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Spears Does It Again & Again . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Thursday, June 28, 2007

I hate to even mention Britney Spears these days because it's too easy and presents no challenge - much like cheating at Uno. But then she continues to appear in public wearing stuff like this:

This is just sad as Spears is so far removed from her one-time sexiness that she now resorts to dressing like an 8th rate Vegas hooker that you'd call on the last night of a business convention when all the hot prostitutes are already taken (not that I'd know about this).



  1. Miss Ash Says:
  2. I like her cap :)

    As for the rest of that outfit, it looks like a giant nylon enveloped her. Daring as i'd be afraid of a sang haha.

  3. Hmmm...the fashion police need to visit her closet. It is very sad that she is doing this to remain in the spotlight. I guess negative attention is better than none.

  4. Miss Ash - You are a big fan of caps, and her hat is the only decent thing on her entire body (and it pains me to say that).

    Sarcastic - I suppose so, but at some point it's go to turn around for you or you just need to go away. Or simply ask somebody for some help. A lot of it.

  5. I think its sad when a celebrity starts to look more deshevelled and beaten down and skankier than her porn star lookalike.

  6. JLee Says:
  7. Can't someone talk some sense into her?? She's got this whole fishnet fetish thing and in every picture I see nowadays she's got them on, usually the SAME ones! Does she think they'll make up for the bald head?

  8. WhatIgot - A good point as that should be a lithmus test for when you know that you've gone too far.

    Jlee - You're right about the fishnets, and they don't distract from her head in a good way at all. And I bet they smell like hell too. Just guessing.

  9. nobich Says:
  10. Sad is the word, I mean doesn't she have family or friends watching out for her? She's so pathetic

  11. I hate when rich people still dress like white trash. Boo.

  12. Nobich - This is what happens when you fire your manager, stop talking to large parts of your family and pay for your friends. Beware.

    Anonymous Boxer - I agree. Unless it's a Halloween party, and in that case, I'm OK with it.

  13. BostonPobble Says:
  14. You know it's bad when people aren't even fun to make fun of any longer. *sigh*

  15. Britney has the WORST fashion sense EVER.
    Just goes to show you, money can't buy taste, or class.

    Surely she still has enough money in the bank to afford a stylist. Even just for one day!

  16. Bostonpobble - It really takes the fun out of it, which is tragic in its own way.

    Friday - I can't disagree wiht you right now as she's been awful for so long it's hard to remember when it wasn't this way. A long, long time ago.

  17. who is that chick beside britney? I dont know if my eyes are fooling me but she looks like a young diane lane. I think the world needs more young diane lanes... heck, I'd even take an older ms lane.

  18. I think (not positive) that she is Britney's cousin, but I can't remember why I think this.

    And Diane Lane is still sexy as she has been getting better for years.

  19. vivavavoom Says:
  20. I think I wore that back in the madonna era of 'Lucky Star'. She absolutely proves that you can take the poor out of 'poor white trash' but you still got 'white trash'.

  21. She is regressing at an alarming rate of speed.


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