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Down The Road . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some people view cars as a necessary evil, a transportation method thrust upon them and one that brings only misery and rarely joy.

I don't fall into that mode of thinking. I have loved every car that I've owned or been given, which to this point has been exactly 3 vehicles. I started with a Toyota Celica when I turned 16, and got a newer version at the end of college.

For the past seven years, however, I've been driving an Audi TT Roadster. This is coming to an end. I can no longer trust my old friend, and once that trust is broken, then the fun stops rather quickly.

At a bare minimum, I have to spend $3,000 on known repairs over the next 6 months, and my clutch has also been going for the past year which would push that price tag closer to $6,000. And I'm sure there are other problems lurking greedily like Rosie O'Donnel at a chocolate chip cookie bake-off.

So I am starting to say goodbye to my car, and begin the final days of our relationship. It's a little sad.

I learned to drive my first stick shift with this car (2 days after purchasing it). It was my first convertible. And I managed to perform certain acts not seen outside of a Cirque de Soilel show in this two-seater, feats of contortion that I'll also miss, but which should probably be retired lest I pull something important.

My favorite times occurred when it finally cooled off in Texas. When the temperature outside was around 55 degrees, I would drop the top, turn on the heated seats and crank the CD player as I blasted through curves like a silver gremlin out far too late.

There were no speed limits on those nights - at least none that I obeyed - and the only thing I wanted was a few more hours and another curve in the road.

The fastest I ever pushed the TT was up to 112 mph on a two-lane blacktop road in rural Oklahoma en route to my grandparent's house. That was fun.

But there were lots of fun times that I associate with the car, which is the main reason I tend to recall my automobiles with fondness - they all represent certain periods of time where events, people and music become associated and entwined with the vehicle when you drive as much as I do.

I suppose it's time for a new car as I've been moving in a different direction these past few years, and I need something different to meet these new experiences. I'll be excited soon enough as I've got a few vehicles in mind which cause Stanley to perk up and take notice, however, I'll be disappointed to see my old friend moving on down the road.



  1. Heff Says:
  2. I had ALMOST forgotten who Stanley is. Thanks for bolstering my memory.

  3. With my very limited knowledge and experience with cars, I have noticed this: European cars are delicate flowers. They are beautiful and soothing, but they are not made to last.

    Sure, if I had the money, I'd keep a Testarossa in my garage and take it out on nice sunny Sunday afternoons. But I'm just an average guy with an average car, Toyota RAV4.

    I loved that Testarossa. My Dad had one when I was a kid. I never got to drive it, being a kid and all. But it was beautiful, sleek, fast, comfortable and it purred like a big black kitten. He used to take me to my softball games in that car.

    Oh to be a child again. Really, life was so much better back then. Not a worry in my chubby little head.

  4. JLee Says:
  5. This post makes me sad because I'm the same way about cars and houses/apartments. I waved goodbye last year to my Eclipse and wanted to cry! lol
    Please just don't tell us this new direction involves a minivan or a Taurus ;)

  6. JLee Says:
  7. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  8. JLee Says:
  9. WIGSF, your dad had a Testarossa??? whoa

  10. Heff - I never forget, and I would argue that those who have met him wouldn't either. Ha. That joke is over now.

    WhatIgot - I would agree on both the European car thing as well as if I had the money then I would also have a Testarossa in the garage - that would be awesome. As for being a child, I think it was simpler then, which can definitely be better, especially on certain days.

    Jlee - I know what you mean. It's hard to give up things or at least I find it to be that way. But new stuff is fun too (bet you dig your new Eclipse). And no, there are neither a mini-van or Taurus anywhere near my future. Ha.

  11. Jlee - I know about WIGSF - pretty cool as a kid I bet.

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. I see a Rover Ranging in your future....

  14. Miss Ash Says:
  15. God I love that car! Tell me you're getting something equally as sporty and sexy...

  16. nobich Says:
  17. Goodbye Roadster Hello......?

  18. Anonymous - I like the look of Range Rovers, but I don't think I'm ready for an SUV - yet. I'm still thinking a coupe or sleek 4-door . . .

    Miss Ash - Well, I will be driving whatever I find, so . . . Ha. And yes, I am leaning towards sleek, sexy & fast. We'll see as they usually want more money for that combo.

  19. Nobich - Zoomed past you in Cyberspace. That will be announced next week. Ha.

  20. Linda Says:
  21. I've owned 2 cars I truly loved and it was heartbreaking to let them go. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I used to take one of them out on our local back roads for a little workout on Sundays, that car was such fun to drive! Your old flame is a beauty, hope you find a satisfying replacement.

  22. grace Says:
  23. Cars and cookies... apparently I've died and gone to heaven.

  24. Gypsy Says:
  25. What a sexy cool car!!!

    I had to recently come to terms with the loss of my little Daisy and she now sits forlornly in retirement in the driveway, unable to get out of second gear.

    I've only had 4 cars in my life and every single one of them have been driven into the ground until they couldn't go another inch. I've never bought a dud yet (knock on wood) and I'm hoping the trend continues.

    OK I have to ask...who, or is it what, is Stanley????

  26. The Troll Says:
  27. You were an adult male and bought an Audi before you knew how to operate a manual transmission?

    Hoping you can change a tire without a man helping you.


    Just kidding. It's not your fault. I blame society.

  28. Linda - A little Sunday driving is always nice as there are generally less people on the roads. Thanks on the car, and I've found one that is definitely exciting, however, like most things, it's never an easy choice. ha.

    Grace - As long as you don't eat the cookies in the new car, then things should be just fine. Ha. But it IS a good combination in general.

    Gypsy - You're doing quite well to have driven that many vehicles into the ground, and have yet to find a lemon. Nice work. I have yet to have a bad one either (definitely knock on wood). Hopefully, I'll have a new car next week & post the pics to prove it. Finally, Stanley is an old, bad joke about the male appendage - when people ask - Stanly? - I say of course, like the Powerdrill. Ouch.

  29. TheTroll - Missed your message on the way past . . . and yes, I had never driven a stick before I bought the car and learned on the bastard. Luckily, where I was living at the time was quite flat, so I figured it out without too much harm. As for society, I would blame myself as I should have learned in my teens, but never took the time to have my Dad show me. Selah. I refuse to comment on the tire situation. ha.

  30. vivavavoom Says:
  31. For all that is holy please DO NOT get a HUMMER ( the car)

  32. peace out, cool car.

    Our first great car was an Audi and after it left us high and dry in Eastern Washington as we headed East, I told it we were sorry.... and then sent it to the big scrap heap.

    *sigh* I still miss it. It was yar.

  33. Vivavavoom - Who buys Hummers anymore? Ha. That is not on my list.

    Anonymous Boxer - Ouch. Luckily, my Audi never betrayed me like that as I hate being stranded. At least you apologized before sending him/her away to the great scrapheap in the sky. Ha. I've found myself talking out loud to mine lately.

  34. BostonPobble Says:
  35. I am saddened to think the Pobble Mobile and I may be coming to this same crossroads. I hope not but...if not now, soon enough. *sigh*

  36. I love the Audi TT. Not many sports cars can accomodate my height, but that's one that does. It's much better than my Nissan Sentra, I guarantee that.

  37. Bostonpobble - I know what you mean as it was no fun at all when things start coming to the end - at least with things you enjoy. I hope yours keep going awhile longer.

    Native Minnow - It does have a surprising amount of room that way as I'm not that tall, but noticed that others I looked at still felt pinched. It was a fun car too.


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