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Thoughts On "Blades of Glory" . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Saturday, March 31, 2007

1) Will Ferrell reading the phone book would be semi-funny, so there are some laughs in "Blades of Glory," but the overrall film is not nearly as solid as "Anchorman" or "Talledega Nights" and simply coasts by a "big premise" and Ferrell's brand of nonsensical statements.

2) Part of the problem is that Ferrell's comedy sparring partner in 'Blades' is John Heder, who was excellent as "Napolean Dynamite," but with each increasing role it's becoming adundantly clear that he lacks some acting chops and I don't find his vacant stare that funny anymore.

3) Jenna Fischer from "The Office" also appears, and she looks terrific, especially in a seduction scene with Ferrell where she winds up dressed in a corset. Who knew Pam had it in her?

4) One of the funniest Ferrell quips involves Nancy Kerrigan, but I won't reveal the actual exchange. Luckily, they left a few scenes out of the previews and in the film which provided some laughs as I was begining to wonder.

5) Ferrell has probably displayed more flesh - pale, hairy and soft - onscreen than any other actor/actress over the past 5 years. His body of work, literally, is amazing and for some reason is nearly impossible not laugh as he uses his frame to full effect.

Overrall, if you go in with low expectations and don't pay full price, then "Blades of Glory" will likely satisfy you with some decent laughs. It's not up to some of Ferrell's past films, however, and I just hope that his next project places more importance on the script because Will Ferrell + some big idea does not always equal comedic gold.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Good review. I may see this after all.

  3. JLee Says:
  4. hmmm..not sure if I should see it tomorrow or not? What would you give it on a grade scale? C+?
    It is a 4 dollar matinee after all...

  5. Wendy Says:
  6. I dunno, man. I've tried really, really hard to like Will Ferrell, but I can't. And I adore lowbrow humor--for instance, "Tommy Boy" is one of my favorite movies. I'm not sure what it is about Ferrell that I don't get.

  7. Anonymous - Thanks and it's got a few laughs at matinee prices.

    Jlee - On a grade scale - considering it's a comedy - a B minus. I would spring for it as it's just as expensive to rent it (almost).

    Wendy - Comedy is totally subjective. Personally, I had lots of friends who loved "Tommy Boy," which I thought was OK, but never quite loved. Ferrell was great in "Old School," "Anchorman" had its moments, but it's getting a little worn lately.

  8. Whew!! Thanx for stopping me from running right out and going to see this. I thought it might be kinda funny so I was thinking of going to see it. But Lawd knows I can just wait until it comes on dvd or tv.

  9. No problem. And yes, it's worth a rental for some easy laughs, but you don't have to rush out and see it on the big screen.


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