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Hooked On A Feeling . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's a terrible feeling when you're absolutely certain, or at least have the recurring thought lodged firmly in your brain, that you are hopelessly fucked.

This is an ugly way to live.

It doesn't inspire confidence nor does it settle the mind, however, I'm starting to feel that way about the World Series of Pop Culture which is looming this Saturday like a vulture who wants to pick the meat from my rotting bones.

Maybe that's too harsh.

Regardless, I did a quick Internet search this morning, a choice which revealed that nobody who has been trying out this year has even made it past the initial written test. This litmus exam screens you out before you even have a chance to play a game during the regional qualifiers.

The truly brutal part is that all 3 team members have to pass the test, which seems utterly wrong to me since according to the gaming format, one person could eliminate all 3 opposing team members and win the game for $2 Dollar Productions.

But fair might have nothing to do with this, and I've given up cramming because the spectrum of topics is broader than Rosie O'Donnell after a trip to the Golden Corral buffet.

I would hate to get shown the door before even getting a chance to compete, an outcome that seems increasingly likely as the days pass by.

On the other hand, it's possible those that who came before $2 Dollar Productions were simpletons. Pop culture cast-offs with minimal knowledge who folded under the pressure like cheap tents.

At least that's the pep talk I have prepared for my teammates on Friday night because $2 Dollar Productions will not join them without a fight.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. That's too bad they don't meet you first- it seems like they would want a group of good looking guys on t.v. But you obviously have lots of knowledge and that should do you well on the written. Only the losers have written about it because the winners are out celebrating..

  3. I sincerely hope that is the case. Ha. We shall see soon enough.

  4. nobich Says:
  5. Good luck cookie!!

  6. julia Says:
  7. I'll start a letter-writing campaign to VH1 on your behalf. I'll send it to all the various action networks I'm connected to, give it a subject line like "Fight Gentrification Now!" and just watch the angry letters pour in.

    Which reminds me, whatever happened to JWS?

  8. Nobich - Thanks as I'll take every ounce of luck I can get.

    Julia - Start the campaign immediately. Let it dominate your life as there are few things more important in the short term. Ha. As for your question about JWS - I'll be sure to ask him as he's around yet seemingly unable to do anything around $2 Dollar Productions lately. Sloth.

  9. Melissa Says:
  10. "Call on God but row away from the rocks."

    You've done all you can do, you've studied, you've quizzed, and I'm assuming you've prayed to your personal choice in gods. You can handle it.

  11. Kayla Says:
  12. "...broader than Rosie O'Donnell after a trip to the Golden Corral buffet."
    I will have to use that line as soon as humanly possible.

    Who knows? Maybe you'll blow the written test away. It's a cool, unique experience however it pans out.

  13. Melissa - The fat is definitely in the fire, and I like that saying for many situations.

    Kayla - Use it early and often as it can fit a lot of things. And I mostly wanted to do this for the story anyway - I just want it to be the best possible one.

  14. Robert Says:
  15. You'll slay them!! Use psychological warfare. While your taking the test, throw out an occasional, "Pfffft, this is too easy!!!!" You'll psyche out the competition.

    "the spectrum of topics is broader than Rosie O'Donnell after a trip to the Golden Corral buffet."

    That's beautiful!!

  16. There comes a point where cramming is just worthless. I would suggest going to be early so the after the test you are either ready to party or drown your sorrows.

  17. JLee Says:
  18. I think you'll do great, but if not, just chant "it just doesn't matter" over and over like in "Meatballs" then go get drunk.

    *feel free to use that bit o' trivia

  19. Robert - That's not beautiful, that's one of the uglies sights I can imagine. Ha. I like the pyshchological warfare angle, and will try to employ some of it on Saturday.

    Sarcastic - I will go to bed early because my diet has sapped my energy anyway, which will make it even worse if we are crushed because I can't drink alcohol. Quite a debacle, eh?

    Jlee - I own "Meatballs" on DVD, so you couldn't sneak that one past me. But I appreciate the effort. Ha.

  20. SymplyAmused Says:
  21. Quit trying to talk yourself out of a win already!! You'll do great!! I have faith in you...good luck...

  22. drëâmè® Says:
  23. Ohhhhh... So you guys are gonna go write the test then?? Let me know how it goes...

    p.s how come I've never seen this show? I feel so lost these days.

  24. Symplyamused - Thank you, and be sure to keep the faith through Saturday at the very least. Ha.

    Dr - Don't worry as it was only on cable last year during Season 1 and I don't think many people saw it. And we take the written the test on Saturday, which I will definitely address the outcome on the site.

  25. Robert Says:
  26. I didn't mean the image was beautiful. I meant the string of words used to invoke an image of enormity beautifully and skillfully done. Poetic, if you will.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  27. Thanks for clearing it up as that is a much better situation. Ha. Appreciate it.

  28. Sherry Says:
  29. I'm nervous for you, and today is Saturday!!! I've got my fingers crossed ...

  30. I had nerves of steel that were shattered - actually I didn't panic, but christ, it was pretty damn arbitrary (shocking - I know).


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