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Ring Of Fire . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It was sad to read that the former home of Johnny Cash burnt down yesterday as renovations were being made to the property.

The house, where Cash hosted many talented musicians over the years like Bob Dylan and others, a place where Kris Kristofferson once landed a helicopter on the lawn to give Cash the demo to a song he'd written, was destroyed from the fast-spreading fire.

As disturbing as it was to learn that news, I found it even more unsettling to discover that the work was being carried out by former Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, its new owner who bought the house for $2.3 million last year.

What kind of realtor would sell Johnny Cash's house to Barry Gibb?

It seems wholly unreasonable for those two men to occupy the same residence, a musical slap to the solar plexus of a house which knew great heights of artistic creativity and one that likely creaked and recoiled to its wooden core whenever "Stayin' Alive" was played.

This would be akin to Dylan selling his house to Bret Michaels, Vanilla Ice moving into Dr. Dre's home, or Lucinda Williams vacating her residence to let Paula Abdul move inside.

Some things simply should not be allowed to happen.

The cause of the fire at Cash's house is still unknown, but my own personal theory is that even God realized that every day Barry Gibb remained inside those 4 walls was a sin which could no longer be ignored.

We'll see how that hypothesis matches the official report.



  1. Robert Says:
  2. I think you're onto something. I was thinking Divine Intervention as I was reading it.

  3. I think it goes deeper than that. Since Cash's passing. A lot of people have been trying to cash in (no pun intended) on him. Rick Rubin has released every note and burp Johnny recorded for American Records. Every second celebrity in Hollywood lip-synced in that video for one of his "new" songs. I don't remember the title. I think God is trying to save us from having to see more Johnny Cash throwaways on the market. He was a great man. Let us remember him for what made him great, not the stuff he threw away. God has burned his house down so that the smoke may rise and re-materialize in Heaven with Johnny Cash.

  4. m Says:
  5. It's poetic justice, really. That place has such a deeply personal history. I think it is beautiful that it burned down. The old song, "May the Circle Be Unbroken" was probably playing somewhere while it burned.

  6. Robert - Strike another vote for Divine Intervention. I can buy it.

    WhatIgot - Those are all good points. At some point over the past few years (even before Cash's death), it became really cool for nearly everyone to name-check, record, etc. the man and I would bet half of them couldn't name most of his catalogue of work. I like the thought of the smoke rising upward and beyond.

    M - It does have a very ingrained history that is so uniquely attuned to Johnny and June that is probably is a blessing that it followed them when they left. And that's a damn good song to play for nearly any occasion.

  7. I have to agree. Somehow Barry Gibbs living in Johnny Cash's house just isn't right. Maybe you should be the one to fill out the investigative report. Of course, maybe some of the people making the renovations felt the same way...hmmmmmm.

  8. Please excuse my ignorance BUT...who the hell is Barry Gibbs!!

  9. Sarcastic - Now that's an interesting angle. The police should question the contractors accordingly.

    Trina - No big loss there, but he was a founding member of the Bee Gees - a 70s disco band. My knowledge is very limited as I was busy being born around then, but . . .

  10. JLee Says:
  11. Act of God..definitely.

  12. Certainly.


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