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Grizzly Bears & Endurance . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Three of the Austin City Limits music festival is largely an endurance test.

This test is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing year as moving among 65,000 people while drinking ice-hold Heineken in the hot sun and wolfing down chopped beef sandwiches to maintain energy is a young man's game. It's still a damn good time, however, there are periodic moments when the body rebels against standing for hours each day despite the quality of the music.

And the quality was just fine this year as I saw excellent sets from bands like Vampire Weekend, Ryan Bingham, Robert Earl Keen, Iron and Wine, John Fogerty, Allison Kraus and Robert Plant, and Beck among others.

I just wish that somebody else could inhabit my body for work today. It still feels depleted and dehydrated, sun-weary and stomped and could use to stay at home to catch up on football scores versus stepping into the end of quarter craziness at work. Selah.

But these things happen and the only way to avoid them is to remain on the sidelines, which is an area I loathe to be found.

My brother and I were in the thick of things on Saturday as the festival really picks up steam with large crowds from opening until closing. After viewing so much flesh on display, we both agreed that hooking up at the end of a music festival would have to be one of the nastiest romps you could find.

Each participant would have already sweated through their clothes a dozen times over, and even if you were only wearing a bikini top and little else, your skin would taste like a salt lick and smell like rotting cheese. You certainly would have been forced to visit the port-a-pots at least three times by this point and so your hygiene levels would also be questionable at best.

This does not scream sexy no matter what appendages were being flaunted.

Only a college freshman would have the energy and lack of discretion to attempt the festival hook-up, and they are never a good litmus test because a fair portion would screw a rabid grizzly bear if it would sit still long enough.

But I don't have time to ponder the fucking of large woodland animals this morning as I have work to do, information to send and status meetings galore. The festival was great, but I wish it included Monday as a vacation day.

Since that isn't true, a pot of coffee will have to suffice.



  1. JLee Says:
  2. Sounds grueling, but fun. Did you get to stay and watch the Foo Fighters Sunday? It was a pretty good lineup, but it does take endurance for such an event. You didn't miss much as far as football. The Cowboys sucked...

  3. Heff Says:
  4. What a lineup ! A little bit of everything from the look of it. I never really understood the appeal of Beck. His songs are easy to play, and usually pretty weird. Oh well, something for everyone I guess.

  5. Lovely imagery there pal. Nothing like having sex with a salty block of rotten cheese widdled into the shape of a presenting grizzly bear.

  6. Someday I'll have to make it to Austin for this festival. It looked like a great line up this year.

  7. Jlee - Excellent description - grueling but fun generally desribes it everywhere. And yes, FF tore it up as it might be their last concert for awhile. I read the 'Boys stunk up the joint.

    Heff - They're usually pretty good about giving everyone a little something, although you won't catch very much heavy metal or rap (generally speaking). I don't love Beck, but I like some of his songs, although I rarely think to myself "I have to listen to Beck again."

    WhatIgot - That's pretty wide-ranging, eh? The bear might tear that cheese apart, but I still say: Stay Away as it's just nasty. Ha. I might be wrong.

    Native Minnow - You should as they actually run the festival very well, and improve things every year (at least the last 4 years). The main downside is the weather, which can be pretty damn hot. This year's was better than most.

  8. Miss Ash Says:
  9. Kudos to you young man for enduring such a weekend, it's quite the picture you've painted haha!

  10. Sympathies. I think the college boy and the rabid grizzly is an urban myth. You always hear about it but have you ever met anyone?

  11. grace Says:
  12. Haha, sounds like a fun time. I love those types of festivals... we don't have enough of them here in Ottawa.

  13. Melissa Says:
  14. Maybe it's my age talking, but if you spend 12 hours in the hot Texas sun refreshing yourself with ice cold beer who has the energy for a roll in the hay after? I'm getting a sun headache just thinking about it.

    You've made me one homesick Texan.

  15. Gypsy Says:
  16. I'm with Melissa and it's most definitely my age talking. I remember when my little city used to host the Australian Grand Prix. That was a free for all, four day fuck fest if you'll pardon my language and how the hell I survived 10 years straight I don't know. Maybe it was just as well they moved it to Melbourne or I may very well not be sitting here now. I do know that no-one ever expected me to turn up for work before Wednesday the following week and I never let them down on that score either. Ha!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and soaked up the fun without endangering man or beast :)

  17. Miss Ash - Thanks as I am just now starting to feel vaguely human again (and I have bathed multiple times). Ha.

    Getoffmylawn - That's true, but then again, do you think anyone would admit to doing it either? Grizzly bears are notoriously tight-lipped, and college freshman lie all the time.

    Grace - Then you should start organizing one immediately. Ha. Actually, one a year is enough for me as I like to go to concerts, but those festivals only appeal with about that much frequency. Still, they are pretty fun when things work out well.

    Melissa - Sorry for the homesickness (sp?), but the holidays will be here soon, so I assume you'll be headed back south . . . you definitely should as it might actually be cool by that point. ha. And you're feelings on the energy factor coincide with mine as well as we also factored that into account and that just tilted things back to college freshman who always have stamina to withstand the elements.

    Gypsy - Glad to see you around, and 10 years in that kind of free-for-all is impressive. And to be able to show up mid-week to work is even better. I wish (WISH) I could have done the same down here. That is a fine example, and I will continue to strive to meet it as I am failing miserably right now. Ha.


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