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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, March 26, 2007

I got letter-tagged with the intent being to come up with 10 things you love and hate beginning with that one letter, which is fine in theory except my letter is V and that is tricky. So, let's see about some answers:


1) Virgin Gorda - Easy one.

2) Vonnegut - If you haven't read Slaughterhouse 5 and Cat's Cradle, I highly recommend them.
3) Voltaire - I have a nice leather-bound copy of Candide that I like quite a bit.

4) Vagina - A bit clinical, but . . .
5) Vegetables - I wouldn't say I love them, but I've grown a lot closer to them than I ever was before.
6) Van Wilder - This was actually a semi-funny movie that I rented and enjoyed much more than I thought possible.
7) Versailles - Great palace well worth seeing if you're in France.

8) Voltron - At least I did as a kid, but I'm not sure about the movie if it gets made.
9) Vulgar people - But only funny ones, a true vulgarian knows how & when to display it.
10) Victoria Silvstedt - Just look at her.


1) Vacillate - I don't care for people who constantly change their opinions all the time.
2) Venereal disease - Enough said.
3) Venom - Hate snakes, especially poisonous ones.

4) Ventriloquists - I just find it vaguely creepy to make puppets talk like that.

5) Vertigo - Not the movie, just a feeling I get when I'm up high as I prefer being closer to the ground.
6) Victims - Not real victims, but your friends who always make themselves out to be the "victim" of life - every damn time.
7) Vanilla Ice Cream - Too bland. At least mix in something interesting.

8) Vonage - Those commercials annoy me (mostly the music).
9) Van Damme - I'd always go with Seagal over Jean Claude.

10) Vince Mcmahon - I'll give him credit for showmanship and making wrestling popular, but I'd still like to punch him in the kidneys.



  1. Ok I'm with you on 3, 4 (my own), 5, 6, 7 and 9 for the loves.

    I hate victims too. I've been working diligently to rid myself of them.

  2. Miss Ash Says:
  3. You're hilarious, vagina and venereal disease. I let out a huge cackle at work.....too funny!!!

  4. Stiltwalker - Glad to match up on the good ones, and I also think a good purging of "victims" can only help your own existence.

    Miss Ash - Thanks, but I was serious about both. Ha.

  5. JLee Says:
  6. Good job on the Vs. I would have just put the word "very" in front of whatever I liked. "Very dark chocolate" haha

    I agree with many of them, even the Victoria Silvstedt. I once said if I could look like anybody I wanted, it would be her. Of course being 6 feet tall might pose some dating problems, but I could live with it. ;)

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. aahhh vodka

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. variety :)

  11. Jlee - Yes, adding very would have been much easier, but I needed a challenge on Monday (and Victoria's height wouldn't present much of one in my book).

    Anonymous - A variety of vodka? Sure. I can go with that.

  12. Melissa Says:
  13. Awesome list, I knew you were up to the challenge.

  14. Wendy Says:
  15. Letter-tagged. Sounds like one of those damn e-mail chain letters. I say you should inflict VIOLENCE on the sender.

  16. Victoria Silvstedt - proof of God's existense.

    That jacket on the Ventriloquist - proof of the devil's.

  17. Melissa - Challenging indeed, but I needed to stretch my brain on a Monday.

    Wendy - I sort of voluntered, however, the V seemed a bit cruel. Ha.

    Idig - You'll get no argument from me on either front.

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. so would you go as far as saying you love to Volunteer?

  20. Miss Ash Says:
  21. Ohhh what about Victoria's Secret??? Missed that one didn't ya :P

  22. Anonymous - I guess it depends what I'm volunteering for.

    Miss Ash - Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Obvious and I missed it and I do love it.

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. dont tell me you dont love valentine's day? dont guys LOVE having to buy sappy cards and creative gifts for the significant other or am i mistaken??


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