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Thoughts on "Superbad" . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, August 27, 2007

Worth A Matinee or Full-Price Ticket: Matinee. I have a hard time paying full price for any comedy, however, you could argue that the $8 was worth it if you wanted to have a larger audience to laugh with during the film.

Will I Own It On DVD: Yes.

1) "Superbad" was a funny movie, but my problem was that I built it up too much in my mind prior to the screening. This is always a problem as "Superbad" wasn't quite as hilarious as I thought it would be, however, I still had a good time from the simple premise of two high school kids trying to score booze and get laid - a timeless theme.

2) Michael Cera (TV's "Arrested Development") made the movie for me as he is a master at the awkard pause, and hilariously mundane responses to conversational situations. Jonah Hill is typically better in small doses as his starring role in "Superbad" borders his outer limits because I found him mildly irritating during certain stretches.

3) Seth Rogen sports a sweet handlebar mustache in his role as an understanding police officer. He also continues to display excellent comic timing this summer as he followed "Knocked Up" with this solid supporting part.

4) This movie makes me glad I don't have a daughter in high school as hooking up seems easier than ever, and almost like breathing. It also makes me wish I was still in high school - at least for a few parties here & there.

5) "Superbad" is an above-average comedy, but with all the hype around the project, I believe it's also a commentary on just how putrid most comedies are these days that a simple film like this can garner so much buzz.

"Superbad" was a fitting way to cap this summer movie season as it was consistently funny with a core sentiment about evolving friendship that lies underneath all the drinking, cursing and sex.

So, ignore the buzz and escape the heat because there are far worse places to be in August than laughing inside a cool movie theater.



  1. That thing you wrote about not wanting to have a daughter in high school if that's what its like. I feel the same way. I felt uncomfortable watching the scene where the one chick was taking off her clothes. I didn't want to be some perv enjoying seeing a teenage girl take her top off.
    [beings weeping] I'm too old to watch high school sex romps.

  2. One more thing, you said you will own the DVD. Will you buy it when it comes out the first time or will you wait 2 years for the special "McLovin" edition?

  3. WhatIgot - It's a sad state of affairs when you can no longer enjoy this without feeling lecherous, and I'm afraid my ship has sailed. I loathe what they do w/ those special-edition DVDs (following the initial releases), but you're dead-on as I would bet serious money there will one day be a "McLovin Edition" to gouge more money from the people.

  4. Miss Ash Says:
  5. I have managed to avoid even seeing the trailer for this film...i've only heard about the hype from other people. We're supposed to go see it when we're on vacation this week in good ole Ohio.

  6. I always appreciate your reviews - I'll be there over Labor Day. I must say, Whatigosofar's comment about being too old for the H.S. Sex Romps is rings true - I recently watched American Pie/Naked Mile and I told my husband "I think we're too old for these now" and we both started weeping. We grew up on ANIMAL HOUSE so we were ruined at a young age.

  7. Miss Ash - You are in a good place then, and I would recommend that you take it in during your time off. Now why are you vacationing in Ohio again?

    Anonymous Boxer - It's a valid point, albeight a sad one as those kinds of movies are excellent when they're done well. Of course, "Animal House" ranks highly on that list.

  8. Miss Ash Says:
  9. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point and shopping in Pennsylvania.

  10. vivavavoom Says:
  11. I rarely get to go out to a movie in a theater anymore between the kiddos and just life, but this was on my list to see. I do have a daughter...although she is only 2 now...and do not even want to go there thinking about middle/high school. if she does half what I did, it is still not a good thing. And I know she will.
    Thanks for the review

  12. cats Says:
  13. i just read a really good review of this movie... but nothing would make me want to return to high school; it's bad enough i have a daughter who will be there one day.

  14. Miss Ash - Thanks for the clarification as I had no idea about the "shopping in Pennsylvania." You should head further south sometime as there's plenty of actual rock n roll, shopping, etc. Ha.

    Vivavavoom - Things come out on DVD so fast these days it doesn't matter that much, and I would lump "Superbad" in that category as it's not some big action movie that will lose something on the small screen. It's worth a few laughs, just keep the expectations in check. And it's a special kind of irriation knowing you can do nothing to stop yr. daughter from high school I would imagine. Ha.

    Cats - See above comment on the high school daughter thing, and the movie has gotten suprisingly good reviews. And you're right as I really don't want to return to high school - college is another story.

  15. Linda Says:
  16. My joy for this film comes from knowing very little before I went in. No expectations .... I am now a card-carrying fan of McLovin! BTW, I survived raising 2 teenage girls (now in their 20s) It's scary, but survivable. Right now my youngest (my larger teen challenge) is a middle school teacher, and the "you won't believe what they did today" phone calls make me laugh as hard as Superbad!

  17. julia Says:
  18. Michael Cera made the movie, hands down - 'To women! To... respecting women... people who respect women...'

    Fucking love that kid

  19. This looks like a movie I would enjoy, but I have to hope not all the great lines show up in the movie ads.

  20. Linda - I definitely enjoyed "Superbad," and it must be a nice feeling to be out the other end of raising daughters. I imagine that laughing a lot helps too.

    Julia - I've loved him ever since Arrested Development. I don't know if he'll have a career as an adult, but right now, he's excellent. Hilarious.

    Sarcastic - That's a fear I often have, but there's still enough that don't appear in these ads that make it worth it to see - at least for a matinee.


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