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$2 Dollar Productions Swimsuit Edition . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's 80 degrees in Austin, and since summer will be right around the corner, it seems that a quick review of swimsuits could be useful - especially since celebs tend to vacation year-round and wear them frequently.

Here's one I wouldn't wear:

There are so many things wrong with this Courtney Love image that it's hard to know where to start, but that looks like some potential liposuction skin pooled around her middle, which does not look particularly good with a small two-piece that draws attention to, rather than away from, the area.

Tara Reid, always a bastion of classy attire, chose only mildly better with this red thing:

In general, I always favor cleavage as I think it has the ability to distract from virtually anything, but this one is doing Tara no favors as she looks misshapen, which seems wrong given her very public and repeated surgeries for breast implants.

If red is your thing, then Pam Anderson is far better:

In my opinion, Pam should only be allowed in public wearing bikinis, and I wonder if she is still as fast running in sand as she was during her "Baywatch" days because I am pretty fleet of foot when needed.

I generally don't care too much for Cameron Diaz, but she looks pretty damn good in this recent bikini shot:

This was a good choice and takes the cake for swimwear choices - for now. We'll see what happens as the summer gets closer as the inspection of bikini choices can be a dirty and unrelentingly brutal job, but somebody has to do it.



  1. BostonPobble Says:
  2. Your willingness to sacrifice yourself for the rest of us continues to amaze me, Two Dollar. You are such a giver...

  3. JLee Says:
  4. Haven't some of these women heard of a ONE PIECE??

  5. nobich Says:
  6. Maybe Tara was wearing the top upside down?? cause that looked strange
    I read Courtney wants to lose alittle bit more weight- yikes!! & thanks for telling me the weather in Texas cause right now here in Jersey we are once again in a winter like happening- freezing rain etc. I really need some sun/ sandals/ tank tops/ shorts/ & you name the rest. moan

  7. Bostonpobble - My humanitarianism (sp?) knows no bounds. I have an infinite capacity to give back.

    Jlee - Good question. Obviously not. Ha.

    Nobich - That sounds brutal, but it's cold down here too - I heard it's supposed to drop to the lower 70s by tomorrow or so. Ha. It's all relative and if Love loses any more weight she will soon disappear entirely.

  8. Miss Ash Says:
  9. Haha, I actually went bathing suit shopping last night. I was looking for more of a tankini with a built in bra....apparently my old suit was the last one made and the new suit makers want my knockers dangling on the ground infront of me. I'll check some other stores tonight.

  10. locomocos Says:
  11. How is Tara Reid still working? Hasn't she hung up the boob yet? Especially after the stinkers she's been doing, how is she still able to afford boobs AND booze?

    *please note - i never saw this movie. maybe the dude that plays Angel makes up for Eddie and Tara's 'acting'

  12. Linda Says:
  13. So this made me start my Christmas list, mirrors for all!! As a woman I am embarassed for this crew. Have they no friends? Mine would tackle me and drag me to the t-shirt shop if I went on the beach like that! Not impressed with that fancy plastic surgery. Pam and Cameron get a pass, but I'd like to offer a little sit-down chat from an older woman, explaining the effects of old man time, rotten bastard (can you tell I miss my 20 year old legs, ass and abs?!?!?)

  14. Who's the sick freak that takes these photos?

  15. Miss Ash - That's the new style - embrace it. Ha. That is funny timing, but I hope you sort things out soon. Good luck and choose wisely.

    Locomocos - I bet she gets free booze and I haven't seen much of her working in awhile - mainly drinking. And I do like David Boreanz from Angel, but that movie looked like absolute shit. Shocking.

    Linda - Ha. I couldn't tell with all the name-calling and all how you really felt. And I don't know about their friends or "handlers" or whomever is around them, but someone should have said maybe you should rethink this choice.

    WhatIgot - It's a hobby. We've all got hobbies my friend and I dabble in photography.

  16. tkkerouac Says:
  17. Great visual post, love it!

  18. I think Cameron D's choice in style is spot on. She is looking toned and healthy. But I just can't get over that sorry excuse for a rack.


  19. This post really pisses me off because A) I did not need you to make mention of the 80 degrees. It is only 45 here. And B) I don't need you to remind me how bad I want to get back into my bathing suits!

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. WOW !!! serious tits !!!

  22. tkkerouac - Thanks, although I can't say I love all of them. Ha. Some, but not all.

    Friday - It doesn't do much for me either, but everyone is into different things I suppose.

    Trina - I'm sorry this post upset you so much, but if you're going to live in the NE, you're just going to have to accept these cold temps in April. Ha.

    Anonymous - Serious indeed.


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