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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, August 10, 2007

"Get the butter," - Marlon Brando, "Last Tango in Paris"

It's hot as hell in Austin, but then again, it's August, so there's little to do except drink indoors, sweat like a bastard, and of course, to lose yourself in news stories like:

Another Britney Spears incident that found the pop star "topless, drunk and lonely" in a hotel pool with a video extra, according to "Us Weekly."

Back when I was dating, topless, drunk and lonely was a perfect trifecta in my book.

The Insider Online reported this week that Lindsay Lohan entered the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah - a drug and alcohol rehab center.

Maybe the 3rd time really will the charm for Lindsay, but then again, if you enter 3 rehab facilities inside of a year then the odds are not in your favor.

The Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards custody battle intensified recently as Sheen claimed that Richards asked him for his DNA to father a third child with her.

Sheen has filed a lawsuit asking for more visitation rights to see his two children that he shares with Richards as he currently has to be supervised when he spends time with two-year-old Lola and three-year-old Sam.

This is a bizarre story, however, if Richards really wants Sheen's man juice then I'm sure she could contact many, many call girls with poor dry cleaning habits to supply her the material.

A US Superior Court judge granted a restraining release concerning a 1994 videotape which shows a breast augmentation surgery for Anna Nicole Smith from being sold and seen this week.

I'm with the judge on this one as I like breasts, I liked Anna Nicole's breasts, but I have no desire to see the surgery. I would feel the same way about watching a video concerning the origins of sausage.

Former spice girl Melanie Brown, who recently has embroiled in a paternity battle with Eddie Murphy over her newborn daughter, has secretly tied knot with her producer boyfriend Stephen Belafonte in Las Vegas it was reported this week.

The wedding might have been secret, but Scary Spice's pregnancy and claims against Murphy have been front and center for months and months.

It seems like a slow week, but regardless, let's end on a high note with:

I feel I could positively burst at the seams when admiring this picture. But maybe we should all practice restraint today, stick your chest out to face the world and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. I don't care how great that last pic was, the first pic was just so damn traumatizing. I've gone out of my way to make sure I never see that movie. I enjoy eating butter and would like to continue eating butter.

  2. It's actually a good movie, and another good line is where the woman in the picture accuses Brando of being lazy and just lying around and eating cheese all day.

  3. Tiara Girl Says:
  4. ..I use to eat cheese with Brando....

  5. That whole Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen thing gets more bizarre everytime something ends up in the news. You have to wonder if somehow Richie Sambora didn't end up in rehab himself going from Heather Locklear to Denise Richards. I have to say the more I hear and see about her, the odder I think she is...which is going somewhat in the sense you can only believe half of what you see/hear out of Hollyweird.

  6. Miss Ash Says:
  7. I hope to be topless, drunk and not lonley this weekend haha!!! Unfortunately i'm camping with my female friend...ain't gonna happen. Happy Friday!

  8. Tiara Girl - That's lucky as Brando seemed like a cool guy and that would be a good story with the cheese and all.

    Sarcastic - It's completely twisted, and I am finding this situation to Be similar to the Britney/K-Fed experience where just by letting on ex turn crazier and crazier that you look better by the day. Hollywood weird.

    Miss Ash - I don't see why your camping trip would preclude that scenario at all. Maybe I'm biased, but . . . Happy Friday regardless.

  9. So, Denise Richards is asking for visitation rights with Charlie Sheen's DNA? But he can't see his REAL children. Oh, they are on the road down to Nutty-Ville.

    CLASSIC closing shot today, 2Buck. I wish I was a Lesbian.

    Happy Friday.

  10. JLee Says:
  11. That butter thing is funny since I just saw a documentary that talks about that scene! I was like "what??" since I've never seen it. Not sure if I will. ha Anyway, Happy Friday...

  12. Wendy Says:
  13. I remember when--just like Britney--I had two children under four years old... all those nightclubs, hot tubs, drunken fender-benders... oh, wait... that's right... I didn't do that... I was HOME WITH MY KIDS.

  14. Anonymous Boxer - Happy Friday, and I often wish I was also a lesbian in a vague way, so don't feel bad about that one. Ha.

    Jlee - It's a strange, but very good film and that scene is a classic (and instructional regarding household food items).

    Wendy - Obviously Spears is re-writing the parenting handbook on her own terms. Ha. We'll see how long before the authorities take her kids away.

  15. Sherry Says:
  16. You know what Lindsay's problem is, right? She just can't admit that she likes girls. Look, she's even wearing the flag as a dress for some support!

    I don't know, that's what I heard.

  17. I heard that somewhere as well (the DJ comes to mind), but she better fix whatever's wrong in a hurry of her career is going to be seriously derailed.


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