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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, February 09, 2007

"The world meets no one half-way," - Sylvester Stallone, "Over The Top"

Well, it's been hectic week here in Austin, and celebrity news has been light, possibly because the stars knew they couldn't compete with diaper-wearing astronauts for attention.

But before the weekend strikes, let's take a quick run-down of the other events of the week like:

Anna Nicole Smith died Thursday after collapsing at a Florida hotel. Smith, 39, was unresponsive while staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino, said attorney, Ron Rale.

I'm not sure why I found this news so strange and vaguely unsettling as that train was rolling off the tracks for awhile, but if there's one thing you can say about Anna is that she left a mountain of footage during her time spent on this planet - for good or ill.

Kevin Federline's friend, rap music producer Omar 'Iceman' Sharif, claims Britney Spears is into lesbian orgies and porn.

He told In Touch magazine that "Britney was into threesomes and girls. There was tons of porn in the house - but it was mostly Britney's."

I wouldn't rule these antics out for Britney, I just have a hard time believing that some dude named "Iceman" and In Touch Weekly would substitute for The Washington Post and Woodward and Bernstein in breaking news stories that leave such a slimy trail behind them.

Keith Urban, country music star also married to Nicole Kidman, filed a federal lawsuit against a New Jersey man named Keith D. Urban over the use of the Internet domain name

Recording artist Keith Urban registered the domain name years ago, however, now he wants .com site taken away from the New Jersey Urban and bestowed onto him.
Urban must have had quite a bit of time on his hands during his recent rehab stay if thing issue has suddenly got him bent out of shape.

A new study released this week found that nearly six in 10 children in Britain, some as young as nine, are being exposed to pornography mostly as a result of viewing explicit websites accidentally.

A follow-on study concluded that nearly 99% percent of children actively sought out pornography starting at 13 years old.

Olivier Martinez is selling a boat, 50ft vintage yacht, called White Wings, he bought for Kylie Minogue before the couple's recent break-up.

I can relate completely as I remember selling several CDs and a particularly attractive stuffed monkey of an ex-girlfriend after we broke up. And I was damn glad I didn't spring for the yacht for that deceitful strumpet.

An arrest warrant was issued for the troubled Daniel Baldwin after he was a no-show for a Tuesday morning arraignment on SUV-stealing charges.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Peter Polos officially put out the APB at 1:30 p.m., after Baldwin and his attorney failed to inform the court of his absence.

I guess the rumors about Baldwin were false - he can get arrested in that town.

Jim Carrey says he and Jenny McCarthy, aren't planning to get married. "No, we're never getting married, but we're never getting divorced, which is fantastic," he told "Access Hollywood."

Carrey added that while a ring is not forthcoming, they will continue to screw like rabbits on speed for the next several months.

It's always a good idea to end on a high note, so let's finish off the week with this image:

I am above all, a lover of art, and I can get behind this piece completely, so get off your ass today and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I want my monkey back :) ha ha. Yeah, it was sad to hear about Anna Nicole- I remember her guess ads- I soo wanted to be her- she was so beautiful.. and then we got to watch her unravel before our eyes.
    good luck tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I'm torn between feeling sad for Anna Nicole Smith and feeling angry at her.

    Sad because she appeared to live a pretty troubled life (of her own doing) and angry because she left a little baby girl behind.

    Can you believe the media frenzy over this already? Hours after her death there were reports of news agencies bidding for the rights to the last know film of her (being worked on by the paramedics).

    She sure knew how to use her beauty and boobs to become famous. The Internet is loaded with Anna Nicole Smith pictures. The website (NSFW) has several videos of her .. not really porn, but more glamour and soft-core. Seems like they may be doing some type of "video tribute" or something.

    By the news coverage last night you'd have thought some head-of-state had died! Such is the world we live in today.

  5. Anonymous - I seriously doubt it was your monkey that was sold for petty cash, but yes, Anna Nicole looked phenomenal in those Guess Ads.

    Anonymous - It does cast light on just who is important in this day and age. For good or ill, Anna Nicole was a modern-day pinup (at least for awhile) with Pam Anderson as the upper-echelon of name recognition at the very least. It's just a very odd story & I'm still not sure how I feel about it (if I feel much at all).

  6. WOW! I am glad that the monkey is at his house.
    I hate it when they are deceitful.

  7. i have to say pornographic sites are gettin more and more rampant these days. try searchin for something innocent and as far removed from porn as possible in google or yahoo images and chances are, you will come across explicit pictures.

  8. Is it just me or does Kylie Minogue look like one of those dead Joker models from the Burton Batman flick.

  9. Girlbehind - Lucky you with that monkey, and all deceit should be punished accordingly.

    Lastlife - I joke, but you're right as the Web is literally crawling with it, which is fine for me but likely a different ballgame if I had a 9-year-old.

    WhatIgot - Kylie is a chameleon and sometimes she looks pretty damn good to me, and others not so much (the Joker angle makes sense). At all times, however, her body is excellent.

  10. nobich Says:
  11. Happy Friday to you too!!

  12. JLee Says:
  13. I just got a strange thought in my head of you and your teammates yelling "over the top!!" loudly at the testing tomorrow. haha

    Poor Anna Nicole. Just goes to show you, you can be beautiful, have fame and money...and it doesn't mean a damn thing. What a tragic life.

    Speaking of porn, I searched "girl" one time looking for stock photography of a little girl for a graphic, and boy howdy...

    Happy Friday and good luck to you!!

  14. Nobich - Happy Friday right back, but did your blog disappear; or am I going crazy.

    Jlee - You should have known better with the search, altough nearly any search will yield some sort of twisted pornographic angle. Thanks for the good wishes and we're meeting tonight to discuss possible strategies as I'll be sure to mention the Over the Top one. Whatever works, eh?

  15. nobich Says:
  16. I've decided not to blog anymore I'm not a writer I'm more of a reader.

  17. First - Good luck tomorrow!
    I think what is unsettling about Anna Nicole Smith's death has partly to do with her age and partly that she lived her live in an unsettling manner. Nothing she did would ever convince anyone she was a stable person. I would even venture to say some of it is simply due to her upbringing. She had to fight for everything she had and was prepared at any given moment to fight or be required to give it back. It is just very sad.

  18. huwhat Says:
  19. anna nichole left a baby behind? I didn't know that.

    My favorite was news Jim Carey and Jenny Macarthy. That would be some wild, funny sex.

  20. Nobich - It happens, but maybe you just need a break. If not, keep reading here at the very least.

    Sarcastic - That last part you wrote about Anna Nicole seems very astute, and I would agree which is why I think most people also pulled for her in a vague way even if you couldn't really condone some of her actions.

    Huwhat - That would be some good sex, and yes, Anna Nicole did have a kid (6 months old maybe?) and who knows who will get custody of that one now.

  21. Melissa Says:
  22. Why would any woman leave Olivier Martinez???? And a yacht????

    Good luck tomorrow, chief. Fingers crossed.

  23. Carmel Says:
  24. I"m sure you can get behind that painting.
    WEll there certainly is a lot going on, I feel sad for Anna Nicole, more so for her daughter. That's a beautiful shot of her, I always liked the guess photos of her.
    Have a nice weekend wont ya!

  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. GOOD LUCK 2 dollah!

  27. Sherry Says:
  28. I don't know how many times I saw that movie on cable re-runs.

    Anna - I loved who she use to be and I will miss her.

    A girl having porn does not mean she's gay, and even if she is - so what. Another no-name trying to garner his 15 min via association.

    More proof that the Baldwins are assholes.

    Hope you had a happy friday.

  29. Melissa - I think the main reason for the split was that he kept cheating on her - repeatedly. Some people have a problem with that despite a yacht. Ha.

    Carmel - Have a nice weekend in Australia & yes those Guess ads were the pinnacle of Anna Nicole in my mind.

    Anonymous - Thank you as I needed more luck & skill.

    Sherry - I did have a good Friday, and you are one lucky lady to have seen Over the Top on cable that often. It just gets better and more realistic, doesn't it?


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