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Thoughts On "Knocked Up" . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Sunday, June 10, 2007

Worth A Matinee or Full-Price Ticket: Matinee - I generally argue that no comedy is worth full-price, but in this case, I would make an exception if you are taking a date to see it. If not, go with a matinee and you'll really get your money's worth.

Will I Own It On DVD: Yes.

1) "Knocked Up" is a consistently funny blend of low-brow humor with a big heart at the center of the film, and the balance that it strikes makes for a rewarding experience.

2) Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd have the best chemistry in the movie. These guys have excellent comic timing, and play off each other so well that they own the best scenes in the movie.

3) Katherine Heigl did a surprisingly good job keeping up with the guys as she displayed strong comic skills along with a genuine niceness about her that made it seem possible that she could hook up with Rogen.

4) I typically believe that no comedy should run for more than two hours, and although "Knocked Up" clocks in about 10 minutes more than that, it didn't feel overly indulgent.

5) The movie has one of the funniest and most spot-on scene where characters take mushrooms that has ever been committed to film. Hilarious.

"Knocked Up" is deserving of the praise that its been getting as it is consistenly funny with a very good cast that makes you root for everything to work out in the end.

Getting to that point, however, is a funny ride that also rings very true in places and is a welcome respite from any other movie with a 3 or third in the title.



  1. I watched this on Friday night. I too was surprised at the length but it didn't drag on.
    It was also pretty educational. Now I have to stop farting on other people's pillows.

  2. The Jamie Lee Curtis testicle line was classic. So many other great lines also but that one got me good.

  3. JLee Says:
  4. I can't wait to see this, although I disagree with taking a date to see a movie about getting "knocked up". (especially a first date) ha

  5. WhatIgot - Yeah - I need to check into the medical validity of that one. But definitely funny.

    Idig - Funny indeed. I like the Robin Williams knuckle one, and also the bouncer's whole monologue when he talks to Leslie Man after she bitches him out about looking for a black midget. Hilarious.

    Jlee - You got to set the mood, and then promise to wear a condom unlike Rogen. Ha.

  6. BostonPobble Says:
  7. Hm...I'll put it on the rental list. (I'm VERY picky about what movies I'll see in the theatre.) I wasn't planning on seeing it at all but with this kind of a review, I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

  8. Pobble - You could wait to rent this one as it won't lose anything in the transition to the small screen. But if you do see it in the theater, you should definitely go for a matinee and don't inflate expectations as it's just a funny, semi-sweet shaggy-dog story to me.

  9. Carmel Says:
  10. it sounds like a fun one to watch, too bad I miss them all these days.

  11. cats Says:
  12. since you are now the 3rd good review i've seen/heard on this movie (the second today in the last 3 minutes) i suppose i will have to see it too. but i will probably wait until dvd since i never get to go to the movies anymore.

  13. Carmel - That's too bad you can't see much in the theater as some films definitely benefit from the format and it's also fun. But definitely put this on your rental list at some point for an easy laugh or two.

    Cats - I think it's generally deserving of the good reviews, but don't let that inflate your expectations too much. It should be in the theaters for awhile as it's doing fairly well at the box office, so you might as well pop into a matinee sometime to get out of the heat. Why not?

  14. This was a movie with so many great lines - but you failed to give Ryan Seacrest his due... "I work four jobs...." He stole that scene.
    I'd say it was worth the matinee price I paid.... and maybe the $20.00 in concessions I consumed, also.

  15. You're right as his scene was really funny (and I wasn't expecting it from Seacrest). I love when he talked about having Simpson point out N. Korea or somewhere on a map. Excellent scene & definitely worth the money.

  16. Miss Ash Says:
  17. Oh good, i'm supposed to see this movie this weekend. I heard it was quite funny (granted you own a Nelson CD still...not sure I should take movie advice from you LOL)

  18. vivavavoom Says:
  19. so good to hear....really want to see it. I am in need of an adult comedy and nothing containing anything animated or that sells toys at McD's and Burger king.Now I have to line up the babysitter.

    one of the best real like drug experiences on film that was thoroughly enjoyable was in the movie 'Go'. ever seen it?

    when the LSD kicks in right as the DJ plays that right song! awww.....youth.

  20. That hurts. Besides, at least I didn't go wait for them at a mall or something. Ha. Anyway, my movie advice is unparalled, and I think you'll have a good time at this one.

  21. Viva - Crossed paths in Cyberspace. I own "Go" on DVD, and that is a great scene that I nearly forgot about. That movies captures the highs & lows of X pretty damn well.


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