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The Green Fox . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I haven't seen the "Transformers" movie this summer, but I do know that Megan Fox plays a role in the production, and for that reason alone it feels like I should make some time because she reminds me of Angelina Jolie back in her crazy/sexy days of yore.

That's not to say that Jolie is no longer sexy, but rather there's a particular kind of allure that comes from inexperience coupled with hubris and a body that could provoke deviant thoughts from a blind monk. These are all qualities that I see in Fox, but the unsettling thing I read about her recently was that she was engaged to Brian Austin Green or David Silver of "Beverly Hills 90210" fame.

Green has always confounded me beginning with the TV show as I could never figure out why Dylan, Brandon, Kelly and the gang allowed him to hang around in the first place. He became more reasonable as the series played out, however, there were many times that I would have told him to get lost early in the game.

In real life, Green fathered a child by Vanessa Marcil, an actress who I consider to be extremely attractive and a compelling presence. Dylan might have gotten the best of her on '90210,' but it was Green who took things up a notch off-screen.

I always figured the Marcil relationship could have been a fluke. A fly in the ointment. Some kind of cosmic tomfoolery, and that once it was over that Green would have climbed the mountain and could slowly sink back into the slimy sea of skanks.

But now Green has trumped me yet again by pulling a Fox out of his hat in an unexpected display of swordsmanship that has won my grudging respect yet left me suspicious that he might have found an unlimited supply of Spanish Fly at his house.

It will be hard to prove that his hold over Fox is not genuine, so unfortunately, I can only raise questions and remain firmly on the sideline, content to be green with envy.




  1. I saw Transformers. She definetely gave me a bonerbot, a stiffytron... Do I really need to come up with another term? You get the idea.

  2. Miss Ash Says:
  3. Fox has stunning eyes, she's very beautiful...bitch!!

  4. Carmel Says:
  5. She is very beautiful, yeah he is a lucky guy.

  6. Whatigot - I think you left it a little ambigious. Please provide more clarity next time. But I agree with the assesment.

    Miss Ash - Fox has a lot of stunning parts. Ha.

    Carmel - A lucky man indeed - twice over. But I'm not jealous. Not even a little.

  7. She is very beautiful as is Marcil. I have to assume he is not as annoying as his character was on tv or else he really does have that something extra women love. Hmmm....

  8. Maybe if you get lucky once, the rest just want to know what the other one saw/did/knows?

    But, I don't get it either.

  9. Oh, here's why that guy gets all the ladies, he's hung like Milton Berle.

  10. Sarcastic - I don't even want to think about that reason for Green, but it seems possible as something has to drawing them in. Right?

    Anonymous Boxer - Yes. That theory seems reasonable as the hardest part is getting the first one to drop, but then after that, the assumption is that you must have something going for you (which can be a poor inference).

    WhatIgot - I heard that about Milton Berle, and it would explain some things. But I don't want to think too deeply on the matter.

  11. Famous people are like the Fair Folk. They live in a magical world, they live by different rules than the rest of us, people talk about them but hardly ever get a glimpse, and the longer they live in Faerie, the odder they become. Don't eat the food a famous person gives you, a few hundred years may pass in a day. They can only date each other because only the strange understand the strange. Chalk Fox's choice up to strange attracting strange and be glad that you don't have to deal with the oddity.

  12. vivavavoom Says:
  13. that unexpected swordsmanship Green has, may in fact be his 'sword'. must know how to use it well considering the girls he has gotten while being the 90210 Vanilla Ice!

  14. i think she looks way better in the movie than in real life. shes still hot though.

  15. Getoffmylawn - That's one of the best explanations/analysis of Hollywood I've read. That being said, I wouldn't mind dealing with the oddity of Fox - at least for a week or so.

    Vivavavoom - The 90210 Vanilla Ice. Ha. True. And it's got to be below the belt with that guy. It must be.

    Lastlife - Does this mean you've seen Fox in person? I wish I could make the comparison.

  16. Linda Says:
  17. You won't be disappointed in Fox in Transformers. Though my favorite comment from my daughter about Rachael Taylor's character was, "why did they have to make her look so trashy?" and from the background I heard her husband holler, "smart girls can be trashy!!" I love my son in-law!

  18. That is great line by your in-law, and that's good news about the movie as I hate to be disappointed (I knew Fox wouldn't. Ha).

  19. Sherry Says:
  20. I don't get the whole BAG either. I mean, if I were a pre-teen who recently discovered 90210, then maybe, but for him to be hooked up with Fox? Wow. Even I'm a little jealous. Not that I roll like that, but she's a hottie.

  21. It doesn't matter which way you role - Fox would make ANYONE reconsider their choices (now if she'd reconsider hers).

  22. Blogger Says:
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