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Steadily Growing Excitement . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, October 08, 2008

In a few short hours, I will say goodbye to my old friend - The TT - and turn him over to find a new home.

I've made my peace with this decision. It needed to be done, and I only hope he finds an owner who will enjoy him as much as I have these past seven years.

But you cannot live in the past. It's time to release those feelings and replace them with a growing excitement over my next car . . . The Infiniti G37 Coupe.

This is the exact exterior color, although the interior is darker - graphite to be exact - than the picture. Still, I was thrilled from the moment I sat inside this vehicle through the test drive and beyond.

It's got 2 doors and 4 seats. It has 330 horsepower. It has a navigation system that is sure to confound me since I've never messed with one before yet it will guide me home in a stern but sexy female voice if I ever get so twisted that I forget my way.

The inside is like a spaceship as it has a key-less start/stop button, a hard drive that will store 220 CDs, an Ipod connector, heated seats, sunroof, voice-activated Bluetooth cell phone dialing and a bunch of other stuff I have no idea how to use. I'm required to spend an hour today going over all the functions by an Infiniti trainer when I pick it up today.

I'll make the time.

The ride is fast. It has a smooth acceleration that picks up steam like a graceful leopard as it runs past traffic.

Stanley certainly approved the purchase as just sitting in the comfortable seats and gazing at the interior put him at half-mast, and once the G37 is in motion, he could fully take over and drive the steering wheel while I use my hands to work the paddle shifters (it has both automatic and a quasi-stick choice for driving).

But I think I'll keep my actual hands at 10 and 2 for a little bit until I get used to the car. It's safer this way and might keep my insurance rates at a reasonable level. We'll see.

In the interim, I've got work to do so I can disappear for a few hours at lunch. I'm simply happy that my mood has shifted from sadness to excitement as the latter is always the best route to take if you can find it.



  1. JLee Says:
  2. Sweet!! Very nice choice. I think I could let go of just about any car for that. Good luck with the "training class" ha

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. It my experience, the navigation systems that come with the car manufactured by the automaker are never any good and they cost an arm and a leg.
    The Porsche nagivation system is crap. Its a joke.
    The Toyota system is pretty complicated and not very helpful.
    But... a Pioneer system, is amazing. I love the Pioneer system. The map is more up-to-date. It has a full dock to an iPod. It can control the ipod from the touchscreen. Bluetooth for cellphones. XM & Sirius. A hard drive that can be accessed by the user with a phillips head screw driver. It can rip CDs to that hard drive. You can watch DVDs on the thing. It is amazing. Don't get the dealer supplied navigator. Get the Pioneer system.

  5. Jlee - Thanks as I was excited to have found it, to get a decent trade-in value and get almost 0.0 APR - that sealed it. And I will need help at this training class & probably a follow-on course. Ha.

    WhatIgot - Thanks for the advice as I had no feeling for nav systems at all. On the other hand, my directional sense is piss poor, so they should help on road trips. And really, you should contact Pioneer about selling/marketing/etc. for them as that was a convincing argument. Ha.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. I've used a lot of Pioneer products over the years. Some were great, like the nav system. Others like my laserdisc player, SUCKED!

  8. Heff Says:
  9. It looks like a VW Beetle on steroids ! I'm sure it will kick ass.

  10. Linda Says:
  11. Congratulations! Gotta confess, I got a little excited reading your description, I can understand how Stan feels. Ha! Sounds like you'll most apprecite those fancy features on road trips. Looks like a sweet ride, enjoy!

  12. WhatIgot - I looked at Pioneer pretty hard when I bought my last TV (ultimately went with Samsung), but in general, they have a good brand for sure (no experience with Laserdisc).

    Heff - I'll take that. Ha. It should be pretty quick, so that will be fun at the very least.

    Linda - Thanks as the interior will be a blast once I figure out how to use the damn thing. ha. I think the road trip will be great with nav system and car as long as my wife & I pack lightly - the trunk isn't so big.

  13. BostonPobble Says:
  14. Damn...I don't even have a Stanley and this one's got me perking up. (With apologies for the crass nature of the comment)

  15. nobich Says:
  16. Heated seats? in Texas???

  17. Bostonpobble - Apology not needed, but accepted. Besides, I started it. Ha. I'm excited too.

    Nobich - I know, I know. It was included, and maybe in January/February I will use them if I have the sunroof open. Maybe.

  18. TT Says:
  19. How could you dump me for an younger model?

    After all we've been together?

  20. Gypsy Says:
  21. Forgive me too for being crass and dare I say it, crude, but if you didn't already have a wife, I'd suggest that vehicle would definitely get you some pussy. I will now return to being a lady for the remainder of this comment.

    Sweet baby Jesus that's one sweet ride!!!!! Oh and one more thing, please don't let Stanley drive ;)

  22. Gypsy Says:
  23. I've just realised what was wrong when I looked at the pic of the interior of your new car.....the steering wheel is on the wrong side :)

  24. Anonymous Boxer - Dammit AB, I was already feeling guilty enough . . . Ha. We did have some good times, however, and I will never forget you.

    Gypsy - Excellent. That's exactly the reaction I'll take as I wanted it to be slick enough to do just that - in theory. Ha. But my wife feels the same way about it too.

    And I didn't realize the steering wheel was misplaced in Australia as I've yet to venture over there. But one day I will combine it with a New Zealand trip & find out for certain.

  25. Wendy Says:
  26. Sexaaaaay car. It's fun to buy a new vehicle, but it's always such an emotional experience. Plus I hate car salesmen. I hope you didn't have to spend too much time at a dealership.

  27. Miss Ash Says:
  28. You got me at hard drive!!

    Nice choice! And good luck with the training session. I recently had to sit through one to learn the new phone system at work, my eyes glazed over and the tech might as well have been speaking in Japanese. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.


  30. Wendy - I agree 100% about car salesman. Luckily, mine was reasonable, and I think that with more car information around invoice, MSRP, etc. available on the Internet that people are walking in better informed and are therefore less likely to fall for/deal with their bullshit. At least that's my opinion.

    Miss Ash - I'm usually right there with you on training sessions, however, this one kept my attention rapt. Ha. I will probably need some re-training, but I can now burn CDs onto my hard drive (and find them for playback), call people using my voice activated dialing person and program routes into the nav system and let that guide me around town. I hope I can continue to master the car & not the other way around. ha.

    TrinabeingTrina - I'm glad you like the car as I am still turned on every single time I drive the damn thing. Ha. The interior is freakin' great, and it moves like a bat out of hell.


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