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Quick Hit Halloween Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, October 31, 2008

"Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-CAN'T?" - Johnny Depp, "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"

Depp had just exploded with the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie when he moved into his role in 'Mexico,' an entertaining if mostly incomprehensible flick.

Personally, I feel that I can do virtually anything today, and the only thing I know that I can't do is work a full day since it's Halloween and the weather is hovering around 80 degrees with sunshine. But before I run for cover, let's look at the important stories of the week such as:

Jerry Lewis made an anti-gay slur on Australian television similar to one he apologized for using on his annual telethon a year ago.

Lewis, 82, was asked by a Network Ten national TV reporter for his opinion on the Australian nation sport of cricket. "Oh, cricket? It's a f-- game. What are you, nuts?" Lewis replied. The network broadcast the comment in full on its Friday evening news bulletin along with footage of Lewis handling an imaginary cricket bat with an effeminate gesture.

GLAAD president Neil G. Giuliano was not amused, and said in a statement: "Clearly he did not take the lessons of that unfortunate episode to heart because, in an effort to be humorous, he has once again managed to offend and defame the gay community," he said.

Giuliano forgot to mention the offense to the global Cricket community whose Australian chapter chased Lewis out of the country with their sporting bats.

The father of Britney Spears will retain control over the singer's personal and business affairs indefinitely, a Los Angeles judge ruled on Tuesday.

Jamie Spears and a Los Angeles lawyer were granted temporary control of Spears' affairs until Dec. 31st after the pop princess was twice hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. Spears can request it to be lifted at a later date.

"The conservatorship is necessary and appropriate for the complexity of financial and business entities and her being susceptible to undue influence," said the judge, Reva Goetz.

In his ruling, the judge wrote that "Spears can request a change in status once she can spell complexity."

ABC has ordered a comedy pilot - "Cougar Town" in which the former "Friends" star Courtney Cox will play an attractive newly single 40-year-old mom with a 17-year-old son.

"Forty-year-old women on TV are so beautiful and perfect and wrinkle-free," said creator Bill Lawrence, who first worked with Cox when he was a writer on "Friends." "People don't do the reality of it, and there is a real comedy area about a woman who is talking about Botox, about having sex with the lights on and how her body is changing."

If it hadn't already, the term 'Cougar' has now officially 'Jumped the Shark' and should be retired.

British comedian Russell Brand ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall") resigned from his popular BBC radio show this week following public outrage regarding prank calls made to veteran actor Andrew Sachs.

Brand hosts the show fellow UK comic Jonathan Ross, and the duo left a series of obscene voice mails for Sachs, taunting the 78-year-old "Fawlty Towers" star about an affair Brand had with Sachs' granddaughter, Georgina Baillie.

"As I only do the radio show to make people laugh I've decided that, given the subsequent coverage, I will stop doing the show," said Brand. "I got a bit caught up in the moment and forgot that, at the core of the rude comments and silly songs, were the real feelings of a beloved and brilliant comic actor and a very sweet and big-hearted young woman."

I've glad this precedent wasn't established when I was growing up or I would have been forced to resign from middle school.

Actor Keanu Reeves told a Los Angeles court on Tuesday that he did not knock down a paparazzo photographer with his Porsche to avoid having his picture taken, and instead, insisted that the photographer stumbled while walking backward.

The "Matrix" actor testified in the civil lawsuit brought against him by the photographer, who claimed he had lost earnings because of injuries to his wrist in the March 2007 incident.

In filing the lawsuit, the photographer included footage of Keanu's driving from "Speed" to showcase his amazing driving skills.

Joaquin Phoenix announced his acting retirement to the TV show "Extra" at a benefit for Paul Newman's camps for kids on Monday.

"I want to take this opportunity ... to give you the exclusive and just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last performance as an actor," the two-time Oscar nominee said. "I'm not doing films anymore."

"Yeah. I'm working on my music," Phoenix insisted. "I'm done. I've been through that."

Phoenix will undoubtedly be working on his music which nobody cares about until they greenlight a sequel to "Gladiator."

The CW announced that they are exploring a remake of the 1990s soap "Melrose Place" after finding success with revamping "Beverly Hills, 90210" this year.

The plot of the "Melrose Place" remake is still murky, however, a search is under way for a writer to pen the project.

How hard can it be to find an author: Just make sure everyone is attractive, make sure they all sleep with each other in various permutations and have a swimming pool in the complex which people can be throw into and you're 98% finished.

As always, let's end with 100% gold image (s) such as:

These pics boast two qualities I admire quite a bit as dressing for the cold weather and limberness are attributes that I can stand behind. So, make sure to stretch your muscles thoroughly today, pick out clothes appropriate for the weather and Happy Halloween Friday!



  1. Normally, I'm against Keanu on principal, but I hate the papparazzi. So, he could run 'em all down and I would just cheer him on.

    And I had no interest in Cougar Town until you told me Bill Lawrence was involved. He created Spin City and Scrubs. Two shows which turned to shit real fast, but when they were good, they were some of the best programming I'd ever seen on television.

  2. WhatIgot - I'm neither pro nor against Keanu, but I'm with you on the papparazzi stance. And I'd heard good things about both 'Spin City' and 'Scrubs' but never seen them. Maybe some DVD rentals as I'm sure 'Scrubs' is out there.

  3. Heff Says:
  4. In my opinion, that's the funniest Jerry Lewis has been in DECADES.

    Dude - You've NEVER seen Scrubs ?!? You have to. It's Hilarious !

    Happy Halloween BDS !

  5. JLee Says:
  6. I'm a Mexi-CAN! lol
    I'm personally sick of the word "cougar" myself, and I think it should be legal to run down paparazzi if they are standing in front of your damn car.
    Happy Halloween!

  7. Heff - Lewis just doesn't give a damn anymore (if he ever did). Ha. And I know about 'Scrubs' as my brother has been berating me for years about that show. It's on the radar. Again, have an excellent birthday weekend.

    Jlee - Good for you - you CAN do it. Ha. Cougar has been taken way too far now, and should be retired. And have a Happy Halloween yourself.

  8. I will officially stop using the term Cougar starting today.

  9. Wendy Says:
  10. As a REAL woman who IS over 40 and DOES have an almost-17-year-old (AND a 20-year-old), I doubt that this new TV show will be the least bit realistic. I also wish to officially state my desire to punch Courtney Cox squarely in her Botoxed face.

  11. Native Minnow - That is a valiant gesture as I have enjoyed it, however, I feel its time has passed. Something new will crop us soon enough.

    Wendy - Ha. You should send that to NBC or whoever is developing the show. Then again, I don't see a lot of reality on TV, especially from "reallity show" so I wouldn't hold out much hope.

  12. TROLL Says:
  13. I know what a "cougar" is. Therefor, it's passe.

    1) Hip new slang stage 3-6 months.

    2) Steady growth in usage and expansion of definition stage. 3-6 months.

    3) Letterman/Stewart/Leno stage. 6-12 months.

    4) Troll hears about it. TREND OVER!

  14. Dude, even Heff has seen Scrubs. The first couple of seasons are worth watching. Well, I'd say watch until you get to the point when Zach Braff is fooling around with Heather Graham. Cuz Heather Graham is smoking hot.

  15. TheTroll - That seems like a fair litmus test for the slang cycle, but you should try to get out in front of Leno and Letterman because once it's gone that far mainstream, then that ship has definitely sailed. Ha. Then again, you could argue that taking up any brain space with that kind of knowledge is a poor idea I guess.

    WhatIgot - Heff knows where it's at too with Scrubs . . . And I'll probably rent them as I vaguely remember Graham guest starring on that show (though never saw it). And yes, she is extremely good looking, although her acting ability is somewhat questionable with 'Boogie Nights' and 'Drugstore Cowboy' as two notable exceptions.

  16. Gypsy Says:
  17. Mmmmm Johnny Depp...with or without clothes, there's a golden image I can live with.

    The paparazzo are only marginally above pond scum in the scheme of life so I say lets have a Hip Hip Hooray for Keanu. It's a shame his foot didn't accidentally get stuck on the accelerator so he could take out a few more of them. They run in packs don't they?

    I saw Jerry Lewis on TV the other day and was mildly surprised he is still here. I thought he was dead.

    My favourite BDS quip for the week
    In his ruling, the judge wrote that "Spears can request a change in status once she can spell complexity.". Sorry Brit.

    Now if you want to see a golden image, pop over to The Theme Park. I think even you would admire the perfection of the body I've posted over there.

    Happy Halloween B and have a rip snorting weekend :)

  18. Linda Says:
  19. Thanks for that photo of Reeves, yummm. Any photographer close enough to a vehicle to get hit by it, may be too close in the first place....just sayin'. Loved Once Upon a Time in Mexico, gotta rent that one again. Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

  20. A.B. Says:
  21. yoga. Must start yoga again.

    Happy Halloween!!!

  22. Gypsy - I'm a fan of Depp's too, although I think we differ somewhat in our appreciation. Ha. And I definitely agree around the papparrazi issue. Finally, I will definitely be over to check this out as I am a thorough researcher of the human form. Thanks & Happy Friday.

    Linda - Happy Friday & Halloween to you too. I own 'Mexico' on DVD, and was thinking I should watch it again as well. Finally, that new Reeves movie coming out this December looks pretty bad from the one preview I caught.

    A.B. - I just started doing some at home via DVDs to go with my weight training after years of procrastinating. It's been good so far, but not to her levels. Unfortunately. Happy Friday.

  23. TROLL Says:
  24. I'm now an expert on the "Big 12". Here's the deal:

    1) Quarterbacks run out-of-bounds and do the NFL style slide-down.

    2) Receivers drop passes and watch uncatchable passes sail by or bounce in front of them.

    3) When 1 or 2 occur in the SEC the quarterbacks and receivers are DRILLED.

    4) SEC referees rarely call a penalty if a QB gets lumber-trucked while trying to run-out-of-bounds. Even if he's right on the side-line.

    5) SEC referees NEVER call a penalty if a receiver gets lumber-trucked after dropping a ball.

    6) At this point in an SEC season, skinny guys like Texas Tech's Harrel and Texas's Shipley have taken MANY more hard hits and might be disabled.

    That's the difference.

  25. TheTroll - But at least Big 12 games are entertaining . . . hell, Florida trounces the shit out of everyone and Alabama is about as much fun to watch as 'According to Jim.' Ha. Oh well, at least UT is still ahead of Florida in the BCS as I'm convinced the SEC only has two decent teams this year (mentioned above) as the rest drop off the table whereas the Big 12 still has Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the top 10 w/ UT and Tech. Then, there's Missouri and Kansas and . . .

  26. TROLL Says:
  27. 2doPro,

    I did research and there's NO WAY Texas should be ahead. Cream-puff schedule compared to the Gators.

    It's quite possible that EVERY team the Gators play this year will be bowl-bound.

    Whereas Baylor, North Texas State, Tulane, Colorado, The Little Sisters of The Poor and others on UT's absurdly easy schedule will NOT be going bowling.


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