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Disturbing UpChuck . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I had a sneaking suspicion that "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" was going to top the box office this past weekend, but I hoped that I was mistaken.

But per usual, I am seldom wrong and right again as Chuck and Larry knocked Harry Potter off his perch to the tune of $34 million and change.

I have seen countless previews for this movie, and despite the sublime presence of Jessica Biel's body on prominent display, I have yet to find anything even remotely funny from the actual film. Most reviews I glanced at savaged the movie as inept, unfunny and generally offensive to gays, Asians and most people who like a shred of cleverness in their comedy.

It's this last part that irritates me and also gives me the Fear. I am halfway through a re-write of a comedy script, and seeing Chuck and Larry do well at the box office just gives more ammunition to studios to make comedies as high concept and broadly as possible to draw a mass audience.

I have no problem with high concepts, Adam Sandler or being offensive, but at the end of the day, the best comedy needs to be sharp and the success of Chuck and Larry will only serve to make it duller than a butter knife.



  1. JLee Says:
  2. People rely on starpower and gags to make movies work rather than a good script. (and throw in some scantily clad women for good measure)
    Sad but true...

  3. Miss Ash Says:
  4. Well perhaps then your script will blow them out of the water if it's actually witty and well written rather than using the above tactics that JLee mentioned. Though I somehow see you using the scantily clad women LOL.

  5. Don't you worry, never fear,
    Simpsons Movie will soon be here!

  6. Jlee - That's a tried and true formula. I just wish they'd spend more time on the script and leave the other parts (at least the last one. Ha.).

    Miss Ash - I cannot claim that scantily clad women won't show up, but I am at least shooting for cleverly stupid in some cases versus simply stupid. There's a distiniction (at least in my mind).

    WhatIgot - It starts on Friday, which is a good thing. I just hope they've got some good stuff left after all these years.

  7. Well, I wasn't a big fan of "Knocked Up" either, so I think I'll be passing on this one.

    *sigh* - why can't they make movies like "Trading Places" anymore.... a classic.

    Good luck with your script.

  8. Hollywood and America are waiting for a script that is comedy at its best, but is also clever and sharp. Sight gags get dull after awhile.

  9. Kayla Says:
  10. I'm just happy a movie topped Harry Potter!
    I'm so sick of all that hype.

    Inept, unfunny and offensive is a bad combination for any movie!

  11. Anonymous Boxer - Trading Places was a quality flick, and one that I own on DVD. And my strong suspicion is that Knocked Up is roughly 100 times funnier than Chuck and Larry.

    Sarcastic - That is well said as sight gags only rarely do much for me. They can be used to great effect, but it's lazy to rely too heavily on them.

    Kayla - That is a bad combination for anything or anybody and I like Harry Potter just fine, but am also ready to see the hoopla dissapate (sp?).

  12. BostonPobble Says:
  13. Unlike you, I *do* have a problem with Adam Sandler...and Jim Carrey...and their ilk. Because of the dumbing down of comedy that has resulted from their rise. (Which of course, begs the question did they create it or were they created by it but that's a bit too existential for me today.) My point is playing to the lowest common denominator in comedy is only so funny for so long. And the rest of us who are desperate for sharper humor (as I have no doubt you are writing) end up Very Very thirsty.

  14. I am re-discovering Graham Greene novels and am in the middle of "Our Man in Havana". Now that's funny. Espionage, family, love, money, politics and sharp dialogue that makes me laugh every time I read it. Why can't movies do this? I do think comedy is pretty dumb these days and look forward to something a little smarter in movies. I'll rely on you to tell me when it happens.

  15. Bostonpobble - As a general rule I prefer Carrey to Sandler, but neither does much for me at all (I give points to Carrey for trying hard I guess). Good move not going too existential on a Tuesday, and the "lowest common denominator" jokes rarely provide lasting humor if they provide any at all. A little bit of cleverness, howerver, goes a long way for me.

    Getoffmylawn - I always meant to read more Greene (read a few many years ago), but don't remember a lot of hilarious stuff happening. Maybe I was skimming, but I'll keep you informed on any new comedic developments in cinema - just don't hold your breath and enjoy the read in the interim.

  16. The concept is stolen from an Australian movie called something I can't remember. Strange Bedfellows I think.

    Well it's very similar anyway.

    Apparently Michael Caton showed the script to Rob Schneider and then there was a movie.

    I haven't seen both of them. They probably both suck.

    Thought you might like to know!! :)

  17. J7 L7+ Says:
  18. The public doesn't want clever, because the public isn't clever. All the masses want is a boy meets girl story, nicely peppered with fart jokes and smarmy pop-culture references.

    I'd love to read the script.

  19. vivavavoom Says:
  20. I agree. this may have had a good opening, but my guess is it will be in the dollar theater in a month. even the previews seemed stupid.

  21. ya, brother, I know what you mean. In university me and a few friends did comic books. It was pretty disheartening to see the biggest pieces of shit achieve financial success while the ideas we were pitching were being stonewalled.

    good luck.

  22. GirlFriday - I do like to know as I hadn't read about that. Maybe your version was better, but the whole concept seems strained to me. Great picture by the way.

    J717+ - "All the masses want is a boy meets girl story, nicely peppered with fart jokes and smarmy pop-culture references." That is so very true. Unfortunately for us all, and when I finish the re-write let's talk as everyone can use editing.

    Vivavavoom - I hope you're right, and it's always scary to me when you can't even find a single thing that's funny to include in the previews. Scary.

    Idig - Then you feel that pain of banging your head against a wall of mass stupidity. Thanks for the good wishes, however, as I'll take any luck I can get my hands on.


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