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Sick and Irritated . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, July 30, 2007

Whenever I'm sick, I nearly always find that my tolerance for life's little irritants to be extremely low.

This past weekend, I still wasn't fully recovered from my cold, and so I found myself passing up invitations to do things and dwelling on other items - big and small - which were causing me serious grief.

The list included:

1) I just got a raise, but my company is headed in a strange, unsettling direction that I don't like
2) My toenails are too long

3) Lindsay Lohan and Michael Vick are so incredibly stupid that it pains me.

4) I need a haircut
5) It's been raining for weeks on end, and my car is filthy.
6) I need to eat more fiber, but can't get it going.
7) A man whose toenails are too long should be able to at least get a little fiber into his diet
8) I need a rug for my TV room.
9) I don't want to pay for a rug for my TV room.
10)Bora Bora is too damn far away from Austin, TX.

11) Summer television is putrid
12) I haven't won the lottery yet

None of these gripes are particular major or noteworthy, however, sometimes the simple act of listing out the shit that is causing you anger is worthwhile.

Luckily, I feel better now because getting bent out of shape about minor irritations is no way to live.



  1. Being sick is no fun and it is even worse when there is nothing on television. I always find it amazing how the little things get to me. I was on bed rest for 2 months and all I could look at was the fan above my bed, which was incredibily dusty. So one day, when I thought I was safe, I stood on the bed (while I was 8 months pregnant) and cleaned it. However, both my mom and husband came home early while I was doing it and yelled at me. Granted I shouldn't have been doing it, but I just couldn't stand it anymore.

  2. BostonPobble Says:
  3. The stuff with work is at least noteworthy. The rest of it, you're right, not so much. Still, being sick takes our heads crazy places sometimes. I mentally redecorated once, not out of boredom, but because I decided Everything In My House was HORRIBLE. Got to feeling better and realized I really do like my stuff. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Wendy Says:
  5. Aw, you need a dog. My dog always cheers me up. Now, if he could pick winning lottery numbers, he'd be perfect.

  6. Even when you're a little "low", you're still a funny guy.

  7. To make you feel better, a list of irritations that are worse than yours. I'm assuming you don't have the following problems.
    - no job
    - an addiction to cheese (either the dairy product or the drug)
    - an odd number of toenails but an even number of toes
    - an allergy to viagra & cialis combined with impotence
    - body odour

  8. JLee Says:
  9. Wow, you're in bad shape there, buddy. Get yourself down to the local Happy Nails salon and have them cut your toenails and hair at the same time (and perhaps throw in a car wash to boot) At least you don't have a flesh eating bacteria on your nose like me.
    woo hoo!

  10. Sarcastic - I applaud you doing something about your list versus simply bitching about it like I did. That must have been quite a scene with you and the fan they burst in on. Ha.

    Bostonpobble - You're right about the altered state, which is sometimes a good thing for writing, eh? Good thing you just re-arranged your stuff in your head.

    Wendy - If you get your dog to figure out this lottery thing - let me know and we'll share.

    Anonymous Boxer - Thanks as it makes one feel better looking at a list on paper because it points out just how ridiculous you are being. Ha.

    WhatIgot - That is a hell of a bad list, especially #3 & #4. Hell, I'm way ahead of the game I suppose.

    Jlee - Ouch. I will address the hair/toenails this week, but good luck getting rid of your bacteria as that sounds painful. Ask for strong drugs. Very strong.

  11. Miss Ash Says:
  12. Ummm here's a thought...if the toenails are too long...why don't you cut them??? Duh haha.

  13. Stephanie Says:
  14. LOL. Well, a pair of toenail clippers and a bowl of oatmeal is the key to all your problems. Well, most of them...

  15. Miss Ash - Because then I couldn't revel in my anger, and bitch about them if I just cut them. Ha. You see the problem, eh?

    Stephanie - That would solve a good portion of the list right there, and both seem extremely likely to happen - soon.

  16. Linda Says:
  17. I've heard that the new word for "bitching" is "blogging"! Use it as it suits you!! All life's irritations suck even more when you don't feel well. Hope you are back to your light-hearted self soon! BTW, photo and news of Drew Carey on the Friday blog was refreshing, considering the ugly week in celeb news, thanks!

  18. SymplyAmused Says:
  19. Being sick is no picnic..and yes, it makes everything WORSE! Feel better : )

  20. Losing Michael Vick was a tough one. He was my favorite player. I assume all athletes are half-way retarded and I still can not think of any reason for his actions. I think I have more sympathy for OJ.

  21. Linda - Ha. I would agree with the blogging/bitching theory, and that's why I generally keep things light around here as it gets old in a hurry listening to people complain - at least it does for me.

    Symplyamused - Thank you, and luckily, I'm 100% again now. So, my mood has vastly improved.

    Idig - Vick has been moving downward for a few years now (both on the field and off), but who could have guessed he would have done something like this? Not me as I generally hope people are a little bit smarter, but obviously Vick is proving me wrong here.

  22. vivavavoom Says:
  23. Michael Vick is SICK...not stupid. Guy should fry for it.....and no I am not a PETA person, just know that animal torture is the first step in some really fucked up stuff. Lindsay is stupid!

    congrats on the raise...hopefully you don't compromise your principles and integrity with the company if it is headed in a weird direction. and cut the toenails. it is definitely in the top ten turn offs for women!!

    feel better soon.

  24. I'm right there with you on Vick as I'm not a PETA person per se, but there's just some lines that shouldn't be crossed. And the toenails are taken care of now. Ha.


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