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An Ocean Apart . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I watched "Ocean's Eleven" last night, and was reminded that the movie was easily one of the most stylishly entertaining projects of the past decade.

There was no social significance or deep themes running through the film. It had all the deepness of a rain puddle, and the weight of a popcorn fart. It was simply a cool, well-produced effort that used an efficient running time and top-notch ensemble cast to achieve its goal of providing old-school Hollywood entertainment, and everything came up aces.

I even found it oddly touching when the group stands around watching the Bellagio fountain near the end of film as I can vividly recall that scene when the others fade away.

It was easy to forget just how good Eleven was because "Ocean's Twelve" was a lazy, indulgent and greedy piece of filmmaking. This project seemed to exist solely to allow Clooney and company to vacation around Europe with the audience footing the bill.

The script was inane, and barely made sense. There was a smugness that emanated from the film that was equally unappealing. Essentially, I felt that the gang of thieves was robbing me, and that I was paying for them to summer vacation across the pond and to buy Brad Pitt more raincoats to wear in the film.

It wasn't unwatchable, but it wasn't any fun either.

Now that "Ocean's Thirteen" has hit theaters, I am still willing give the cast another chance (and $7) to see if they can harken back to their original efforts or regress further into their more recent self-satisfied abyss. I'm hoping it's the former because I generally like Clooney's crew of thieves, and they have good chemistry together.

If I was betting, I'd say this new installment has about an 33% chance of being as good as "Ocean's Eleven," but a 92% chance of surpassing "Ocean's Twelve."

Regardless, I'll find out for myself sometime during the next few weeks.



  1. Ocean's 13 was actually pretty decent I must say. It's funny because I saw Ocean's 12 and couldn't tell you a thing about it now - so forgettable.

    Oh, but where do you live that movie tickets are still $7? This latest "Ocean's" installment cost me $9.50 in Orlando.

  2. I agree with the criticism for both films 100% but, respectfully, not with the conclusion for Ocean's 11. I've never been able to sit through it. Fall asleep, change the channel, become more interested in conversation or snacks... or the pattern of the wallpaper.
    By the way, Canadian dollar is $0.94 U.S. these days, and I payed $12.50 CDN for Spiderman 3. I feel... violated.

  3. Miss Ash Says:
  4. I would have to watch the first two again before the 3rd, i forget everying. I do dig their outfits though, very stylish. I want to meet a man who wears suits, where are they dammit?

  5. Sexy Suburanite - That's good to hear, and forgettable is definitely applicable to 12. I'm in Austin, and at least a matinee is still around $7 - for now.

    Getoffmylawn - I've heard very shaky things about Spiderman 3, and haven't seen it. That being said, I know I would personally feel violated if I shelled out $12.50 US for it. Ouch. Ha.

    Miss Ash - I plan to watch 12 again sometime before seeing 13. As for the suits, you might try Wall Street or big companies as the trend seems to be more casual. I personally wear slacks & a button-down most days to the office. Good luck.

  6. JLee Says:
  7. I don't know why I have never seen any of these movies. I think I saw part of one, but was was on cable or something. (maybe it was 12) I'll have to rent 11,then skip right to 13!

  8. I enjoyed 11, missed 12 and also plan to see 13 very soon. It's rare to have such blatent eye candy for women (and some men, I guess.)

  9. Living in Podunk keeps the price down. Matinees are $5 and all other times are $6. If I wait a few more weeks they'll move it to the $3 theater. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  10. nobich Says:
  11. $10 bucks in NJ
    suits everywhere

  12. Jlee - Blasphemy. You should go rent 11 right now, and then if you like it, go see 13.

    Anonymous Boxer - Good call skipping 12. The eye candy doesn't do so much for me, however, I do think there is a certain coolness (sp?) that they have in spades.

    Sarcastic - You are lucky. It's about $6.25 for a matinee around here, and it's been so long since I've been to a full-price one that I honestly have no idea.

    Nobich - Ouch. You East Coasters & your prices. Ha. Then again, if you can pay for the suit . . .

  13. Robert Says:
  14. One good thing is it looks like Julia Roberts isn't in it. For me that's always a plus.

  15. I don't believe she's in this one. I liked her just fine in 11, but 12 irritated me quite a bit with her "looking like Julia Roberts."

  16. Sherry Says:
  17. Loved 11, hated 12, Looking forward to seeing 13, it does after all have such yummy eye candy, though I suppose you'd disagree with me on that ;-p

  18. I was right with you, but then you lost me at the end. Ha.

  19. Drywall Mom Says:
  20. I liked 11, din't like 12 as much and loved 13.

  21. That's good to hear the vote of confidence. I'm going to try to see it this weekend.


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