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Gallivanting With Jessica Biel . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've said it before, but it bears repeating because it's true: Jessica Biel has easily the best body in Hollywood.

I was reminded of this fact when I found her staring back from the cover of the latest "GQ." The photo spread only solidified my opinion.

I haven't read the article yet, but the spread has already caused me to resent Justin Timberlake even more as he is currently gallivanting around Europe with Biel.

I don't blame him one bit. There's not a single reason why any other heterosexual man wouldn't do the same.

But I'm still jealous because I can gallivant like a son of a bitch.



  1. I'm pretty sweet on Cameron Diaz from her The Mask and Feeling Minnesota days, but man I was wondering when JT was gonna try something else on the menu.

  2. She never looked as good again as she did in the Mask, but I understand the attachment. For now, I've got to go with Biel.

  3. Linda Says:
  4. I love that Biel is not your typical Hollywood toothpick (and she can act). JT is no fool, drool away boys!!!!

  5. But you know what? I just don't "get" Justin Timberlake. He did NOT bring Sexy Back for this women. That said, I returned from Oceans 13, so I'm a bit jaded.

  6. Linda - I love Biel period. Ha. But yes, it's good to see a more athletic physique - at least for me.

    Anonymous Boxer - I am not a fan of JT, although I'm in the minority and yet I don't despise him either. I'm off to see 13 in a few hours, and I just hope it's a cool, fun movie. No more, no less.

  7. She doesn't do it for me, but then again, with a body like that, she can pick and choose who she does it for/

  8. vivavavoom Says:
  9. can't stand cameron diaz....rumor is she is the inspiration for the dumb blonde actress in 'Lost in Translation'. she just seems dumber than a stick in interviews. can't say I have heard much about what Jessica Biel has in the attic BUT since brains are not what we are talking about I agree that she is one HOT babe. Justin should be giving her some serious sexy back all over Europe if he is smart. was she in that minister crapola show 7th Heaven??

  10. vivavavoom Says:
  11. ....idighootchandcootch has one of the best Profile comment images ever...cracks me up everytime I see it....just screams gay dukes of hazzard porn.

  12. WhatIgot - We all like what we like, but are you sure you're looking at the pictures? Ha.

    Vivavavoom - That was a great character in "Lost in Translation" and I've read the same thing about the inspiration. And yes, Hootch's DOH is just wrong on so many levels and funny as hell.


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