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The Law Of Averages or Less Than Average Talent . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, June 18, 2007

Every so often, I find myself with a camera and a bizarre urge to take an "art photo" or something that provokes a deeper connection to the universe at large through commonplace objects or skewed perspectives.

It's best to resist this urge. At least it is for me because I fail to possess the talent, patience or willingness to learn the craft, and therefore I end up taking utterly putrid pictures like this:

This shot was taken inside a small train station café in Italy a few years ago on a trip from Rome to Sienna.

I remember thinking something like "this is a perfect opportunity to delve deeply into the meaning of this trip" and so I whipped out my camera and snapped away.

But I was wrong. I look at this picture, and the only thing I see is a table with trash on it. The remains of a cappuccino, a protein bar and some soft drinks does not make for enduring greatness in my book - it merely suggests that I was too lazy to throw my stuff in the garbage can.

I can accept this shortcoming because I don't consider it a talent nor have I worked to better myself in this arena.

Besides, I figure if I keep taking pictures with enough frequency then I'm bound to eventually snap an image that provokes a sense of awe or at the very least one that I could show another human being without explaining what provoked me to waste space on my digital camera.



  1. cats Says:
  2. remember all the pictures at the end of rain man that dustin hoffman's character had taken? i wonder how long it took for them to sort out which ones they would keep for the movie.

  3. Been to an art gallery recently? Art today looks like piles of Italian trash.

  4. JLee Says:
  5. I was moved when I saw this go take out my trash. It is trash day after all. Thanks for the reminder! ha I actually take pretty good photos when I get off my ass and do it, but I can't be bothered half the time. Well 2D, you can't be good at EVERYTHING for crying out loud.

  6. Cats - I nearly forgot about that scene as I haven't seen it for ages. And I wonder if Hoffman had final approval.

    Whatigot - True. You could probably mold that trash into a structure and call it art, but I still call it trash.

    Jlee - At least you got something tangible out of the photo. Ha. And if you can take good pictures, then you should because it is a skill. Not one that I have, but a skill nonetheless.

  7. Sometimes art is only art in the eye of the beholder. I have to remind myself of that when I see certain examples of what people call art, so don't feel bad. We have a big blue heart on our campus that has caused many people angst. It is ugly and people have actually gone to the work of covering it up to try to get rid of it.

  8. Keeping snapping friend, it will happen.
    Was this breakfast? It looks like my desk at work .... about 10:00 a.m.

  9. nobich Says:
  10. Name it: Italian Cafe' now look at the pic verrrry nice no? Alright maybe not but like Rod Stewart says "Every picture tells a story don't it?"

  11. Sarcastic - You're right as art is an elusive thing, and never more so than at college campus's as I remember several fights at UT when I was there. I'm not looking for anything more than a picture that I think is cool.

    Anonymous Boxer - Why not? It's digital & I can always erase them. And I think this was closer to lunch, but my time zones were so warped that it probably felt like breakfast.

    Nobich - I always knew Rod Stewart would have some bearing on my life. Ha. And yes, every picture says something, and one of these times I'll get one to say something else.

  12. Actually, I can see what you were going for here. The subject of the shot is familiar yet unique in that it is not prepared or neat. If there is anything that needs work, its the composition of the piece. The light's not bad but the contrast between the dark and lit background draws the eye away from the subject, the items on the table.
    If you're an "impulse" shooter, keep at it. Even pros who spend time arranging the elements for a shot will take rolls and rolls of film in the hopes of getting one good one.
    You can trust me, I learned a lot about photography from watching America's Next Top Model.

  13. Sherry Says:
  14. Meh, frame it and label it Euro Trash.
    Keep snapping, Good pictures, bad pictures... they all evoke a memory.

  15. Getoffmylawn - You learned a lot from Top Model, and I appreciate the tips/analysis. I might just have to watch some re-runs too.

    Sherry - Exactly. It doesn't really bother me as all I want is a memory of the time and place anyway. I just want it to look cooler. Ha.

  16. Miss Ash Says:
  17. This just made me laugh really hard :)

  18. I'm glad I could help. Ha.


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