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Going Deep And Embracing The Pain . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, January 31, 2007

{Editor's Notes: Congratulations to Miss Ash, who was the only person to answer all 12 questions correct. Thanks to everyone for playing as most people got either 10 or 11 right and once I sort through them all, shirts will be sent out.}

I got a deep-tissue massage yesterday, and I needed it like Anna Nicole Smith needs a brain or Keira Knightly needs a cupcake.

Well, maybe not quite that badly, however, I had knots in every possible muscle group according to the masseuse - and then she blasted me into submission. Again and again.

Gentle drums beat rhythmically from the stereo as she used her oils and powerful hands to knead the knots until they released their tension. But they would not go gently. They fought and struggled valiantly before ultimately relenting their hold over me.

"Where do they go from here?" I asked at one point in a daze of delirium and pain.

She laughed and said "Oh, you poor dear," before she dug her elbow into my rhomboids and pushed harder.

The massage was frequently painful, often vicious and ultimately very satisfying. A little soreness today is a small price to pay for the greater freedom of movement and strength.

This was a far cry from a relaxing Swedish massage or a Happy Ending session at some seedy establishment where the windows are tinted and the staff look like this yet are unlikely to be nationally certified therapists:

Those are entirely different matters with far different goals in mind.

I needed a release of the legal variety, and one thing I learned during the session was to embrace the pain. You can't run or hide from it, and doing so just makes things worse.

It might not be as excrutiating as watching Britney Spears dress herself and then appear in public . . .

But it was close and I feel like a new man today thanks to a session that pushed my inner resolve to the limit.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Great way to celebrate your b-day! Nothing like a great massage. (or I guess you would classify it as good as there was no buxom blonde involved)

  3. JLee Says:
  4. You mean I can't run from the pain like a screaming little girl!?? haha You're right about the benefit of this because it releases not only physical, but emotional pain as well. I had a massage once from an old lady and it caused me to have a quick waking dream of my mother who had passed away a few years before. It was grief leaving my body and I sobbed for about 30 minutes after. I was holding that in for years!

    On a lighter note, to Miss Ash "Overachiever!!" ahhaa

  5. Melissa Says:
  6. Lots of water today, don't forget or the acid build up that was in your muscles will go back.

    Jlee, I had the crying part happen once and it was such a relief. I asked my massage therapist about it and she said she had it happen all the time. I would never have associated the two, but what a release!

  7. Anonymous - You hit the nail on the head as it could only be so good without the second part added in. Ha.

    Jlee - Don't run from it, run to it. That's my advice. And if you hit the emotional side of things in your massage, then you got more for your money than I did. I stayed purely physical.

    Melissa - I had no idea about this trend of emotional release as well. I'm sure it was a relief, however, as any buildup needs a release. And thanks for the tips as I have been drinking a lot of water & feel pretty good so far.

  8. Miss Ash Says:
  9. Jlee muahahahah!!!

    2DP, have you ever been to a rub and tug before?

  10. That sounds like an evil laugh, and I thought I mentioned that I don't frequent those type of places. Ha. Please explain as it sounds interesting.

  11. Miss Ash Says:
  12. Ummm i have nothing to explain. I also don't frequent such places as i don't hmm how do i put it, have the anatomy that would be fulfilled by such a place.

  13. JLee Says:
  14. haha Miss Ash! As legit RMTs would call them "weinie washers" lol

  15. Miss Ash - Details. Details. Ha.

    Jlee - I prefer release managers. They are professionals after all.

  16. slopmaster Says:
  17. Miss ash is a trivia queen. She always kicks ass on my Seinfeld Trivia.

    I'm glad you specified it was a girl. I'm not letting a dude massage me.

  18. Of course. That's a given. Ha.

  19. Marilyn Says:
  20. where did you go? I'm looking for a good massage myself, and i need someone tough...

  21. A friend recommended her to me as she does them out of her house in S. Austin. Email me if you want her number.

  22. Sherry Says:
  23. That type of pain is always worth it as it leaves you feeling new and refreshed afterwards.

  24. You're right - I felt instantly better once I re-awakened from my stupor. And I might even go back before NY.


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