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$2 Dollar Shirts & Contest Ready . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Thursday, January 25, 2007

With any luck, the $2 Dollar Productions shirts will be rolling hot off the presses later this week, and the final design (as envisioned by my brother) looks like this:



Simple & elegant as that is a black Hanes t-shirt with electric blue writing.

These will be worn during our upcoming chance to make it on VH1's "World Series of Pop Culture," which we will try out for in early February. As I mentioned before, the Austin qualifier will produce one winning team who automatically moves into the real game to be filmed in New York City in March.

But even if you lose, there is still a shot that the producers can grant you a "wild card" birth in the contest.

I would prefer to win the thing, but I am becoming increasingly nervous about my knowledge base. My brother and I have been trying to study by running through trivia cards (Pop Culture board game, Movie Scene In Game), however, there's really no good way to cram for such a broad subject.

The categories could be virtually anything from Reality TV to 80s movies to Late Night Television to Cartoons to whatever, and so it really comes down to whether you've absorbed our pop culture like a sponge and are ready to regurgitate it back out.

Anybody can tell you who said "Life is like a box of chocolates," but those same people don't necessarily know the name of Ice-T's extremely trampy wife (CoCo).

{Editor's Note: Possibly the worst camel toe I have ever seen}

I might know more about Pop Culture than the average bear, but I'm no expert. I read too many books to be a true aficionado who could strike fear into my opponents, but I'm striving to narrow that gap.

To keep my head in the game and also to get some of these shirts circulating out in the world, I will be writing out a trivia contest to posted this following Tuesday - January 30th - and the first 5 people who send me the correct answers will be awarded a newly minted shirt.

What a deal, eh?

The categories will likely be movies and television, and if you're interested in exercising your brain and love t-shirts, then start preparing immediately.

Personally, I'm going to keep scanning Wikipedia and hoping that some of the categories skew my way. Selah.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Cool shirts! I assume that first word is "always"? Not so sure about that one but cool nonetheless. I have faith you both will do wonderfully. Any who can cram thousands of useless trivia knowledge in their head deserves recognition!!! : )

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Great design! Did your bro come up witht that? Maybe you could get brownie points for the shirts alone? You should have a "stump the panel" contest, where we give YOU trivia questions!

  5. Symplyamused - Thank you. And you're right as it is 'Always' - I refuse to waffle on that one. Ha.

    Jlee - My brother did it and they company still charged a ridiculous amount for doing it, but now we have some, so . . . things could be worse and we should open it up to a stump the panel round. Soon.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. I recently started reading Perez Hilton and it might be my new favorite (guilty) thing - so I did know Ice-T's cameltoe (seriously, at that point it *has* to be on purpose) wife's name. But I would never challenge you to a fight.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. I did know Coco's name from all those damn pop culture shows I watch! She is like a damn cartoon character.

  10. Julia - Yeah, PH is a solid site for bad pics & serious rumors & some solid truth as well. And you're right, it must be on purpose with something that blatant.

    Jlee - She is like a cartoon character - kind of like an x-rated smurf, if smurfs were orange and slutty.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Smurfs, at least Smurfette, was blue and most likely slutty. Let's face it, the only girl among a bunch of boys.
    The shirts look great. Good luck on cramming. I have lots of worthless knowledge that hopefully someday I can use in a similar manner. How long is the tryout?

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. great shirts! very chic. you could sell those!

  15. nobich Says:
  16. Great shirts!! Maybe we should come up with some questions like jlee says?

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. I think you should just send all of your loyals readers a shirt :P

  19. Sarcastic - Smurfette was likely a huge tramp, but I always tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Ha. And the try-out is one day and maybe less if we really suck. Let's hope not and good luck using your knowledge for a higher goal.

    Anonymous - One step at a time, but thanks as we like the way they turned out too.

    Nobich - I do think that's a good idea & will likely post something up about that next week. Maybe on the same one as the quiz that I put up there.

    Miss Ash - Not a bad idea, but doesn't anyone want to earn something anymore? Ha. Just think of the sense of accomplishment involved. It would make wearing it all the sweeter.

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. While I would feel guilty about you simply *giving* this loyal reader one, I would certainly be comfortable *buying* one ~ 'cause I really want one and there is No Way In Hell I'm gonna be able to win one from my knowledge of pop culture. This won't, however, keep me from trying. ;)

    Seriously, great shirt.

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. What a deal, eh?
    DID you just use "eh" in a post?
    You hosehead!

  24. Kayla Says:
  25. Like the martini design.

    I don't understand why women dress like that! Her camel toe looks painful! And really...does anyone find it attractive?

  26. BostonPobble - Thank you very much, and don't count yourself out as I have great confidence. More shirts might also be released at a later date. Ha.

    Girlbehind - Like all that, eh? That's for my strong Canadian readership. I span countries. Ha.

    Kayla - It does look painful and bad to me. That being said, I would bet you hard cash that there's a segment of the population that is driven mad with lust over the sight.

  27. slopmaster Says:
  28. I'm ready for trivia, and if its Seinfeld trivia (which by the way, you're pretty good at), I'm going to kick ass.

  29. There will likely be at least one Seinfeld question in there, so good luck as I am decent on my knowledge about that show. Others, not so much.

  30. Sherry Says:
  31. A contest huh? I've heard nothing of it, but then again my tv gets used as a light and noise maker. Sounds like fun though. Good luck!

  32. And how does someone is Aus get a hold of one of those shirts?!?! Make them in chick sizes!!

  33. Sherry - We'll take all the luck we can get, and if I could take an infusion of pop culture into my brain that would be even better. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Friday - These are sized small and would certainly work for women - trust me. And pitch your hat in the contest because I have no rules against mailing them Down Under. No telling how long it will take to get there, but . . .


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