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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, October 03, 2008

"The point is boys, even though I loved having sex with some hot random trim, a day hasn't gone by where I haven't thought of Tashonda. Every time I see a bag of Hershey kisses, my balls get so wet," - Neil Patrick Harris, "Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay"

Love takes many forms I suppose, and I'm feeling passionate about the fact that today is Friday. The sun is shining and it's finally in the low 90s in Austin, so I plan to take advantage this weekend by test driving cars.

But before that happens, let's take a look at the week that was:

Heather Locklear was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance in Santa Barbara.

Locklear, 47, was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer Saturday afternoon after a resident reported seeing the actress leaving a parking lot and "driving erratically," patrol spokesman Tom Marshall said.

"In talking with her, (the officer) determines that she seems to be under the influence of something," Marshall said.

The officer knew Locklear was drunk when she keep requesting directions to "Melrose Place."

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were married last weekend in Canada.

Publicist Meredith O'Sullivan confirmed that the couple was married, but she declined to provide further details. Us Weekly reported that the small wedding took place at a resort outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Guests included Scarlett's mother, Melanie Sloan, and her brother, Adrian Johansson, the magazine said.

My invitation must have been lost in the mail, which is probably a good thing because I would have been weeping uncontrollably with the knowledge that Johansson was off the market.

Janet Jackson was taken to the hospital and released this week after the singer "got suddenly ill during the sound check" of her concert in Montreal Monday.

Jackson, 42, postponed her Wednesday show in Boston and Thursday in Philadelphia due to the mystery illness.

I'm betting that mystery illness can be mainly attributed to low ticket sales.

Kevin Costner announced that he will release his first country music album this November, says People magazine.

While his musical aspirations may come as a bit of a surprise to some, Costner has been playing music with some of his Modern West band mates for nearly 20 years, he tells People.

"I remember looking into the crowd, thinking, 'This just feels right,'" he previously said about performing with his band.

Costner recalled thinking the same thing about "Waterworld" and "The Postman," so I would keep expectations low for this musical effort.

A judge who revoked Sharon Stone's custody of her son cited some odd medical advice in the court records which included Botox injection's for the child's feet.

In the documents, a judge writes, "the testimony of Father, Mother and Dr. Lee indicated that Mother appears to overreact to many medical issues involving [the child]." As an example, the court wrote that Sharon believed that her son suffered from a spinal illness when there was "no evidence to support this allegation." The court also noted that Sharon wanted to get Botox injections for her son to deal with foot odor, while his father suggested wearing socks with shoes and using foot deodorant.

Stone also suggested Botox shots for the child's buttocks when he farted, but she ended up using them on herself instead.

Paris Hilton released a new music single this week - "My BFF" - on the same day the reality TV program "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" first aired on MTV.

The show -- a search for a new "best friend forever" who is hot, loyal and has the energy to keep up with Hilton's hectic lifestyle -- inspired the techno song Hilton said she co-wrote with her boyfriend Benji Madden of rock band Good Charlotte.

"Could you be the one I want? Could you be the one I need?" the millionaire socialite croons on "My BFF." "All of my life, don't you know I've been waiting ... for my best friend."

All my life I've been waiting for Paris Hilton to be eaten by cannibals, however, I'm losing hope this will happen.

Per usual, let's end with a gold image like:

I occasionally enjoy sitting and staring into space in my underwear too. So, don't bother getting fully dressed, remember there is no shame in deep thinking and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. The Troll Says:
  2. The guys behind South Park are apparently having trouble finding ways to exaggerate the stupidity of hollyweirders.

    Quiz: Good Charlotte is to "Rock" Band as Paris Hilton is to:

    a) vapid slut

    b) uber-skank

    c) Rhodes Scholar

  3. I recently tried to watch "Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay" and believe I turned it off within a RECORD 5 minutes. Sometimes, sequels shouldn't be made.

    Heather Locklear breaks my heart - it just shows that you can have money and fame, and still..... you can find yourself all alone in a strip mall. Sad.

    Troll is in fine form today?

    Have a great weekend 2$!

  4. JLee Says:
  5. That quote and picture just cracked me up! (although I've never seen that movie)
    First of all, whoever coined the term "BFF" should be eaten by cannibals. Second, after seeing the Janet Jackson story, I thought of a perfect caption for the last pic: "Extreme Wardrobe Malfunction" ha

  6. Gypsy Says:
  7. Oh God for a moment there I thought I had accidentally stumbled onto Mr Troll's blog when I saw the poll......:)

    I must admit to being mildly curious about Mr Costner's singing ability, certainly more so than listening to Paris Hilton's latest offering.

    I know I'm going to lose what little cred I had by admitting this but I actually went to a Janet Jackson concert a long time ago and she was amazing. Then again I do love dancing and that was my main motivation for being there.

    Is it me or is that woman's nipples a bit strange in that last pic?

    Have a great weekend B and good luck with finding some new wheels.

  8. TheTroll - It's hard to parody a parody I suppose. As for the quiz, I'll go with C because she has no discernible talent and yet she makes tons of money and stays in the public eye so she must be some kind of closet genius.

    Anonymous Boxer - I agree about some sequels . . . as for Harold and Kumar, I didn't like the sequel as much as the original - it was too long, a bit heavy-handed and not as fresh as the first one. It did have a few laughs, so maybe you should give it another go. I like the vapid slut line from The Troll, I agree completely about Locklear as I generally like her, and you have a great weekend too.

    Jlee - Ha. I agree about Jackson as I think that was taken from her new tour. It's horrendous. And yes, NPH is pretty damn funny in most things these past few years. Happy Friday!

  9. Gypsy - Thanks for coming by on Friday as I know the time difference can be challenging. From what I've read, Costner is not a terrible singer, so you might check it out. As for Jackson, I don't think that's particularly embarrassing (though I've never been myself) as she is supposed to put on a good show & can dance, so . . . As for the last pic, I'll be sure to study those nipples in more detail today. I'm into research.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. JLee Says:
  11. Actually the "wardrobe malfunction" I was referring to was the final pic of the post. Seems her undergarments are not doing their job properly. ha

  12. Heff Says:
  13. Say what you will about Heather Locklear, but I'd STILL "drive her erratically".

    As far as Scarlett Johansson is concerned, we can only hope for a rather expedient divorce before Ryan Reynolds ruins that shit for all of us.

    Low ticket sales for Janet Jackson ? You mean you CAN'T ride a whole career on "TittyGate" ?

    Country Costner ? Another FINE CHOICE, I'm sure.

    I think Sharon Stone has had Botox injections in her BRAIN.

    I thought Paris Hilton's "My B.F.F." stood for My Bimbo Friend Fucking. I could be wrong...

    As for the last pic, I'm thinking pretty deep already !!!

    Have a great weekend, BDS !

  14. Jlee - We need clarity around here. Ha. And that last picture is no malfunction, it is purposeful.

    Heff - I appreciate the detail. I figure that a Johansson divorce is fairly certain it's just a matter of when, love the "drive her erratically" line, agree completely about Stone and I'm thinking deeply as well and I just won't get into the details of what that entails. Have an excellent weekend.

  15. Linda Says:
  16. Love NPH in Harold & Kumar. Agree that the first film was stronger than the second. Good reacap of the week's news, but you missed one item. My first grandson, Eli Joseph, entered the world at 1:51 am on Wednesday. May not be tabloid worthy, but it's an exciting event for my family. :) Good luck with your car shopping ..... happy Friday!

  17. nobich Says:
  18. Happy Friday $2 & how's that brother of yours? He should guest blog sometime.

  19. Wendy Says:
  20. I simply do not understand why women my age love Kevin Costner. The only movie I liked him in was Silverado. Of course, there was also the Big Chill, but all his scenes were cut. Heheheheheh.

  21. Linda - Congratulations! But I blame you for that missing in QHF as you simply need better publicity since I pull my stories off the Web (mainly MSN & Google). Ha. Have a great weekend. I think I'm going to see Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist.

    Nobich - I see my brother at the Pub most every Thursday, and he's doing just fine. I will mention the guest idea & tell him to get off his lazy ass. ha. Happy Friday.

    Wendy - I tend to like Costner even if I think he's somewhat arrogant (just a guess). Bull Durham, No Way Out and Tin Cup ranged from good to great and I also liked The Big Chill, although as you noted, his parts were snipped (which led Larry Kasden to cast him in Silverado since he felt badly).

  22. Miss Ash Says:
  23. Where the hell have I been? I had no idea Scarlett got married and I live in Canada sheesh!!

    Have a great weekend.

  24. BostonPobble Says:
  25. You know, it's picky but I really, Really love the fact that you use "per usual" correctly. Makes me smile every time.

  26. vivavavoom Says:
  27. wow.....I take a break from all news for 2 weeks and miss so much. To answer your question about putting in a comment about the last debate...I didn't write about Palin this week because why is a waste of space now. she is an idiot and anyone who thinks her and Mccain should be the next Pres and VP is seriously demented at this point and lacking sound judgement. there is no more discussion to be had on the topic. they have no valid points and they are no change...just more of the same if not worse because she is highly misinformed and unprepared on top of it...and he is a fossil. "you betcha"!! wink, wink.. have a great weekend!

  28. Miss Ash - And you call yourself a Canadian . . . Ha. It's a good thing you check in around here so you can stay in the know about these things. Hope you had a great weekend.

    BostonPobble - Now I'm worried that I will misuse that expression. Ha. Seriously, I didn't ever think about it until now, but thanks as we strive for grammatical correctness around here (and sometimes get it right). Ha.

    Vivavavoom - Did you see SNL again with Palin this week? Ha. Good stuff. But she was actually somewhat competent in the debate, but as I told someone before it started, her bar is so low after that Couric interview that it would be impossible to not to surprise people.

  29. Don't worry about Scarlett. Rings come off. At least that's what I have to keep telling myself to keep from breaking down.

  30. Native Minnow - Let's keep telling ourselves that, eh? It might be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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