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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, July 06, 2007

"I once wrestled a man on the steps of the Acropolis wearing nothing, but what God sent me into the world with," - Billy Connelly, "The Imposters"

With the Fourth of July falling on Wednesday, it's been a strange week of laziness and barbecue and fireworks, but Hollywood didn't stay completely quiet as:

Lindsay Lohan cancelled her planned 21st birthday celebration in Vegas, and traded that in for a low-key affair with her family.

Now Lindsay can finally have a legal drink - this would be far more doable if she hadn't been drinking since she was 16, just got out of rehab, and is facing charges stemming from a recent car accident where cocaine and alcohol were found in her system. Details.

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss opened a new business this week, "Dirty Laundry," a new Laundromat venture in a small town about an hour outside of Vegas.

"Something made me do a Laundromat," Fleiss told "I need to work, I love to work and someone said a Laundromat, so a Laundromat it is."

A few years earlier, somebody told Fleiss "A high-class escort service," and it's anybody's guess what the voice will say next time.

Actress Cameron Diaz has denied having anything to do with illusionist Criss Angel's separation from his wife. In papers filed by Angel's estranged wife, Joanne Sarantakos, the ex named the Charlie's Angels star as the "other woman" in her divorce battle.

It appears Angel has been a horny Devil, and Diaz has been hop-scotching guys since JT's dismissal.

Racy photos of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo were published in this week's Life & Style magazine showing the two engaged in a heavy makeout session in a Jacuzzi at a private resort in Mexico. There are rumors, however, that the photos only show part of the fun the couple had as others supposedly show some hardcore sex in the hot tub.

I've been in many a hot tub and know how erotic they can be. I've also seen "The Bachelor" where the hot tub always leads to heavy kissing and groping. But if you're a celebrity, it is not a wise idea to have sex in an outdoor spa unless you WANT to have your pictures end up all over the Internet (they're not there yet, but . . . )

The four stars of mega-hit Sex and the City have reportedly signed a multi-million-dollar deal to turn their TV show into a movie. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are all set to reprise their roles, with longtime exec producer Michael Patrick King directing a script he wrote, according to

Why this project took so long to come together is anybody's guess because none of these women have been lighting up the Silver Screen since the show ended.

Nicole Richie has not officially announced it yet, but more outlets are reporting that she is pregnant.

How embarrassing for Richie because when that child is about 5 years old, he/she will already weigh more than the mother.

Pop star Christina Aguilera is also apparently expecting her first child with music producer husband Jordan Bratman.

This makes it even less likely that Aguilera will revert back to her "Dirrty" days of chaps and boxing - too bad.

But let's end on a high note as I like to look forward and have a plan or a goal if you will:

I think we should all reach out and touch our goals as it feels like a good time to do so and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. JLee Says:
  2. I saw that movie "The Imposters" one time on cable and didn't know what it was, but it was pretty funny!

    I'm afraid Lindsay has been upstaged in the news by an 11 year old yesterday who led the police on a high speed chase, then charged with a DUI.

    Man, Cameron and Chris must be dating since they're starting to look alike...

    Happy Friday!

  3. vivavavoom Says:
  4. The pics of the hottub rear entry sex are out on the internet...I think I saw them at X17.
    I saw a Cris Angel special on TV once and am shocked this guy can get some. He is Cheesy! He looks like the long lost child of Poison and Rico Suave. And Nicole Ritchie is preggers....scary thought...I guess that is one way of avoiding jail....but how scary to think she has to now double her weight in order to eat for 2.
    I still think Lindsay will be heading for another stint in rehab in the next year. She is too addicted to the paparazzi and attention and orange tans.

  5. Jlee - Yeah, I saw it a long time ago and Billy Connelly was cracking me up. I must have missed the crazed 11-year-old, but I'm not surprised. Happy Friday.

    Vivavavoom - I figured it would only be a matter of time. Thanks as I might have to look them up for journalistic integrity. And you're right about Angel as the guy must be some kind of magician to pull that off when he looks like he does.

  6. JLee brings up a good point. How the heck did an 11 year old girl get the opportunity to be a drunk driver?

    Oh wait, someone actually married that Criss Angel guy? My Lord, that guy is stuck in a Motley Crue video. I'm telling you, he's Nikki Sixx's stand-in.

  7. Wendy Says:
  8. Hasn't Heidi Fleiss used up her fifteen minutes by now? I think she just came up with the name "Dirty Laundry" and tried really hard to figure out what to do with it... book, movie, restaurant... hey, how about a laundromat?

  9. WhatIgot - Angel does look like some B-movie idea of an 80s rocker, and the minute you turn your back on any 11-year-old these days, they're guzzling booze and stealing your car keys. Every damn one of them.

    Wendy - I would rather have read a book from her (a peeve of yours I know) with lots of pictures than visit her laundramat any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  10. Kim Catrall went to the high school across town from mine. I remember when she got her first movie gig and they posted "local girl!" on the marquis. Porkys. We were all so proud.

    Heh. Poison and Rico Suave.

  11. nobich Says:
  12. Hey guys! Happy Friday!!

  13. Looking at the picture of Heidi Fleiss again makes me wonder how she became a madam. I think though you are was a little voice that told her to do it. Literally. LOL

  14. Getoffmylawn - That's interesting, and you should be damn proud because her howling in "Porky's" was classic work. Stellar.

    Nobich - Happy Friday yourself.

    Sarcastic - Ha. And she probably became a madam because there was more money than she could make as a working girl for sure. Just a hunch.

  15. BostonPobble Says:
  16. You know...aside from the fact that you give me my tabloid fix, I really love you because you know the difference between "they're" "there" and "their" and I have yet to catch you pretending they are interchangeable. It's the little things that make me happy.

  17. Holy frig. Heidi Fleis looks exactly like the Joker from the Batman movies.

  18. Bostonpobble - Little things are very important, but I have a strong fear that now that you've called attention to it that I will soon start butchering this distinction. We'll see.

    Idig - Yep. Heath Ledger should be worried that she might replace him as they're shooting the next Batman movie right now. But Tom Sizemore is probably weeping somewhere right now.

  19. It's not nice to insult the Joker by saying he looks like Heidi Fleiss.

    Happy Friday, er, Saturday!

  20. Melissa Says:
  21. Speaking of madams, what happened to Sidney Biddle Barrows?

    And Oliver Platt is a crush-o-mine.

  22. Anonymous Boxer - Very true & an insult to both Ledger, Nicholson & countless others. A day late on the sentiment, but it still counts in my books. Ha.

    Melissa - Oliver Platt is usually good for a laugh, but I"m not certain about anything else. And who knows about the other madam, but watch the service industry as that seems to be a new venture for the retired ones.


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