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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, December 12, 2008

"That's right. I've killed women and children. I've killed just about everything that walks or crawled at one time or another. And I'm here to kill you, Little Bill, for what you did to Ned." - Clint Eastwood, "Unforgiven"

I'm not going postal at work today, however, I'm not entirely happy about another weekend filled with obligatory holiday parties. Spending time at corporate parties and then with neighbors who are more acquaintances than friends doesn't fill me with the holiday spirit, but sometimes we all make sacrifices - and drink heavily.

But before I start coming up with excuses to leave early from the festivities, let's look at the important stories of the week such as:

A guitarist has sued members of Coldplay by claiming the band's smash hit "Viva La Vida" copied parts of one of his songs.

The copyright infringement lawsuit was filed by Joe Satriani, who claims Coldplay copied "substantial, original portions" of his 2004 song, "If I Could Fly." Satriani wants a federal judge to order an accounting to determine how much money he may be owed, or else stop using the song.

The judge refused to rule on the motion until he could determine if Satriani is actually an elevator.

Oprah Winfrey told the January issue of "O" magazine out Tuesday that she now weighs 200 pounds and has "fallen off the wagon" when it comes to healthy living.

"Yes, you're adding correctly; that means the dreaded 2-0-0," Winfrey writes. "I was so frustrated I started eating whatever I wanted — and that's never good."

Winfrey also announced plans to change her popular Christmas show - "Oprah's Favorite Things" - to "Oprah's Favorite Things to Eat."

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the 'Harry Potter' series, discussed potential nude roles this week to a London newspaper.

At 18 years old, Watson told the paper that she is “not a woman yet, but I’m not a girl anymore" before adding the talk of future nude roles. “Yes,” she says. “For Bernardo Bertolucci. It ... depends. I’m not getting my kit off any time soon, but it is part of my job.”

Immediately, millions of adult 'Harry Potter' fanatics have locked themselves in their parent's basements, and began work on screenplays featuring a young girl with superpowers also likes to get buck naked.

Paula Abdul lashed out at 'American Idol' producers this week for allowing known stalker Paula Goodspeed to get close to her.

Abdul gave an interview to Sirius XM and said she begged producers not to let her audition for Season 5 of the FOX talent show. Despite Abdul's requests, the producers ushered Goodspeed into the room.

"She had been writing disturbing letters for 17 years, almost 18 years," Abdul, 46, said in the interview. "We had restraining orders at times."

In fairness to the 'American Idol' producers, Abdul also requested they keep a gang of purple unicorns from occupying her dressing room and borrowing her clothes, a repeated request which they tried to fulfill before ultimately deciding that Abdul was somewhat crazy.

Michael Jackson's famous glittery glove is set to go on the auction block.

The glove was originally unveiled in the 1983 video for Jackson's hit "Billie Jean," and will be part of a five-day auction next year that also includes more than 2,000 other personal items, Julien's Auctions announced Wednesday.

I just hope that whomever wins the glove washes it thoroughly before using it.

Ricky Martin showed off the first photos of his twin boys this week as they are set to appear in an upcoming issue of "People" magazine.

The twins were born last summer to a surrogate mother, a choice that the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer said "was an intriguing and faster option."

He later added the surrogacy was also easier "because . . . You know I like men."

In other magazine news, Jennifer Aniston wears a tie - and nothing else - on the January cover of GQ magazine and per usual, the subject of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was addressed.

Asked about Jolie's past remarks about falling for Pitt on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," Aniston says: "No daggers through the heart. I laugh. Am I surprised? ... Considering the source, nothing surprises me."

For me, it would be a pleasant surprise if Aniston stopped talking about the subject.

Josh Hartnett won 20,000 pounds ($30,000) in libel damages from a British newspaper that claimed he engaged in "steamy shenanigans" in a public area of a London hotel.

The tabloid Daily Mirror claimed in a September article that Hartnett and an unknown woman had their sexual tryst in the library of the Soho Hotel and that it was caught on CCTV. Lawyer Victoria Jolliffe for the newspaper's publisher acknowledged Thursday that the allegations were false and that the newspaper apologized for any "distress, hurt and embarrassment" it had caused.

It's just like Hartnett to sue over a story that finally made him seem vaguely interesting.

As always, let's end on a high note with a few gold images:

A little brazen nudity never hurt anyone I always say, and obviously these people agree. So, ignore the chill in the air, remember that there are ways to stay warm in the nude and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. nobich Says:
  2. Well as long as you're not going postal...Happy Friday!!

  3. Nobich - Never, never . . . Ha. Happy Friday to you.

  4. Heff Says:
  5. Alright. Let's get this party started...

    I'm pretty sure Joe (Satch) Satriani could use the litigious win, as his albums are a pretty "cold play" as far as sales are concerned.

    Hell, I thought "Okra" weighed closer to 4-0-0. Next thing you know, she'll start giving her audience members the gift of free food. Taxable, of course.

    It's nice to hear that a female member of the Harry Potter cast is getting naked. I'm getting rather tired of hearing about Broadway's "Full Frontal Harry."

    I think Paula Abdul was probably actually stalking Paula Godspeed. I know I'd do myself in if Abdul wouldn't leave me alone.

    Michael Jackson's glove probably doesn't need washing, as I'm pretty sure he used the other hand to "Beat It". - I apologize.

    I've always suspected Ricky Martin was ""Livin' La Vida Homo"

    Jennifer Anniston needs to shut up and get naked. Hey, Look !!! She's halfway there !

    Josh Hartnett - not the sharpest tool in the shed. He's in a HOTEL, and chose to "get it on" in the library ? WTF ?

    And in closing, Golden images, indeed. Another thing Golden comes to mind...Silence !

    Have the best time possible at your "parties", BDS !

    - Heff Out

  6. Miss Ash Says:
  7. The thing about music that I don't get....aren't the same 3 chords used in millions of songs??? How can they not sound alike??? I'm not sure if these two particular songs do cause I have no idea who that Santarini or whomever is, but how can songs not sound alike.

    As for Oprah back off...I like her :)

  8. Heff - You're killing it today . . . Love the puns as the cold play one was especially good, Aniston looks pretty damn good on that cover, I enjoy screwing in libraries because it makes me smarter along the way (osmosis), I'm with you on spreading the 'Potter' wealth as there's been a millon stories about Radcliffe getting naked, and silence is often golden in my book as well. I plan to utilize that at some of the parties & then get the hell out of there. Have a great fightin' weekend.

  9. Miss Ash - Flew by you in Cyberspace . . . And I thought I was very fair with Oprah as I have nothing against her except for envy about how much money she makes, which is OK with me. Ha. I'm not qualified enough on the music front to judge who stole or borrowed from who - I just like listening to it. Happy Friday.

  10. Who would want credit for a Coldplay song? They suck. They suck more than Satch.

    Why is whether or not an actress is willing to get nude on camera even an issue? If I want to see nudey women, that's what porn is for.

    And Aniston, she's either had a lot of work done, or the airbrush guy worked some serious overtime. And I think she's developing a case of wall-eyed boobs. I saw this calendar shot of her posing in a very thin wet shirt. Her tits point too far apart, that's not sexy, not sexy at all. She's starting to look like she got tittyfucked by an elephant.

  11. Heff Says:
  12. WIGSF - That's called the "Marty Feldman", lol !!

  13. WhatIgot - It must be Friday if we're discussing getting "tittyfucked by an elephant," eh? That's not a conversation for a Monday or Tuesday, certainly. Ha. And I'm not a big fan of Coldplay or spaced-out boobs myself (although the latter doesn't overly concern me).

    Heff - I'm never heard that term, so thanks for sharing. Learn something new everyday . . .

  14. idobcool Says:
  15. They just played the Satriani track along with the Cold Play track on the radio and it's the same damn song, same key, same everything.

    I usually think these lawsuits are B.S. but this one has me convinced...not that I give a shit about either artist but Satriani should be pissed.

    That pic of Michael Jackson seriously gives me the creeps.

  16. The best part about the chill in the air? Women have hard nipples.

    The worst part? They cover them up.

    The Michael Jackson glove joke made me groan. Disturbing images that invokes.

  17. Idobcool - Wow. I hadn't heard either, but figured it wasn't so blatant. If it's that close, then I would sue them too. Why not? And that picture of Jackson is 100% creepy.

    Native Minnow - I know, I know. There was no good joke to be had with that one. Ha. And not all cover them up, which is lucky for the rest of us.

  18. TROLL Says:
  19. Hot pics. Didja get some snow in the People's Republic of Austin? Houston did.

  20. Heff - You just made my weekend.

  21. Heff Says:
  22. Aw, shucks !

  23. Boxer Says:
  24. I think Heff nearly 'jacked your post! Ahahaha.

    Jennifer Aniston... zzzzzzzz.. can't agree with you more.. When will she SHUT up about he ex? I guess when people stop caring?

    Enjoy your weekend - I hope you did find a way to sneak out early.

  25. Troll - We got just a bit the other day, and I heard Houston nearly freaked out with the stuff. Now, it's New Orleans I think.

    WhatIgot - Then it's all downhill from here . . . Ha. Probably not.

    HEff - You give & you give . . .

    A.B. - I know - you can't turn your back on anyone around here for a second. Ha. Have a great weekend as I don't have to sneak out until tomorrow night.

  26. Linda Says:
  27. It must be a boring week in celeb news if we're talking about Oprah's weight and Aniston's boobs, still.... As always, you manage to end your post on a positive note, happy Friday!

  28. BostonPobble Says:
  29. Oooo! More parties! Ickies. I finished up my obligatory ones this weekend (please oh please) so you, as usual, have my sympathies. And while I know I'm not your general photo-target-audience, I appreciate the pics of Martin and his friend ~ even though I'm not his target either!

    Oh, and you've been tagged.

  30. Linda - I know . . . Seems like this time of year slows down considerably for celebrity stories. I figure it will be slow into January at the very least (probably March). Selah. And yes, I try to rally regardless of the material. Ha.

    Bostonpobble - I try to give a little something for everyone as I like to keep my broader audience in mind. Ha. And I had to laugh at yr. audience target comment. I'll be over to check on your answers first & then will defnitely answer the tag as I have never let one slip yet.

  31. JLee Says:
  32. I beg to differ! ;)

  33. Jlee - Damn you & your evidence. Ha. I still have time . . . Don't I? This isn't over.

  34. Romany Angel Says:
  35. Go Heff and way to go JLee. The lady even brings her own evidence. That is poetic girl.

    Sorry B. I know I'm 5 days late but I have excuses. All I want to say since I am so late is thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for some man flesh even if the man flesh in question enjoys the flesh of other men. Cute kids too.

    That last girl in your golden images is gorgeous isn't she? OK I'm done.

  36. Romany Angel - I was wondering where you've been . . . I agree about that last pic, and I try to grant a male flesh repreive on occassion. I'm caring that way. ha.


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