dining.

But I saw a picture of Moss recently without makeup, lights and a team to make her look good and it wasn't quite as stirring as her glossy images:

Obviously, nobody looks perfect all of the time, but with the magic of Photoshop and a team of stylists, I don't know why I'm dieting at all because it seems like they could just carve in a 6-pack and whatever else they wanted at a later date.

I guess real life doesn't mirror the reality seen inside the pages of a glossy magazine - who would have thunk it - probably most people not currently ordering the fish, chicken and hush puppies platter (but damn does it sound tasty).



  1. JLee Says:
  2. it's all smoke and mirrors my friend...smoke and mirrors ;)

    I still think Kate is too damn skinny!

  3. Kayla Says:
  4. It's strange because she is not that pretty to me, even professionally glammed up. But, there is something about her that is really hot!
    Bring on the hush puppies! ;-)

  5. Dreamlover Says:
  6. I have never thought that she was all out and half her nose is gone now.

  7. Carmel Says:
  8. It's amazing what those touch ups really touch up!
    While I do think she is attractive, she is missing the big "healthy looking glow" that they have faked in the pics above.
    Hopefully we will see you in a magazine soon too!

  9. Jlee - I was afraid of that. And she's still a bit thin, but much better than she was back in the day.

    Kayla - That's exactly right as I don't find her pretty, but there's something there that's sexy and I'm not exactly sure what it is. However, put me in a bed with her and a bag of hush puppies and I'm all over it.

    Dreamlover - The other half will be gone once her boyfriend gets back on the drugs, which only seems to be a matter of time.

    Carmel - It is amazing indeed, and we should all be so lucky to have some sort of glow. And if I ever get lucky enough to get inside a mag, I will demand they give me as much as they possibly can. Spare no expense I say.

  10. julia Says:
  11. have you seen any photos of tyra banks without her makeup? they showed one on a season of top model. holy shit. tyra is looking beautiful now that she's more full-figured and i'll say the same for kate. stay off the coke, girlie!

  12. Nancy Drew Says:
  13. oh they're all OK..but man someone should force feed them. Remember the line from In and Out? "Eat something, I'm begging you!"

  14. Julia - I never saw those pics of Tyra, but I think she's very good-looking and also a bit crazy. I'd put the over/under at Kate staying off coke at 60 - 40. If I were a betting man.

    Nancy Drew - I think Matt Dillon said that, and it was funny. Good luck with that iniatitive, however, as the day food comes into modeling and drugs leave the scene is probably the day that hell just froze over.

  15. Miss Ash Says:
  16. Kate is a hottie though her sort of boyfriend or whatever that muck muck is, is something to be desired.

    So are you saying when you're a famous model you will be in the 98.5%...or perhaps you already are :P

  17. Robert Says:
  18. The wonders of makeup.

  19. Carmel Says:
  20. I've come back to check out that red dress since it caught my eye, I want one!

  21. Sherry Says:
  22. Oh, you poor thing ... dieting and all that hard work. Go ahead and have a LJS platter, I won't tell anyone.

  23. see? this is why they are called glamorshots. but shes still pretty either way.

  24. Miss Ash - I agree about Pete What's his name as he's an ugly pale bastard, but he's a rocker so I guess he gets a free pass. And I'm not going to answer the other question for fear of incrimination.

    Robert - That link is even scarier and it seems unfair that women can try to trick us. Although it's nice to be fooled - sometimes.

    Carmel - It is a nice dress, and I say go for it.

    Sherry - You might not tell anyone, but you need to tell me what I an LJS platter is because my brain is fuzzy and not working too well this morning.

    Lastlife - True. But the gap between reality and fantasy is still pretty large. Some days more than others.


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