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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Being both a man of endurance as well as one who never refuses a tag, here is a Wednesday Q & A.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
Myself. Is that egomaniacal? Possibly, but it's true as last night was actually fairly shitty because as we all know, bad luck tends to come in waves and I was fighting under the surf yesterday.

2.What were you doing at 0800?
Drinking coffee and answering blogs as I have already been to the gym this morning where I witnessed a sweaty man imitate a wounded hyena as he grunted frequently and loudly while lifting weights which were about half the size of mine. Keep it quiet - especially in the morning.

3. What happened to you in 2006?
Researched buying loft in Austin which happened in 2007, lived like a workout/diet-enhanced monk for a fitness modeling gig in New York, wrote a comedic screenplay which is now starting to get sent out, went to Ireland for best friend's wedding, wrote 100th blog post, discovered the existence of Yetis yet lost the evidence, and saved a bus full of nuns from certain doom.

4. How many beverages did you have today?
Coffee, protein shake and water. Rinse and repeat.

5. What color is your hairbrush?
I don't know. Does it matter - they all comb hair right?

6. Where were you last night?
At home after spending an afternoon with an electrician and then having my wife's car blow up. Needless to say, I was drinking as well.

7.What color is your front door?
Slate gray. It matches the scorred (sp?) concrete floors in my downstairs room.

8. Where do you keep your change?
A glass bowl in the house, lighter holder in my car and a change of underwear in the trunk - just to be safe.

9. What's the weather like today?
Gray, but cool, so I'll take it. It's about 70 degrees or so.

10. What's the best ice cream flavor?
Cherry Garcia is hard to beat, and far less embarrassing to say than Chunky Monkey.

11. What excites you?
Free time, garters, piranhas, good novels, sunshine, thongs and bear-skin rugs.

12. Do you want to cut your hair?
No. If I cut my own hair, I would look like a buffoon.

13.Are you over the age of 25?

14.Do you talk a lot?
Depends. As a general rule, I don't really throw it out there unless I've been drinking or am comfortable/like you as a person. This leads to a lot of assumptions that I can be arrogant on first impressions.

15. Do you watch the OC?
It's canceled, however, I did watch some of the first season and damn Mischa Barton is a bad actress.

16. Do you make up your own words?
Oh yeah. I posted on this a month or so ago, and it usually happens when I am so angry that normal curse words just won't cut it.

17. Are you a jealous person?
Not really. I'm fairly secure about myself, and jealousy is generally a waste of time in my opinion.

18. Name a friend whose name starts with an 'A'?
Aaron. An older friend who I worked with at a personal training studio in Plano. He eventually got into Meth, skipping work and extreme pornography. Not necessarily in that order.

19. Name a friend whose name starts with a 'K'?
None that I can recall.

20. Who's the first person on your received call list?
My brother.

21. What does the last text msg you received say?
I rarely text, but the last one I received was SPAM from Cingular.

22. Do you chew on a straw?
I loathe straws, and don't chew on them - I throw them away.

23. Where's the next place you are going?
To visit family in McKinney or Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. Then, onto Taos in January.

24. Who's the rudest person in your life?
My company CEO, but it's probably not his fault as it seems to be a prerequisite for the position.

25. What was the last thing you ate?
Ground turkey and brown rice.

26. Will you get married in the future?
I'm there now, and have no plans to do so again unless I convert to the Mormon religion. In that case, the line forms to the left. Ha.

27. What's the best movie you've seen in the last 2 weeks?
"American Gangster," but I have high hopes for "No Country For Old Men," which I plan to see very soon.

28. When was the last time you did dishes?
Last Xmas at my grandparents house in Oklahoma. It sucked. Viva dish washing machines.

29. Are you currently depressed?
Nope. Just generally pissed off, which is normal and not nearly the same thing.

30. Did you cry today?
Not unless I get kicked in the crotch before the day ends.

31. What was the last thing you said aloud?
Is my fly unzipped? (Editor's Note: It wasn't.}

32. What car do you drive and what Bumpersticker(s) do you have on it?
I drive a Audi TT convertible with no bumper stickers attached.

33 Why did you answer this and post it?
I always answer tags, it has 33 questions (I have a big thing with the number 3 - platonically of course), and I had a long conference call today where I only did a little bit of the talking.



  1. Miss Ash Says:
  2. Damn, I love your car too!! What does your wife drive? And yes you are very egocentric to laugh at your own joke Ha!! I'm very funny i'll have you know.

  3. kismetic Says:
  4. damn, that is a sexy car! for a 21 year-old co-ed...

    -kind of jealous

  5. what is 'extreme pornography?'

  6. Miss Ash - My wife's car is in flux as I now have to purchase a new one - probably a small Suv. I do feel bad because I always laugh at my own jokes, but you obviously do to since you know you're funny. Ha.

    Kismetic - Ha. Should have know there would be a jab in there, but if you find me a 21-year-old coed who can afford it, then I'll show you a Chi-o with a sugar daddy or just a Daddy who doesn't know how to say no.

    WhatIgot - You don't want to know. But it's not pretty. I actually don't know the exact titles, but from stories I was told, it involved watching them with numerous other people in the same room.

  7. Heff Says:
  8. Holy abs of steel, Batman !! What do you consume besides Protein Powder ? Twigs & Leaves ??

    I can't get a visible set of abs on me to save my ass ! ...Perhaps it's the beer...

  9. cats Says:
  10. i have a thing for 3's as well, mind if i steal your tag? haven't blogged anything since halloween and blogger's block sucks.

  11. Heff - Unfortunately, beer doesn't help much. That shot was in NYC after about 6 months of diet/training where I forsake alcohol, sugar, simple carbs, etc. I wasn't a whole hell of a lot of fun, and obviously, I've reverted now that it's over. But abs are almost strictly a by-product of diet when your body fat percentage is less than 10.

    Cats - Definitely. Steal away as I never tag anyone, although I answer them. I'll be interested in the results.

  12. Nicely done. Nice car. Nice abs. But you should consider cutting your own hair. Real men cut their own hair with bowie knives and shave with bear teeth.

  13. vivavavoom Says:
  14. So funny how you read someones blog who you do not know in person, and you imagine a totally different thing.
    I never thought you were married and I never knew you were into gay porn and beastiality (sp?)

    I kid on the second one...the only men I know with abs like that (and dogs like that) are gay. my husband would be very jealous. he is trying so hard to get a three pack!

    But yeah...never a hint you were married in your writings. I thought you lived the life of a single viking.

    Great car!!

  15. Getoffmylawn - Thanks, and you're likely right about the bear teeth, although I hear they are hard to come by. At least they are in Austin, TX, however, on Ebay you can buy virtually anything.

    Vivavavoom - Ha. It's definitely funny, slightly strange, etc. how we build up images and scenarios for people with the Internet being a prime culprit. But my single Viking days have been extinguished for several years, those abs were for photo shoots this past Feb. in NYC (now I have a 4-pack due to beer consumption), and I have loved my car for the past 4 years with this time of year being perfect for having the top down.

  16. SymplyAmused Says:
  17. I like reading tag questions. You learn so much about people that way. : )

  18. EXCELLENT answers.

    I love the beverages; coffee/water/protein.... what else does one need?

  19. Symplyamused - Glad you liked it, and I agree which can be good or bad depending on the answers. Ha.

    Anonymous Boxer - Good question. Those mostly cover the bases, however, I would add a good beer in the summer and red wine in the winter to the mix in an ideal world.

  20. BostonPobble Says:
  21. Never turn down a tag, huh? I'll remember that. :)

  22. nobich Says:
  23. I enjoyed this post today. too bad about your wife's car guess it's time for a new one ( watch out for camels in car lots )

  24. Bostonpobble - I'm powerless against them - much like patio bars and cleavage. Among others. Ha.

    Nobich - Nice tie-back, and I did not go to the camel dealership as I actually finished purchasing a silver CR-V today for my wife. Lots of fun. Ha.

  25. JLee Says:
  26. Good answers. I'm still pondering the pirhana...hhmm

  27. It's a feeding frenzy with those creature Jlee. Frenzy. Ha.

  28. Blogger Says:


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