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Quizzing The Grey Snake . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've been taking a plethora of quizzes on blogs and the Internet lately which have enlightened me concerning my personality, my soul and my future.

There are many reasons that I have taken them (work diversion, idle curiosity, etc), but the main impetus has been the ease with which these decrees are given as they only require a few simple mouse clicks.

For instance, I found out that my soul was the color Grey just by answering a few random questions from a pick list. I clicked submit and discovered that:

Your soul is painted the color grey, which embodies the characteristics of elegance, humility, respect, reverence, stability, subtlety, wisdom, strong emotions, balance, and cancellation. Grey falls under the element of Water, and symbolizes the moon, tide, ebb and flow.

Another survey was even easier as I simply entered my birth year to find out that I was born under the Snake, and that unequivocally meant that I am:

Popular and crafty, you are a master at the art of seduction.
You are intelligent and intuitive - and make a savvy businessperson.
You live life to the fullest, even if it means maxing out your credit cards.
Many people are secretly (and hopelessly) in love with you.

Again - great news. When you combine the two I was feeling like a million bucks, or like an elegantly crafty seduction artist who commands reverence due to his powerful wisdom and finances coupled with the ability to charm the pants of nearly anyone walking on two legs.

The unyielding accuracy of these casual quizzes simply floored me as I have tamed many hostile beasts in my time.

That being said, if I had the time or desire, I would love to constantly change my answers until I found one that read something like:

Your personality is deficient, and you are unfit to be around other human beings. The color you identify with is piss yellow, which gives you an unpleasant odor that drives away those miscreants who might otherwise choose to hang around you. Your sallow complexion is only matched by your obtuseness and the overall package is as unnatural as a Polar Bear attempting long division. You should give up now.

I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting a pronouncement like that one because it's obvious that these Internet oracles never lie.



  1. SymplyAmused Says:
  2. A snake, are you? Interesting shade of Grey too. I don't totally agree with my Yellow color. : )

  3. Sure, you may be charming, but it takes more than just charm for a man to get my pants off.

  4. Symplyamused - That's the fun part is not quite agreeing or completely agreeing with whatever the quizz spits back at you. Ha.

    WhatIgot - I would hope so, but then again, I'm not sure how things work north of the border. Ha.

  5. JLee Says:
  6. hahhaa...that picture is hysterical. "here kitty kitty kitty"
    I don't know, a grey soul? Sounds almost black, which is not a good thing! Where is this quiz anyway... you have to share with the class! lol

  7. Hey! That's my color too. What are the odds? (pffffttt.)

  8. JLee Says:
  9. I found it. I am not piss yellow, but turd brown...ha

    Your soul is painted the color brown, which embodies the characteristics of calmness, depth, nature, stability, tradition, poverty, roughness, down-to-earth, uncertainty, and neutrality. Brown is the color of the element Earth, and represents soil and, to a lesser degree, fertility of the Earth.

    poverty?? WTF?

  10. Miss Ash Says:
  11. Those are quite the spiffy shorts Mr. 2DP haha.

  12. Jlee - Grey, not black. Ha. I like that as I generally think of most things in shades of grey vs. black/white.

    Anonymous Boxer - No idea on the odds, but I'm glad to counter a fellow member of the club. We'll collect dues at a later date.

    Jlee - I knew you could discover it somewhere. Ha. Don't worry, being grey I should have money to burn.

    Miss Ash - I should have known it would be you to comment on that. To explain, it was a bathing suit and that picture was taken in Virgin Gorda where a bathing suit is about all you need. So there.

  13. cats Says:
  14. i realized not long ago that i needed to curb my appetite for those quizzes or enter a 12 step program.

    that being said:

    i am the color blue and my sesame street character is big bird.

  15. I always think the scary part is when some of the stuff is exactly how you see yourself. It can be even worse if someone else is reading it with you and they start laughing.

  16. Cats - Ha. You're right, and I forgot about that Sesame Stree one as that was one of the few quizzes, I stumbled across and didn't take (can't remember why).

    Sarcastic - You're right about the laughing part, but I just generally chalk that up to petty jealousy.


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