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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, June 22, 2007

"Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen," - Sean Connery, "The Rock"

Only Connery could deliver a line like that one, but I think it's a decent mantra for today. Why not? There were winners and losers and everything in between this week in Hollywood as:

Facing the threat of a lawsuit from Britney Spears, Clear Channel Communications has taken down billboards in Florida advertising a local radio show with a paparazzi shot of a scowling, bald Britney and the tag lines "Total Nut Jobs," "Shock Therapy" and "Certifiable."

I'm not sure what the specific lawsuit entailed, but I think we can rule out libel as a possibility.

Rumors abounded this week that Rosie O'Donnell could be in line to replace Bob Barker on "The Price is Right."

My memory could be hazy, but I don't recall Barker getting into screaming matches with too many contestants so if this comes to fruition the entire tone of the show will shift.

The four founding members of Motley Crue filed a lawsuit this week claiming that manager Carl Stubner and Sanctuary Management Group gave them bad business advice and caused Tommy Lee "to become engaged in 'reality' projects that were bad career moves for Lee, harming [Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil, the Motley Crue brand and Lee's own image."

The fact that Motley Crue still has a career is news to me.

But speaking of big hair and even more questionable talent, Poison front-man Bret Michaels has signed on for a VH1 reality show where he is looking for love.

Considering this is VH1, home of "Flavor of Love," I seriously doubt Michaels will find true love, but I would bet hard cash that he finds at least three women willing to "Talk Dirty To Me (him)."

John Travolta says his thinking is in line with fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise who has publicly defended the religion's stance against psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.

I don't disagree with anything Tom says," Travolta says in the July issue of W magazine, on newsstands Friday. "How would I have presented it? Maybe differently than how he did, but it doesn't matter. I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is (psychotropic) drugs at the bottom of it."

But Travolta said he drew the line at jumping on couches because he was unsure that they could hold him upright.

Anticipating a horde of media when Paris Hilton is expected to be released next week, some Hollywood Hills residents are circulating a letter advising neighbors to call police and local representatives to complain of the noise and traffic that may overtake the sleepy neighborhood.

Those not circulating the letter are simply hoping to get invited to her release party.

``Citizen Kane'' topped the list of the American Film Institute's top 100 movies, holding on to the lead spot 10 years after the list was first compiled.

I'm only a little surprised that "Battlefield Earth" or "The Postman" didn't finally knock Kane off its lofty perch.

Horror film maker Wes Craven has filed a lawsuit against his neighbor, Pauly Shore, for allegedly being negligent in his yard maintenance, causing a landslide to crash on Craven's property.

Craven also noted in the suit that a giant Weasel or 'Weaz' was running amok on the property and talking gibberish.

As always, let's end with a pleasing image:

I admire those who can stand tall and display good posture in the face of adversity. So, with that in mind keep your spine erect, your headphones firmly on your head and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. SymplyAmused Says:
  2. I'm turning off the TV, not reading the any papers, all in protest for Paris's release!!! : ) Happy Friday!!

  3. I'd take pleasuh in guttin' yo, bu-oy.

    And Britney Spears looks like the chick with the shaved head from Empire Records.

  4. Symplyamused - Smart. Very smart. And Happy Friday right back.

    WhatIgot - Good line. I never saw Empire Records, but I know who you're talking about and Spears looks like a maniac in those photos.

  5. If Rosie is selected to replace Bob I think it may be safe to say goodbye to The Price Is Right. I know the show too, but I don't see anyone letting me on it as the host.

  6. Are you forgetting Bob Barker's fabulous fight scene with Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore? I think he could take Rosie. Wait, that's a whole different show.

    And, as usual, you did not disappoint with the final shot. I'm getting smarter... I don't put coffee in my mouth until AFTER I get to the bottom.
    Happy Friday!

  7. Sarcastic - I really hope they don't go with her, and from what I hear, Barker is reneging on his endorsement and the field is wide open. Good.

    Anonymous Boxer - It feels good to learn from our past mistakes, eh? I know I like to think I learn something, but I'm afraid that there are only so many of those type of images out there. Let's hope not.

  8. Travolta looks scarier in his bathing suit than he did in Battlefield Earth.

    Forrest Whitaker certainly took one for the team by signing on to do Battlefield. What a steaming turd that was.

  9. cats Says:
  10. the rock is hubby's favorite movie! and tommy lee didn't ruin his career by apprearing on a reality show... he ruined it by picking the wrong singer to front his band.

  11. Idig - I didn't realize Whitaker was in that shitbomb of a movie. Ouch. Well, he's got an Oscar now, which probably eases that pain.

    Cats - The Rock was a fine example of big action movie entertainment with some brains, acting and charisma. Unfortunately, it spawned a slew of lesser films that weren't nearly as good.

  12. I lean toward an almost unknown branch of scientology founded by Frank Zappa in Joe's Garage. The First Church of Appliantology. It makes way more sense to have sex with a magical pig then to divert attention away from the need for gun control.

  13. vivavavoom Says:
  14. that last pic is SO wrong. my back hurts just looking at it.

    Scientology is such a bizarre belief system. the sad thing is that apparently Travolta's son has autism but because of his beliefs they won't use any therapies. very sad.

    is it true that perez may be rosie o'donnell's replacement on the view? I doubt she will get the Price is Right. Barker is so irrepaceable that anyone new is going to seem wrong.

  15. Getoffmylawn - I must have missed that particular sect, but this magic pig theory is worth investigating. Bizarre.

    Vivavoom - I think Perez is only guesting on The View, and I happen to like that last pic. Ha. But I've heard that about Travolta's son, and I really hope it isn't true because that makes it all the worse.


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