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Shot Down In A Blaze Of Glory . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Saturday, February 24, 2007

It will probably be several weeks before I get the disc with pictures from my photo shoot on it, but I did get one shot emailed to me this morning.

There's still some lighting to mess with, and I can already fill my body slipping as I've added pizza, wine & milk to my diet since returning, additions which will change the shape quickly and I can't say that I care too much at the moment.

I feel like having a life once again.

It's simple, but true. For this weekend, that will consist of watching "The Departed" on DVD, going to a Tuscan restaraunt for a late birthday celebration and then watching the Oscars tomorrow night.

I'm pulling for Scorcese, for some breadsticks at dinner tonight and for my memory to pull all the details from my trip into something coherant for Monday.

We'll see how it all turns out, but the weather is sunny and 70 in Austin, and I need to get outside. Life awaits and I'd like to join the crowd.



  1. SymplyAmused Says:
  2. Question? If they like your pictures, won't you have to continue that diet you hate so much? Good luck either way : )Great pic, by the way!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. With all due respect to the Mrs. and you, of course, That's Hot!!!

    Stunning, I might add!

    Great appetizer, can't wait for the main course! Oh, and the stories would be okay too!

  5. JLee Says:
  6. So chiseled! Looks great so far... You should get back to living, though. I watched part of that show "The Agency" the other day and thought "this is insane" when they kept calling girls fat who were as big as my arm! Crazy business, indeed.

  7. Symplyamused - Thanks & you're dead-on about the pics & dieting & that's another reason that the lifestyle is unrelentingly brutal.

    Orchid - I'll take that as a compliment. Ha. Hopefully, there's some better ones on the disc as we took several shots, and the stories will start soon. Very soon.

    Jlee - It should have been fairly chiseled as it was a long diet, and it is tough when you meet with people who only want to tell you about your flaws and each person has a different opinion on what those are. Ha.

  8. BostonPobble Says:
  9. Life is too short to live it without pizza, milk and wine so enjoy without guilt (at least for a few days, right?) You do look great. My hope is you are HUGELY proud of yourself, regardless of the outcome or people's stupid opinions about what your "flaws" may be.

  10. Miss Ash Says:
  11. Ohhhhh i ADORE the Oscars!!! I'm also pulling for MS.

  12. Bostonpobble - Amen. And yes, I am proud and relieved and have a bunch of mixed up feelings about the whole thing, and flaws or not, I did it as well as I could have.

    Miss Ash - I think it's finally his year. We'll see.

  13. Sherry Says:
  14. I don't like the title of your post, it implies stuff ...

    Go back to living yes, just don't turn into Ben Stiller's character from Dodgeball. Ha.

  15. Ha. Good advice as nobody should turn into White Goodman post-workout. Not a pretty picture, but there's no chance of that - just a little slide.


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