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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, March 02, 2007

"Don't come up until you're numb," - Jack Nicholson, "The Departed"

Well, it's about time to look outside myself, and get back to what really matters - important news about world-changing events like:

Bobby Brown was ordered on Monday to remain in a county jail until he pays $19,000 in late child support and court fees, his lawyer said. "We're diligently working on getting those funds available from outside sources," said Phaedra Parks, an attorney in Atlanta.

She later added that it was Bobby's prerogative not to pay child support, but that every little step he makes while he's in prison, you can bet someone big, thick and ugly will be one step behind him.

James Cameron announced a new documentary that claims to identify the tomb of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the couple's son.

"It doesn't get bigger than this," Cameron has said about the film, The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

He later ran up to the highest point he could find at the press conference before yelling "I'm the King of the Jews."

Racy pics of American Idol semifinalist Antonella Barba appeared this week, and some are purported to be of the aspiring singer while the dirtier ones are supposedly someone else.

I believe the only way to know for certain would be for Barba to strip and re-enact the explicit photos and let the public judge the similarities for themselves, in the privacy of their own homes.

Possibly their own bedrooms with the heater on high.

Paris Hilton was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood at 11 p.m. on Tuesday for driving without headlights, and her luxury car was impounded when police realized she was driving on a suspended license. The incident comes about five weeks after Hilton was sentenced to three years probation after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving stemming from a September arrest in Hollywood.

This could theoretically mean jail time for the hotel princess, but there has been no word about whether Bobby Brown will be at the jailhouse to greet her. But at last count, he was still $18, 237.000 short of his goal.

Victoria Beckham has signed a deal for a reality TV series and has made plans for the network to cover her and David Beckham's move to the U.S.

In turn, I have made plans that are unbreakable commitments for whatever time NBC decides to air the show.

Vincent Pastore, best known as “Big Pussy” on The Sopranos, has bowed out of Dancing with Stars, just weeks before the premiere of the show's fourth season citing the physical demands of the show.

I guess his nickname on the show was also a fitting description for his real-life escapades as well.

TMZ reported this week that actor Jeff Goldblum has filed a restraining order against a 44-year-old woman, claiming that she has shown up to his house "unannounced and uninvited 20 times within the past month and over 50 times in the last three months."

Obviously someone else liked "The Fly" & its sequel every bit as much I do.

Let's ignore some of the weather across the U.S. as it's sunny at 70 degrees in Austin, and since I'm headed for the beach in a little more than a week, let's get in the mood with this:

If you can't swim, stay in shallow water and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Wendy Says:
  2. Is it my imagination, or does it look as if Victoria Beckham is getting ready to dispense some Pez?

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. whose that last model? she is hot

  5. slopmaster Says:
  6. wow... that girl is adriana Lima-ish. SO hot.

    Victoria Beckham however is not hot. Not anymore. Maybe back in the spice girls days.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Posh is proof that you CAN be too thing. That lollipop look is so unattractive.

  9. nobich Says:
  10. Ah...the beach. Happy Friday!!!

  11. Wendy - Ha. That's funny, wish I came up with that one.

    Anonymous - No idea, but I would really, really like to know.

    Slopmaster - She does look like Adriana, who I like very much and respect her work immensly. Agreed on Victoria too.

    Anonymous - Definitely. Nobody looks good when you lose all your curves. Nobody.

    Nobich - Happy Friday and I can't wait to be on the beach soon. But not soon enough.

  12. Melissa Says:
  13. And when Bobby greets Paris his buddies BBDV will reminding him that girl is poison.

  14. JLee Says:
  15. I saw Vincent Pastore on "Celebrity Fit Club" and he was a Big Pussy on that show too.

    I think I'm busy that night that the Beckhams show comes on tv as well. She needs to come to Texas so we can force feed her mashed potatoes and gravy (with a side of chicken fried steak)
    Have you had any of this since you got back from NY? lol

    Happy Friday!

  16. Miss Ash Says:
  17. LMAO @ Wendy.

    I was thinking Victoria was beginning to resemble a lollipop, enormous bulbous head on a tiny stick body. Bleh!!!

    As for Bobby Brown, nice play on words *groan*

  18. I couldn't believe it when I read about Paris this morning. I don't think it would really hurt her if she went to jail. She could probably get a new show: The Simple Life: Behind Bars.
    Bobby Brown's reps also said he shouldn't have to pay so much because he just isn't that hot of a commodity anymore. Wow! I bet that is news to a lot of people, namely Bobby Brown.

  19. Melissa - Touche. A nice touch - wish I would have gone back that far & thought of it. Damn.

    Jlee - He does seem like he fits his nickname, and I've had pizza and a burger since I've been off the diet, but chicken fried steak is coming one of these days. Happy Friday back at you.

    Miss Ash - I'm sure you were groaning in pleasure. Ha. It took at least 30 seconds to come up with that, and Wendy nailed Posh up and down.

    Sarcastic - I'm sure Paris could sell such a series to almost any network & the sad thing is that I might (might) watch it - depending on if the security level at the prison was high enough. I would be fun to watch Paris get intimidated by the tough female inmates.

  20. antonella seriously cant sing to save her life. shes gorgeous, i'll admit but her voice should only be reserved for amateur karaoke nights and perhaps, the bathroom.

  21. antolella barba, wow. Whatta pic.

    Thats the best NC basketball has looked since vince, antoine and rasheed were back in school

  22. Lastlife - I've heard the same about her voice, but she still has her looks to fall back on. And maybe some more pics.

    Idig - Agreed. It beats the hell out of the current incarnation of Tyler Hansboro, eh?

  23. drëâmè® Says:
  24. Gahhh you're so lucky. I miss the beach and the sun so much it's crazy. I miss my outdoor runs and the sand and the world beyond these damn walls! I should just move to austin. Canada is so damn cold all the time.

    Oh.. I have a question =D I remember you saying you were a trainer once... so I'm kind of unsure about something... I run quite a lot but my only problem is I've been losing too much weight. When I ran in the summer and even when I run now I lose pound after pound to the point where I'm pretty much under-weight. (I went from 120 which is considered healthy to about 110). I really love running so I don't wanna stop. What should I do so I don't lose so much weight? Just eat a hella lot or what? Thanks :D That was quite random but I thought you'd be the right person to ask. I tried googling and it seems no one else is having my issue :(


  25. JLee Says:
  26. It's actually "don't move until your numb" Sorry, just watched it ;)

  27. Dr - A good problem to have, eh? Anyway, my first suggestion would be to up your protein intake by food if possible (chicken, fish, egg whites) or grab some protein powder and have some shakes because your body is catabolizing and eating itself essentially and if you could hold onto more muscle it would keep your weight up a bit & give you good shape to boot. Hope that helps a little because if that doesn't work your just going to have to eat more calories than you burn to keep wait on, which is trial and error and different for every person.

    Jlee - Dammit. I thought I had it slightly wrong. Thanks as I hate to be even a little off with these things.

  28. drëâmè® Says:
  29. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu so much. =) I guess I need to eat eat eat proteinss.

  30. In the short term - yes. See how that works & if it doesn't I might have some other suggestions.


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