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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, August 31, 2007

"I'm sorry I made you clean the bathroom and the toilets, but who did all the work in bed?" - Andrew Dice Clay, "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane"

It's hard to imagine why Dice didn't have a longer career (not really), but I refuse to ponder this too deeply as I have a long Labor Day Weekend coming right up and before that can happen I need to tackle tough stories like:

Owen Wilson attempted to commit suicide this week by slitting his wrists, and reports circulated that he has been using cocaine, Oxycontin and heroin recently.

I like both Wilson brothers as actors, and simply hope that any person who boasts an awesome nickname like "The Butterscotch Stallion" finds reason enough to live.

The new season of "Dancing with the Stars" announced the cast this week which included Mark Cuban, Scary Spice, Jane Seymour and Wayne Newton among others.

I haven't watched an episode of this show, however, I am morbidly interested to watch to see if Newton breaks into a million pieces as he's roughly 108 years old under all the makeup and surgery.

Leona Helmsley, the recently expired "Queen of Mean" left $12 million to her pampered pooch in her will.

I suppose there really is one rich bitch who I wouldn't sleep with walking around now.

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, claims her mother, Dina, "does cocaine" as well as that his ex-wife is not allowing him access to their children.

Michael - the former convict - was quoted by PerezHilton's website as saying: "I'll give you a videotape of someone who told me, 'Michael, I know for a fact that Dina does cocaine because I delivered it to the house to her.' That's recently, about six months ago."

It's really shocking that Lohan has been to rehab 3 times this year with such outstanding role models nurturing her all these years.

A new Britney Spears single, reportedly titled “Gimme More,” is rumored to be ready to drop as soon as next week, reported.

‘‘People are going to love (the new single),‘‘ a source reportedly said. ‘‘It’s like when Justin came back (with FutureSex/LoveSounds) — she’s got a whole new sound. She’s funky.‘’

If the source is describing Spears's smell as "funky," then I might buy it, but it appears to be the music and I'll be reserving judgment on that front.

David Letterman will make his first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show next month, an announcement meant to prove that the reported bad blood between the two is a thing of the past.

Was there ever a longer feud that was more boring as at least the Trump-Rosie feud had nasty insults to go along with it? This one has just stalled in a boring swamp of nothingness for years and years and years.

But let's bury the hatchet, and end things on a high note with this:

I generally do not labor on this weekend, however, I might make an exception in the name of altruism to help this poor woman. Regardless of your own personal charity, everybody enjoy the time off, help those in need and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. I'd let her fiddle with my nuts if lets me get under her hood, that's for sure. In case that was too subtle, I'll paraphase, that chick is hot and I want to do her.

  2. That's still a bit ambiguous (sp?)for me. Try being less obtuse next time, eh?

  3. Tiara Girl Says:
  4. To quote the Diceman : "Little Boy Blue......he needed the money..."

  5. Wendy Says:
  6. Damn. With all that money, you'd think Leona could have had some good plastic surgery.

  7. If the Diceman were on Dancing with the Stars, I might actually watch. It might be fun to see what the censors would have to do......

    Happy Labor Day Weekend, 2 Dollar

  8. Tiara Girl - Owwww. That was trying to approximate the sound Dice made after that rhyme.

    Wendy - She looks like she's wearing a fright-mask, eh? I like to think that her face is karma for being a generally nasty human being.

    Anonymous Boxer - The last time I saw Dice he was looking pretty bad - overweight, balding and still very hairy. But that might make for good TV. Have a good, long weekend yourself.

  9. vivavavoom Says:
  10. how do you leave 12 million to a dog....does the dog have an investment banker or can he/she just waste it on treats and other bitches.

    what a shocker, dina lohan doing drugs... let me guess, she wanted the coke delivered to her house since she is Lindsays manager and wanted to do her a favor by picking it up.

    that last girl could just about rest those things on the may hurt, but maybe she is into that stuff.

    Hope your non labor labor day weekend is full of things not requiring batteries....unless you are into that stuff.

    "not that there is anything wrong with that"

  11. vivavavoom Says:
  12. ps
    anyone heard anything about where Jlee went to?

  13. The Lohan thing is about as shocking as the sun rising every day. I'd like to find out about details (not intimate) of that dog and money. As for the woman, that would be a shame to put any smudges on those headlights of hers, so your suggestion is terrible. Ha. Finally, Jlee is back w/ a different URL and you can backtrack through comments get there as I can't remember it right now. Have a good weekend.

  14. JLee Says:
  15. "But Dice, we just wanted to cuddle."
    "You got the bonus package. OH!"
    Don't ask me how I remember that. ha
    I had a dream about Britney Spears last night and we were in a swimming pool. Weird.
    Viva, I'm back! Thanks for caring :)

  16. Linda Says:
  17. Friday photos always stellar. I know you indulge the men, but appreciate the eye candy for the gals. Past posts, Bill Murray, Clooney and the boys, Drew Carey, Michael Madsen, you always seem to find very flattering shots .... thanks!! Happy Friday, enjoy the long weekend!!

  18. Jlee - Great line as I remember that one too. I'm impressed except for the Spears dream which would have been better about 3 - 5 years ago. Ha.

    Linda - Thanks as I try on the photos (depending on the time I have), although I'm quickly running out of ending shots as there are only so many out there. Have a good weekend yourself as I plan to enjoy mine immmensely.

  19. Stephanie Says:
  20. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems to me Owen Wilson has everything in the world to live for. He's young, has his whole life ahead of him, has money in the bank and a great Hollywood career -- he dated Kate Hudson. I mean, what more could a man ask for out of life?

  21. $$, it is very bad taste to post a picture of a corpse. You could at least have found a pic of HElmsley while still alive. Did you sneak into the morgue to get that one? The mortician did a bang-up job preparing her for an open casket ceremony.

  22. H.Wood Says:
  23. If Owen Wilson doesn't have anything to live for, then the rest of us are really screwed.

  24. Kayla Says:
  25. Happy Friday!
    Actually, it is Sunday when I am posting this...I suppose it still counts?? :-)
    I love both Luke and Owen Wilson, and although I somehow felt that Luke was the stable one, I had no idea that Owen was so depressed...he's such a fantastic comedic figure.
    Best wishes to him..

  26. Stephanie - I second that as I find little hope for the rest of us because he seems to lead a fairly charmed life.

    Getoffmylawn - Ouch. I know what you mean, and although you can't prove any corpse-raiding, the visual evidence is overhwhelming. However, I admit to nothing.

    H. Wood - Amen. My guess is that it was simply too many drugs in too short of an amount of time, which can confuse anyone's thoughts.

    Kayla - It doesn't matter the day as the sentiment is still the same. Happy Friday (Sunday, Monday, etc.) and I think most people wish Owen well too.

  27. Miss Ash Says:
  28. Wayne Newton looks like a wax figurine ewewewe

  29. He looks damn good for 108 years old Miss Ash. We should all be so lucky. Ha.


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