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Speaking Of Shaky Talent . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, June 18, 2007

Since I was thinking about questionable talent from my earlier post, it was a logical step that I ran across this Vin Disel story.

Over the weekend, Diesel rapped to a girl who asked him at PM Lounge what his 1892 Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt meant:

"It was 1892, I wasn't even in school, when I got to be a fool, but now I am handsome and cool."

This bolsters my spirits because obviously talent and an accurate sense of history has nothing to do with success. The day is looking up already.



  1. You know, book smarts aren't everything. I guess in Vin Diesel's line they are much.

  2. JLee Says:
  3. He shouldn't quit his day job. Whatever that is...I guess some would call it acting. haha He should know whoever says "I am cool" is not.

  4. He's either vacant or profound. The jury's still out for me. Bufoon or Taoist master?

  5. Sherry Says:
  6. Oh, that is just sad.
    I wonder if he ever rode the little bus to school?

  7. vivavavoom Says:
  8. actually considering he is already in the category of 'remember when this guy was the next best thing', I would say his brains and talent and success match well. I am just waiting for this tool to come out of the closet.

  9. Linda Says:
  10. Rap?!?! Oh that's unfortunate. Check him out in Find Me Guilty, I was amazed ... dude can act.

  11. Sarcastic - Book smarts are far from everything, but then again, so is Diesel.

    Jlee - I like that 'I am cool' statement having the opposite meaning. Very often that is the case.

    Getoffmylawn - I'm betting on the former though I could always be wrong and am not well-versed in the Taoist arts.

    Sherry - Short bus indeed. I hope he was kidding.

    Vivavavoom - I've seen that rumor around for years, and after "The Pacifier" I seriously hope he's not the next big thing.

    Linda - Ha. I knew you would throw out "Find Me Guilty" as an example. I thought he was pretty decent in "Boiler Room" as well. But then, "XXX," "The Pacificer" and others are pretty awful.

  12. If he can make it, I can make it!

  13. vivavavoom Says:
  14. no he was the next best thing years ago.dude has worn out the welcome and will be doing gay porn in 5 years.he will be very welcome there.

  15. sounds like he had help from R.Kelly with the lyrics

  16. I heard he's going to change his name to Vin Ethanol to be more eco-friendly.
    That joke sucked. I got nothing today.

  17. SymplyAmused Says:
  18. I was going to comment but then I saw the one about the "short bus". I better just keep my mouth shut. Happy Tuesday!

  19. Girlbehind - Exactly. That's the spirit.

    Vivavavoom - You're right as time flies, and I sure hope Diesel's ship has sailed.

    Idig - Kelly is incorporating those into his next single as we speak.

    WhatIgot - It's Monday. Don't feel too bad about it.

    Symplyamused - I didn't think about that. Let's focus on Diesel and his bad rapping and let the other things slide.


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