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Thoughts on 'Pirates: At World's End' . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Sunday, May 27, 2007

Worth A Matinee or Full-Price Ticket: Matinee - You could argue that it's worth full-price due to sheer length (nearly 3 hrs), but I don't think it warrants the extra juice. That being said, if you're going to see it at all - do so on the big screen.

Will I Own It On DVD: Probably just to complete the trilogy as I own the first two.

1) The first Pirates movie was 15 minutes too long, the second was about 20 minutes too long and At World's End is 30 minutes too long.

2) For me, this installment definitely fell into the law of diminishing returns theory, and although it was a convuluted mess in terms of story and plot, it was still entertaining.

3) It would be worth it simply for Johnny Depp's portrayal of Capt. Jack Sparrow as he continues his excellent character performance in this final film. Keith Richards even turns up in a surprisingly good cameo as Depp's father.

4) Keira Knightly looks great, and she also has more to do in this film. That being said, I still have a hard time believing her ability to slay a multitude of pirates because she weighs about 90 lbs soaking wet.

5)When it takes 30 minutes to get your main character on-screen (Johnny Depp) and a signficant portion of the running time is then spent trying to explain the plot, you know things are far more complicated than they have a right to be for a Pirate movie.

All in all, At World's End is a decent enough ending to a trilogy that was a pleasant surprise initially, and has survived mostly due to Depp's acting ability and giant set pieces that play very well to a summer audience.

If you liked the first two movies, this one is also worth seeing, but if pirates aren't your thing then this conclusion will not change your mind.



  1. Linda Says:
  2. Well said. I liked what they did with Elizabeth Swann, though it was hard to swallow that she would have any pirate power. I loved that they made here the pirate king and all had to obey the little lady .... hehe.

  3. BostonPobble Says:
  4. I'm looking forward to it, however, after the second one (which crossed too far over from fun camp to slapstick for my tastes), I'll probably just wait for the dvd. But how can I resist a movie with Geoffery Rush AND Chow Yun Fat AND Johnny Depp? Nope, this woman ain't that strong.

  5. JLee Says:
  6. Thanks for the review...I'll probably go see it tomorrow.

  7. Linda - You have to give it up for changing that up, and I thought the ending (parts at least) were rougher than expected, which I admired.

    Bostonpobble - Exaclty. Rush and Depp are excellent, and Fat does what he can with an underdeveloped role (and I like him too).

    Jlee - No problem, and I would go early as it will likely be a mess as this is raking in the money.

  8. SymplyAmused Says:
  9. I hope to go see it next Saturday with some family. If I find a sitter. I know the movie is too long to take the kidlet. I will also get the DVD to finish out the Trilogy since I own the first two. Rain stopped!!! (so far)

  10. vivavavoom Says:
  11. I have to rent the first 2. I feel like the only person who doesn't get these. I tried sitting through the first one and found boring and campy.....just didn't get what the big deal was.

    But we probably have very different movie tastes since I thought the Lord of the Rings was an epic pos! If I had to see frodo open his hand one more time to look at that ring.....would make a great drinking game.

  12. Miss Ash Says:
  13. You know i've not seen the 1st two Pirates yet!! One day. I'm still working on seeing my 1st Bond film.

  14. Wendy Says:
  15. OK, now I feel a little better. I only saw the first one--on DVD. Also, I can't understand why girls and women from 10 to 100 are so in love with Johnny Depp. Good actor, but I just don't get the swooning. I guess I prefer men who are a little more... um... fleshy.

  16. Symplyamused - It's still raining in Austin, and good luck with the sitter as it's probably far to long if you can't find one.

    Vivavavoom - It's definitely campy, but it's the pirate genre and it's Disney so . . . And you will die if you actually play that drinking game with LOTR from alcohol poisoning. Don't do it. Ha.

    Miss Ash - I've only seen half the Bond films, but you could start with the recent one as it was pretty good (too long, but good).

    Wendy - Fleshy, eh? I like Depp as he just seems like a cool guy who does his own thing, which I respect. As for his pirate portrayl, the first time out it was very daring to play a swishy, mumbling hero and Disney barely let him get away with it.

  17. vivavavoom Says:
  18. johnny depp is great. my sons favorite movie (he is almost 7) was im Tm Burton's remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I thought I was going to hate it since I grew up on the original, but I thought it was a great, different, update.

    check out TMZ and Perez on Lalohan...what a fuck up. girl is having the coke, (jailtime) and a smile!!!

  19. Depp always brings something interesting to the table in his roles, which is why I like watching him.

    And I've seen the Lohan train wreck, but really, is anybody surprised? That girl is a mess, but I have to say that the clip of her stripping her next movie (forgot the name) was quite good.

  20. julia Says:
  21. i haven't seen any of the films, but my 16 year old sister LOVED it. then again, she also loves spiderman.

  22. vivavavoom Says:
  23. re: lalohan
    at least she can fall back on that talent when she can't get insured for real movies anymore and still needs the drugs. once they are linked to coke, it all goes downhill.
    I saw the trailer you mentioned...and she uses her assets well, "I know who killed me" was the title I think. what a waste of talent. I actually liked Freaky Friday (yes, I have a children) and Mean Girls.
    Also read she went out to the clubs last night even after the arrest....that's one powerful drug and a nasty one. hopefully she can stop before she does a River Phoenix.

  24. Julia - Go rent the first one, keep in mind that it's a pirate movie & see how you like it before delving into the other two. SPiderman doesn't do much for me.

    Vivavavoom - Mean Girls was good, but that was the last decent project she was in (Possibly Prarie Home Companion, but I never saw it). I'll keep me eye on the stripper movie very closely to see if it's worth watching.


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