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Super Bowl Advertising . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, another Super Bowl has come and gone, an event that inspires massive wagering, copious amounts of food and alcohol consumption, and a decent game if you're lucky.

One thing that always inspires chatter, however, are the commerials, where this year ads were running around $2.6 million for 30 seconds of airtime if I remember correctly.

That's a lot of money to flush down the toilet, and here's my unofficial best/worst list of last night's commercials (that I witnessed):

Best: (In No Particular Order)

1) Snickers - There is a very uncomfortable scene of two auto mechanics getting Lady and The Tramp over a Snickers bar. Add in some tearing of chest hair, and you've got a spot that worked for me.

2) Coke - I've seen this animated song and dance number before several movies recently, but I still like it. It's got a cathy little song about "giving a little love" and for whatever reason, it just makes me smile.

3) Blockbuster - Animated. This was the ad where the Blockbuster animals are shaking a mouse around trying to figure out how to select movies from the Internet, except for the fact that they were trying with an actual mouse. I don't find all animated or animal commercials funny, but I did like this one.

4) Nationwide - This is simply here because it just seems like karma to see Kevin Federline serving fries. It was also likely the best rapping he'll ever do.

5) Sierra Mist - I didn't like their karate ad, however, the one featuring the comb-over, tight blue jean shorts and roller skates was solidly funny. And painful.

6) Bud Light - The rock fight over the last Bud Light was semi-amusing. I'm sure this one will age quickly though.

Worst: (In No Particular Order)

1) Budwieser - The spot with Jay-Z and Bill Walsh (?) playing football was boring. Period.

2) Revlon - I know I'm not the target audience here, but I could care less about Sheryl Crowe's hair color lasting while on tour. I care even less is her personal colorist is pissed.

3) Pizza Hut - This was the Jessica Simpson spot, and although she looked pretty good, I simply have a hard time buying her stampeding to eat anything from Pizza Hut. I'm a bear for believability.

4) FedEx - The one where they colonize space and then ship things around the universe I just found lame for no decipherable reason.

I'm sure there were others on both sides of the fence, but for me, these were the ones I remembered and found noteworthy. I'm still not sure if they are worth the money, although I admit that these Super Bowl ads have been the only ones I actually watch since the invention of TIVO.

So I guess that says something right there.



  1. Robert Says:
  2. Actually, I think that was Jay-Z and Don Shula. But you're right it was dumb.

    The CareerBuilder ads weren't too bad. I also got a kick out of the Doritos commercial.

  3. Yeah, I liked the Careerbuilder ones pretty well too. I'm just not sure if they were superior to the monkeys.

  4. Prince doing The Best of You!
    That was worth a peak.
    I had to watch the Canadian commercials as per CRTC regulations.
    I missed K-FED serving FRIES!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. boorring. I agree. Or are our expectations too high? No- they should be better. much better.

  7. Girlbehind - I didn't know about the Candadian commercial connection. The Prince show was pretty damn good.

    Anonymous - They were largely mediocre, but at the end of the day, they're commercials which can only be so good.

  8. Yes, that was Don Shula and Jay-Z. I have to say my favorite one was the animated one for Blockbuster with the rabbit and mouse.

  9. JLee Says:
  10. I missed everything but the Federline commercial (which I had seen online and love) and one Bud Light ad with the hitchhiker, which was kinda funny. "Always worth it" lol

  11. i saw the espn reply at a bar after work and was highly pissed when they showed australian commercials instead.

    oh well, thank god for you tube!

  12. Sarcastic - I liked that Blockbuster one as well and I should have known that was Shula. Losing brain cells or something.

    Jlee - That's too bad, but the hitchhiker was pretty decent, "but he's got an axe." Next year catch the whole thing.

    Friday - Same thing happened in Canada, which I suppose makes sense. You've probably got better commercials in Australia anyway. Right?

  13. SymplyAmused Says:
  14. I didn't really care for any of them. Checked them out AFTER the game... haha (I didn't watch the game)

  15. orchid Says:
  16. I mostly enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil & Prince performances!

    The actual game and the majority of the commercials? Junk Food. "What your mother would feed you if your mother were a man."

    It was all good fun!!!

  17. Linda Says:
  18. I missed the monkeys... :(

  19. Symplyamused - Overrall, they weren't that memorable, but how could you not watch at least a little of the game?

    Orchid - Good fun indeed. It's just one giant spectacle, and I thought Prince was easily one of the best parts.

    Linda - Me too. The new spots just aren't the same.

  20. Sherry Says:
  21. I still haven't seen any of them. I just couldn't be bothered with it this year. I am going to look for them online and the half-time show, as I heard that Prince was pretty cool.

  22. I wouldn't look to hard for the commercials. Prince was pretty damn good, however, and worth a look.


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