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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I got tagged recently with a list of Fours, so here goes it:

Four jobs I've had or currently have in my life:

1. First job that I ever had was as a linesman for children's soccer. It wasn't a bad gig at the time, but I doubt I would do it now as parents have gotten worse and turned into animals about their children's sporting activities.

2. My initial job after college was writing for a daily newspaper as I was the police/fire/court reporter, which meant that I covered anything bad that happened. I also had a column about the Citizen's Police Academy that I was asked to join, and eventually gave the keynote address at graduation.

3. For several years, I worked as a personal trainer with a sideline gig as a fitness model.

4. My current job is in the technology industry for reasons that are not entirely clear, but I think it's good to diversify and keep things interesting.

Four countries I have been to:
1. Italy - Went to Rome, Florence and Sienna. Great trip.
2. Spain - Madrid and Valencia and Bunol, where I participated in the Tomatina festival and barely made it out alive.

3. Netherlands - I've been to Amsterdam twice, although I barely remember the second time so I'm not sure if that counts.
4. Ireland - Dublin and Cork to visit my best friend and watch him get married.

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Tahiti.

2. My loft.
3. Switzerland
4. A movie theater.

Four foods I like to eat:
1. Chilean Sea Bass.
2. Chicken Fried Steak.

3. Crab Cakes.
4. Barbecue.

Four personal heroes, past or present:
1. Hunter S. Thompson

2. Jackie Robinson
3. Great uncle
4. Attila the Hun

Four books you've just read or are currently reading:
1. The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon - Excellent read filled with a love of literature, Dickensonian characteristics and a vivid sense of Barcelona.

2. The Savage Detectives - Roberto Bolano - Just about to start this one.
3. World's End - T.C. Boyle - I wouldn't place it at the top of his work, but impressive nonetheless.
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Had to finish the series, and Rowling did a very solid job wrapping things up in a satisfying manner.

Due to rule changing somewhere along the line, here's where you are suppose to add your own new question.

Four songs that would be played at your funeral:

1) To Live is To Fly - Townes Van Zandt
2) Nobody Knows Me - Lyle Lovett

3) You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones (I don't give a shit that it was featured in the Big Chill)
4) I Ain't Ever Satisfied - Steve Earle



  1. Tiara Girl Says:
  2. Personal trainer, huh ? What's the best way to get defined abs ? I do situps and crunches all the time, but the only thing that happens is, I SHIT MYSELF.

  3. Four comments:
    1. What is a chicken fried steak? You're not the first person in the blog-o-world to write good about it and for some reason, I don't think I'd ever heard of it before.
    2. First time I heard Lyle Lovett sing I thought I was watching the world's best lip-sync. How can such a beautiful voice come from such an ugly vessel. Oh well, he's a wonderful artist and I'm glad a guy with that much talent can make a living playing music regardless of his appearance.
    3. Can't remember the Netherlands, eh?
    4. Jackie Robinson's influence on society as a whole can never be truely measured. One of the greatest men to have ever lived.

  4. Hey! I needed a new book to read, so I'm getting your top pick. You are a great resource today.

    I likey this post today.

  5. Tiara Girl - Sounds like a dietary issue to me (mabye those Heinze weiners or some derivative). Then again, I'm no expert, but that's my two dollars worth of opinion. Also, bring a change of clothes to the gym.

    WhatIgot - Good anaylsis of Lovett & Robinson. If you remember the Netherlands, you probably didn't do it right. Finally, it's hard to describe a Chicken Fried Steak, but in you're ever in Austin then you MUST try one.

    Anonymous Boxer - I really liked The Shadow of the Wind (it's another story about how I picked it out at Half Price Books - another post). Enjoy.

  6. Miss Ash Says:
  7. I want to hear all about the Tomatina festival as it looks rather painful to me. I don't know the history behind it, but people lobbing tomatoes at me doesn't seem like fun (oh and it's wasteful)

    I don't think i've ever heard Lyle sing...i'll have to download the song.

    What does your current job entail i have no idea, other than you go to lots of meetings and conferency things.

  8. Love chicken fried steak - it is oh so good plus crab cakes (though I'm a snob and prefer on Chesepeake Bay crabs) and BBQ is good any day of the week.

    I liked your choices of funeral songs. I've thought about that before and have come up with a few - I personally think happy songs work well, but my family thinks I should show a little more sobriety so I had to change a few: I Believe (Diamond Rio), When I Get To Where I'm Going (Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton), I Can't Drive 55 (Sammy Hagar - teaches us to live freely), Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison - just cause I am).

  9. I think there is something special about being in a movie theatre.

    If I could ever afford it, I'd renovate my house to look exactly like the local cineplex.

  10. Miss Ash - I don't know how it started, but the actual event starts when somebody climbs a greased pole to pull down a ham (?) and then it's on (I think that's how it began as we started drinking early). It's a dangerous event as I lost a contact and the train ride back to Valencia was awful w/ dried tomatoes and heat baking everyone on board. Lovett has an excellent voice, and I'm currently doing sales & marketing as engineering & programming gives me a headache.

    Sarcastic - Great food choices by you as well as it's lunchtime now, and I'm hungry. I like the songs as well as I hadn't thought about that Hagar song for awhile. I know some of Diamond Rio's stuff, but not that song in particular. And nice job w/ the Orbison as we need to be true to ourselves at the end.

    Idig - I completely agree, and will have a large screening room in my house one day. It's a vow I plan to keep. The last time I was walking into the theater (saw Bourne) I was thinking just how much I enjoy the entire production of the low lighting, large screens, etc. and how I rarely leave disappointed.

  11. JLee Says:
  12. The movie theater is especially appealing this time of nice and cool.

  13. Stephanie Says:
  14. This is a tag I haven't seen before. It covers just about everything!

  15. Jlee - This is a good time for a respite from the heat, but it works in the winter too.

    Stephanie - It runs the gamut, which can be tiring to do, but then again, it's either that or work so . . .

  16. Melissa Says:
  17. I like cream in my coffee and I like to sleep late on Sunday...

    Such a good choice.

    And Jesus H. Christ - chicken fried steak... damn.

  18. Linda Says:
  19. Like this tag, interesting questions. Agree with you on Tahiti, the movie theater and Hunter S. Thompson. You'll love this, I've met Lyle Lovett! It's a drunken NYC story .... ;)

  20. Melissa - I like eggs over easy w/ a flour tortilla. Great song. Also, my wedding song. As for the chicken fried steak, you knew that certain sacrifices would occur when you moved to the NE and unfortunately, that is one of them.

    Linda - You can't throw something like that out there, and then not follow through w/ the story. Ha. Feel free to include details and/or pictures for clarification.

  21. Linda Says:
  22. Sorry, no pictures. It was the late 90s, our company had just completed a trade show in NYC to launch a new product. On our last night in town we celebrated with martinis at Windows on the World at the top of the World Trade Center, it was amazing. We were recommended to have diner at a restaurant uptown, but when we arrived, there was a line out the door. My friends went to see how long the wait was, I went down the street to find a back-up restaurant. When I came back, they were standing at the door, smiling and waving me in, I thought they had a table. As I climbed the stairs to join them, through my vodka haze, a tall man extended his hand to me and said "thanks for coming". I looked up and realized I was shaking the hand of Lyle Lovett! I was pretty stunned, mumbled "your welcome" and joined my friends (who at this point were laughing hysterically at my shock). Yeah, it was a private party and we were crashers! We were a little too drunk to maintain any decorum, so we got out of there pretty fast. My friends still maintain we should have stayed for the free food, I was just too flustered! It was a pretty funny night. Now I laugh every time I hear a Lyle Lovett reference and I do like his music!

  23. Linda - Thanks for sharing as that's a great story. But I think being in a vodka haze would have been a perfect cover to crash Lyle's party, act you were invited and end up doing something bizarre that somebody would have been forced to capture on film. Ha.

  24. Hunter S. was brilliant and maybe the only honest poet of the 20th century. I have lamented his passing. Next time you do a little mescalin, spill some on the ground for him.

  25. Linda Says:
  26. We were way too drunk to convince anyone that we belonged there. I asked my co-worker today what he thought we looked like that night. He said, "a bunch of drunken idiots." Not coherent enough to pull off a ruse! A very valuable lesson I learned in college is don't let anyone photograph you while under the influence .... it's just not pretty! :)

  27. Getoffmylawn - A fine assesment, and I have all of Thompson's works as well as some pretty sharp memorobilia (sp?) (i.e. when he ran for sheriff, etc.). His passing was too soon & too sad.

    Linda - That's a good point, although I do take some decent pics when the guard is let down as the booze flows freely. But at some point, you pass the stage of no return and NO evidence should be taken. Smart move.


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