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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, March 28, 2008

"You keep runnin' that mouth I'm gonna' take you in the back and screw ya'," - Josh Brolin, "No Country For Old Men"

Let the punishment fit the crime I always say or maybe I stole that from somewhere else. It doesn't really matter as another week is down, and I've got an empty loft this weekend to enjoy.

But before I stock up on Negro Modelos and shed my pants, let's look at the tough stories of the week such as:

"The Hills" star Audrina Patridge, 22, claimed a series of steamy photos which ended up online this week were meant to be creative yet never seen by the public.

"I intended them to be artistic and not in any way provocative," Patridge writes on her MySpace Celebrity page of the snaps, which include her posing with an arched back in a plaid, schoolgirl-like miniskirt and white knee socks.

Personally, I can't wait until Patridge intends to take some provocative photos, but in the interim, her art shots will have to suffice.

Pamela Anderson ended another brief marriage this week as the "Baywatch" star's nuptials with Rick Salomon were officially annulled Monday, according to documents filed in Superior Court. The documents listed fraud as the reason for the annulment but did not include further details.

Salomon and Anderson, 40, were married Oct. 6 in Las Vegas then separated Dec. 13.

Anderson was infuriated when she learned that Salomon used a body double during his sex tape session with Paris Hilton, and once she discovered his deception, the marriage was fraudulent and finished.

A Dublin man has been released on his own recognizance by a New York judge after being accused of stalking supermodel/talk-show host Tyra Banks for several months.

The New York Post reported that 37-year-old Brady William Green was arrested last week after visiting the studio where "The Tyra Banks Show" is taped, carrying a duffel bag stuffed with magazine articles about Banks and asking to speak to her.

During sentencing, the judge expressed his disbelief that there was "a person living in this world who loved Tyra Banks as much as she loves herself."

People magazine reported Jamie Lynne Spears, 16, has received a diamond ring from hometown beau Casey Aldridge, 18.

A Spears family insider tells the magazine that the swelling "Zoey 101" starlet, who is reportedly about six months along, is excited. "She's got an engagement ring," the source deadpans. "She's been showing it off, talking about it."

Since revealing her pregnancy to OK! in a December cover story, Jamie Lynn hanging out with friends and earning her GED.

The engagement ring nearly completes the Spears parenting master plan of having your daughter become a teenage mother, then earn her GED and finish it off by getting engaged. I have no children of my own, but certain items in that cycle seem out of order to me.

Richie Sambora was arrested on a DUI charge in Laguna Beach, Calif this week after the Bon Jovi guitarist was pulled over about 10:52 p.m. Tuesday night.

Police said they spotted him weaving on the road as Sambora was driving a Hummer and was with three unidentified women, one adult and two juveniles. Sambora is scheduled to appear in court on May 7.

It is rumored that Sambora told the cops he was sober and "It's My Life," and also claimed he simply ingested some Bad Medicine to which the cops replied that he was "Living on a Prayer."

Robin Williams filed for divorce from his wife of 19 years, Marsha Garces Williams, this week on grounds of irreconcilable differences.

Apparently, the differences reached their breaking point when Robin made Marsha watch "Patch Adams" for the 12th consecutive night in a row.

Priscilla Presley confirmed this week that she was one of the high-profile victims of an Argentine plastic surgeon who conned women into injections of a low-grade silicone in 2003, claiming it was better than Botox.

"Priscilla Presley was one of many documented victims of Dr. Serrano," publicist Sam Mast said in a statement released Tuesday. "An investigation which uncovered his misconduct ultimately led to his imprisonment. Ms. Presley dealt with this matter years ago and everything is well."

Everything is well except the ripples on her face, Mast later added.

In other health news, Demi Moore told talk show host David Letterman that she had tried the Leech treatment in Austria as part of a detox plan.

Moore said: "You watch it swell up on your blood... then when it's super drunk it just kind of rolls over like it is stumbling out of the bar."

Moore's fondness for blood-sucking parasites might finally offer an explanation for Ashton Kutcher as well.

As always, let's end with a gold image like:

I've always appreciated a limber body as the possibilities are endless. So, remember that anything is possible, unlock your body from its cage and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Heff Says:
  2. Damn. Sambora just isn't as pretty without his make-up and hair fixed.

  3. No Country for Old Men was overrated.
    Anybody who poses for slutty photos and thinks the photos aren't going on the net are morons.
    I officially denounce Pamela Anderson's Canadian citizenship. We don't want her up here. You Americans can keep her.
    Isn't stalking Tyra Banks kinda dangerous. She's nuts! I'm talkin' Bjork-nuts here people.
    I've got ten bucks that says Jamie Lynn's kid is going to be a girl and end up in some freaky backwoods incest marriage to one of Britney's kids (maybe both).
    I feel sorry for Richie Sambora. Having to play second banana to Jon Bon Jovi (who's from Jersey if you didn't know) for 25 years is pretty sad.
    Robin Williams isn't funny. He's just hyper. I guess his ex-wife finally figured that out. Or maybe she just got tired of his hairy arms.
    Priscilla Presley... nice beaver. 'nuff said.
    Demi Moore (at least in that photo) has developed wall-eyed boobs. Boo!

    Happy Friday dude and remember, Keep The Faith!

  4. Miss Ash Says:
  5. Doesn't Pris have enough money to spend on a good doctor?? I don't get it...

  6. JLee Says:
  7. You're in rare form today, 2D. Thanks for the chuckles on a rainy Friday.
    I think I'll try those leeches next time I'm hungover and see how that works out. Better them suffer than me, right? Josh Brolin is in town for AFI this weekend, so I'll give him a hey howdy for you.

    Nice ending picture. Very artistic and interesting.

  8. Heff - I agree. I was telling somebody that same thing yesterday at lunch. Then again, I figure I look like hell too when I drink enough.

    WhatIgot - You spent some time on this one today, eh? So, in response, Banks is a lunatic and a narcissist (sp?), it's easy to denounce Anderson once she's going downhill - ha -, agreed on Williams & Jamie Lynn, Moore's boobs are still OK with me, and I liked No Country quite a bit. Happy Friday & I've got faith in this weekend for sure.

    Miss Ash - I'm sure she does, and I bet that this guy charged her a lot of money for this bogus stuff. I'm not certain, but he claimed it was a miracle drug and those are never cheap.

    Jlee - I think Brolin seems like a pretty cool guy, and if you see him, you might mention you know someone writing a script (as if he doesn't hear that very often). I do think the leeches might be good for a hangover day as I'm coping w/ breakfast tacos & coffee today. Finally, I've been on a more artistic bent lately with my ending shots (last week notwithstanding). Happy Friday.

  9. BostonPobble Says:
  10. The statement from Demi Moore does indeed explain So Much. Thank you for the illuminating insight.

  11. I used to think "you get what you pay for" when it comes to cosmetic procedures, so P.Presely must be plain old stupid to let that happen. And I got a glimpse of her last week.... her face doesn't move. Things I will remember as I age..... and something I hope R.Sambora considers too. The Dude looks rough... even for a mug shot.

    Happy Friday and enjoy your pantless weekend (you are such a guy.)

  12. nobich Says:
  13. Happy Friday Guys!!

  14. Bostonpobble - Thanks. Actually, that was my final piece of the post, and it was the only one I couldn't write a response to until late last night when I got home from the pub. I'm not sure what that says exactly, but . . .

    Anonymous Boxer - I tend to agree about surgery, and my main question is how do you not check out this guy's credentials before letting him inject stuff into your face? Questions. Questions. And yes, I am a guy, however, in my defense being pantless is not only when my wife is out of town. It's hot in Austin.

  15. Nobich - Missed you in Cyberspace. Happy Friday yourself. Have a good one.

  16. Oh gosh, where to start! I finally got to see No Country for Old Men in between other important moments of relaxation last weekend. I very much enjoyed it and particularly that line :)

    Richie Sambora got old just like the rest of us. I wonder if JBJ is really aging gracefully.

    Like AB said, people who have plastic surgery are really playing with fire because you just dont know what you're going to get. I saw Jane Seymour recently discussing a part she played at the beginning of her career. Being exposed to before and after shots and realising that she hardly looked any different 30 years on but that only her eyes moved in her face made me very irritable.

    Pamela Anderson and the Spiers girl - more on morons.

    And, finally, that picture which I found quite beautiful. Strangely, my osteopath had me in that position only yesterday. He seemed to be implying it would make my shoulder feel better. We'll see :)

  17. Gypsy Says:
  18. Wow you're on fire....

    Pammy looks stoned out of her mind in that pic and has made yet another impulsive marital choice. Some people never learn.

    Richie looks as rough as guts and so does Priscilla. Such a shame...she was a beautiful woman before she TRIED to be beautiful. Now she looks like the Joker from Batman.

    I so love your Quick Hit Fridays BDS. Well done. They must be good to bring me out of hibernation and I LOVED that final shot. Very artistic and beautiful.

  19. Havingmycake - There was a lot going on this week. Glad you liked 'No Country,' I think JBJ has aged better than Sambora (but don't quote me on that), agreed on Anderson & Spears, and finally your osteopath sounds like my kind of guy. Ha. I hope it helps yr. shoulder.

    Gypsy - Great to bring you out of hiberation, and hopefully, it gave you a laugh or two. I love the "rough as guts" line as that's the second killer expression you've dropped here in the past few weeks, and I'm going to use it sometime myself. Finally, thanks on the final shot as I like Black and White shots like that quite a bit.

  20. Claire Says:
  21. "During sentencing, the judge expressed his disbelief that there was "a person living in this world who loved Tyra Banks as much as she loves herself.""

    If that's true, that judge just became my new hero!


  22. Too bad about Priscilla BDS. I think she would have aged beautifully the natural way.

    I don't think it's a botch job though. After so many surgeries you can see how many times the skin has been ripped from the scalp.

    I like the pic you have of me on the very bottom! :)

  23. Claire - He would be mine too. Banks annoys the crap out of me, and I only see highlights of her antics on programs like "The Soup."

    Upset Waitress - I know. It's hard to say how Priscilla would look sans injections, but I've seen some shots where there are very strange ripples that look like a botched job (and some people say are the results of that crazy doctor). Who knows, eh? As for the final picture, send any more you have stored at home along to me as I've got weeks and weeks to fill.

  24. Grace Says:
  25. Hehe, loved the Sambora story. Too bad about the DUI though, he's an awesome guitarist! As for JBJ, he's simply beautiful. I saw him from about 7 feet away in concert a few months ago... ahhh, what a man.

    Robin Williams... I can't imagine how she made it through 16 years with him. Although I like him as an actor, it drives me nuts that he can't be serious for a split second. I've never seen him not joking around or doing some annoying accent.

  26. Grace Says:
  27. Ooops, 19 years. I flipped the number around in my head. ;)

  28. Grace - I'm surprised you didn't leap on stage w/ JBJ. Ha. 7 feet away is nothing . . . And yes, Williams annoys me as well as he seems far too manic nearly every single time I see him being interviewed. Maybe he chills out at home.

  29. Gypsy Says:
  30. Now I want to know what the other killer expression was coz if it was funny I might want to use it again myself.


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