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Thankful It's Over . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm thankful that:

1) The holiday is over, and I'm still alive even if my stomach feels knotted, alcohol seems to be leaking out of my skin, my loft is a mess, and I've got a sore throat and a cold.

2) I don't have herpes like one of my old friends from high school (as reported via another old friend).

3) I bought nothing on Black Friday with the exception of a delicious peppercorn steak and several rounds of Heineken.

4) My in-laws did not discover my pornography collection while they were staying with us.

5) UT whipped Texas A&M by 40 points before ultimately being screwed by malicious computers.

6) My parents already have Christmas presents under the tree that my brother and I erected about two hours after Thanksgiving.

7) I'm not living with my parents on a full-time basis like another old friend from high school (as reported via another old friend).

8) There are leftovers in my refrigerator even though I would generally be fine with taking a break from even looking at food.

9) l don't work at the Fox & the Hound in Richardson as the entire place smelled like rotting piss and old vomit, which might explain why the entire staff was surly and slow.

10) It's only 3 weeks until Christmas.



  1. Heff Says:
  2. So many things to be Thankful for. Anyone that gets out on Black Friday just ain't right in the head.

  3. Anal Slut Says:
  4. Is Blu-Ray porn much better than than standard DVDs? Where's a good place to buy Blu-Ray porn?

  5. JLee Says:
  6. That IS a lot to be thankful for. (with the exception of the cold/sore throat) You better start gearing up for Christmas...

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. But with the big budget and high quality of Pirates, it's hard to tell whether or not it's a porn or just another risque movie.

  9. Heff - I've never been out on Black Friday for shopping, and with any luck at all, I never will. We'll see.

    Analslut - I am just now deciding that Blu-Ray movies are better than standard DVDs, and plan to upgrade my system next year. As for porn, I'm guessing that the same thing that makes Blu-Ray better for regular movies (details, colors, etc) would make porn not quite as enticing because more detail is not always a good thing. Ha. Try for buying.

    Jlee - Always a lot to be thankful for, and as soon as I start feeling better again, then I plan to assault Xmas and be done with it.

    WhatIgot - I've actually never seen 'Pirates,' but it does look like they spent some money, eh?

  10. Wendy Says:
  11. Did you say "erected" the tree on purpose? Or am I just an old perv?

    And your in-laws DID find your porno stash. They found it quite enjoyable. (I heard that from one of your old high school friends.)

  12. A.B. Says:
  13. I went to local shops on my tiny Island for Black Friday - making sure other small businesses were getting a little of mine.

    And, can I have your parents?

    Welcome back and go hit the gym. I am. (burp)

  14. Wendy - I found your entire response pretty damn funny. Ha. And yes, I actually changed it to erected after considering the implications. It's the details, eh?

    A.B. - I wish I could hit the gym & actually managed to do it twice while I was gone. I went this morning and just did cardio, but this cold is just now kicking in, so I bet I'm out for a day or two. And nice one giving some fellow businesses your business as I can deal with smaller shops much easier than department stores.

  15. nobich Says:
  16. Drink yourself well- that's what I do!!

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. There's nothing like a good gossip with old school friends to realise you've got it better than most. I don't know which one of your old mates I feel sorrier for....the one with herpes or the one still living with their parents. Heads or tails....?

    Feel better soon B.

  19. I drove to Salt Lake City while I was in Utah so I could go see the lights downtown at Temple Square. They have so many it's just beautiful. It definitely put me in the holiday spirit. I'm going to go sing a Christmas carol now. (Not really)

  20. TROLL Says:
  21. The owners of the "Fox and Hound" were going for UK Pub authenticity with the piss and puke aromas.

    We have several hundred UK Tax-Exiles living on Troll Island. Every year at least one of them grows bored with a life-of-leisure and thinks:

    "By Jove, I think I'll open an authentic British Pub and serve authentically disgusting greasy British foods".

    Then they go bankrupt. Then they decide Socialist Britain isn't so bad after all and go home.

  22. cats Says:
  23. i hope it isn't the same cold that i have. it's taken me two weeks to finally get over it!

    i used to work in the mall on black friday in high school and college. i swore i would nerver shop on that day. some stores here were actally open at midnight.

  24. A.B. Says:
  25. movie review up today.......

  26. Miss Ash Says:
  27. The leftovers are a good thing for about a day and then bleh!! Who wants to eat mashed potatoes for a week straight??

    WV: poomani

    reminded me of poonani haha!

  28. Nobich - Being sick is one of the few times that alcohol sounds like a bad idea. Ha. At least when I have a sore throat it does.

    Romany Angel - That's a good question, but I think I'd go with the guy with herpes as worse off because you never get rid of that stuff & it's possible that one day the other could move out of his parents house. Maybe. I'm trying to kick this stinking cold today. THanks.

    Native Minnow - I thought I was getting in the festive mood . . . but don't feel ashamed to burst into spontaneous caroling in public places (simply because I'd like to read about it in a post because the ridicule would be tremendous from the general public. Ha.).

    THeTroll - Fox & Hound has several locations, so they must be doing OK (not sure how if all are like that one). And the food in Britain is easily one of the worst things about it, so bringing it over here and putting it out for general consumption seems like a poor idea. I just like their draught beer selection.

    Cats - Don't jinx me dammit. Ha. I'm actually feeling a bit better today. Fingers crossed. And I think I went once in college, but blocked out the memory of Black Friday shopping.

    A.B. - I'll be right over . . .

    Miss Ash - That is funny as poonani is simply a funny word for a very serious act. Ha. And mashed potatoes do NOT heat up well at all. Cornbread dressing, however, can hold its own.


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