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American Pays & Dickhead Driving . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Sunday, January 14, 2007

For anyone unable to sleep peacefully or concentrate on work until I resolved my dispute with American Airlines, the deed is now finished and I have a voucher for $200.

I wasn't sure of the amount, and while I wish that it was even higher, $200 is still $200 and easily worth the time spent crafting an email to their customer service department letting them know exactly how backwards and unhelpful I felt their same department had been during my travels.

As a few people already noted, the problem is obviously that I have must use the vouchers for future American Airlines flights, but life is a trade-off so I'm OK with the conclusion of things.

Moving from the skies to the ground, I can barely even think about driving right now as it's still raining and a major ice storm is being forecasted for later today, which will bring Austin to a halt and possibly force me to miss work tomorrow.

There are worse things.

The problem is that I just got my car out of the shop after doing this to it:

Pretty classy, eh?

I figured I'd always been accused of driving around in a car that attracted women like Spanish Fly, so I might as well put it on display.

Of course, an argument could also be made that there's a giant dickhead driving that same car, however, I prefer to take the opposite tract and dismiss the the naysayers by ignoring them and concentrating on the positive.

And I'm positively staying off the roads today, and watching the NFL play-offs and reading books and drinking coffee, so things could be much, much worse.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Congrats on your voucher! and I hate to tell you, but your car is a hermaphrodite. ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. ewww.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Um... you got a new license plate?

  7. Jlee - I guess it swings both ways, but that doesn't apply to the driver and I'm taking off one of them immediately.

    Anonymous - I spent good money & Ewww wasn't the reaction I was hoping for. Damn.

    Wendy - Exactly. But I was hoping that it didn't distract/detract from the overrall effect.

  8. slopmaster Says:
  9. You know, Dallas didn't even get that bad. It just rained and it was cold, it never froze over. You should have come. Sell-out bad-friend.

    How about that Sand Diago-New England Game? I made some money on it.

  10. If they cancel all flights to DFW, then I am not coming either. Ha. They probably cancelled the reception anyway. We'll see. And San Diego should be ashamed of themselves for pissing that game away.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Didn't i just read about AA leaving a bunch of people on the runway for like 15 hours or something crazy. Have fun with those vouchers haha!!

    We have freezing rain today and the schools are closed as is my work. I'm in my jammies right now drinking tea and soon i'm off to watch ridiculous tv shows.

  13. D Says:
  14. I was in a PLANE CRASH in Denver a few years back- and guess what they offered me? A $ 250.00 voucher.. Yippie I said- Like Illl be flying anytime in the next - ooh I dont know ten years? But- A year later I flew to Italy- So I guess it came in handy- I mean $250.00 for a near death experiance isnt to bad is it? GEEZ !

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Those cars are great!
    I'd like to see them actually being driven. I wonder what the guy who drives it looks like?

  17. That is the best question of all. How do you go through a drive-through in that thing? Questions. And we'll likely never know all the answers.

  18. Jackie Says:
  19. Sometimes I like to peruse the pictures first and try to guess what the post is going to be about. But, not this time. This bitch don't want to know.

  20. Sometimes you've got to throw 'em a curveball, eh? This picture only loosely applied, but I wanted to use it anyway.


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