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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, November 09, 2007

"Listen dad, I'm howling at the Moon, I'm dodging silver bullets. I have a $5 haircut, I'm struggling at school. I have problems already Dad. I don’t need this one." - Michael J. Fox, "Teen Wolf"

We've all got our problems, but it's Friday and big issues are best left for early in the week when you can knock them down to size. A way to lessen our own burdens is by focusing on others, so with that concept in mind, let's tackle stories from this week like:

Katie Holmes was among the tens of thousands of runners participating in Sunday's New York City Marathon, finishing the race in 5 hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds. Husband Tom Cruise and their daughter, Suri, were at the finish line to congratulate the actress, according to event officials.

Holmes was ecstatic about her finish until she realized that she ran 26.2 miles as fast as she could, and she yet still couldn't escape from Cruise.

Shia LaBeouf was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing after the "Transformers" star refused to leave a Chicago Walgreens. A security guard told LaBeouf that he needed to leave the Walgreens store because he appeared to be drunk, police said, and after LaBeouf refused, he was arrested.

It was only a matter of time before this happened to LaBeouf because I know the one place I always go when I'm drunk is Walgreens. Nothing says drunken fun like a mass-market drugstore.

Britney Spears must provide a single, working telephone number to be called in for drug testing, a court commissioner ruled Thursday after her ex-husband's attorney said she has repeatedly failed to respond to calls for the court-ordered screenings.

Of the 14 such calls placed to Spears, she failed to respond eight times, Kevin Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon earlier in the day.

Spears's lawyers argued that Britney was too strung out on drugs to answer most of those calls, however, that argument held no weight with the judge.

Mickey Rourke was arrested Thursday on suspicion of driving under the influence on his scooter by Florida police.

A Miami Beach Police report said Rourke made a U-turn with a red light and then swerved several times while on a green scooter. He had a flushed face and bloodshot, watery eyes, his speech was slurred, and he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, the report said.

"I'm not drunk, I didn't even drink that much," the report quoted Rourke as saying.

I don't know how police couldn't believe Rourke or any man who could sport a sweet mustache like he's been boasting lately. I would believe ANYTHING he said.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel have signed on to star in the new offbeat comedy "Nailed," which chronicles a sex-crazed lobbyist and the corrupt politician that takes advantage of her.

My only hope for the film is that it fulfills the promise of the title - at least where Biel is concerned - and if they need a body double for Gyllenhaal, then I will clear my schedule.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen reportedly is refusing to accept payment in U.S. dollars because the currency is "too weak."

Patricia Bundchen, the model's twin sister and manager told Bloomberg that "Contracts starting now are more attractive in euros because we don't know what will happen to the dollar."

I wish Gisele good luck, however, I would caution her not to get her hopes up because I've been asking my employer to pay me in Bundchen sisters for years and I have never gained any traction whatsoever.

After weeks of speculation, both Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez confirmed that that they were pregnant this week.

No shit.

A Boston priest was arrested in New York City last week and has been charged with stalking late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien, New York City police said.
Rev. David Ajemian has been placed on leave after he was arrested last Friday after being accused of sending O'Brien threatening notes on parish letterhead and contacting his parents.

I know O'Brien looks young for his age, but this stalking thing is ridiculous.
But let's not end with crimes and unlawful activities, and instead, we'll focus on things like:

I'm no electronics expert, but I do believe this woman would enjoy the music more with those headphones resting over her ears. So, if you find somebody in need of assistance today - half-naked or note - take advantage, earn some good karma and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. I wouldn't nail that chick if she was listening to some crappy techno or some other junk I hate. Of course is she was listening to something good, you'd have to peel me offa her.

  2. I'm gonna call bullshit on the first statement. Ha. I don't care what she's listening/not listening to with those things, if music is that important, then . . . It's not like you're going to marry her.

  3. JLee Says:
  4. Drunk at Walgreens. It's how I spend most of my Tuesday nights. haha

    What in the hell happened to Mickey Rourke?? I knew he was looking rough these days, but damn.

    It appears the woman with the headphones has no nipples. Not that I was looking that closely, but...

  5. Heff Says:
  6. That Jessica Biel is somethin' else. I'd take the job of "stunt penis" any day.

  7. I'm that much of a music snob.

  8. Jlee - Who doesn't spend Tuesdays at Walgreen's in that condition? It's just good, cheap fun. And I will investigate the last statment for you if at all possible. Ha. Have a good day.

    Heff - Biel is easily one of the best looking actresses walking around today. No question.

    WhatIgot - You must be as that would be painful to turn down due to musical tastes. But we've all got our priorities, eh?

  9. Wendy Says:
  10. Mickey Rourke's plastic surgeon should do some jail time.

  11. Ahahaa - Mickey Rourke was on a Scooter?

    He's crazy, you know.

    oh, Happy Friday.

  12. I think the inverse of the mickey rourke moustache would be the "hitler".

  13. nobich Says:
  14. Mickey Rourke far & away from
    9&1/2 weeks & The Pope of Greenwich Village. He used to be so hot.
    Now he looks like he's spending too much time at Walgreens.
    Oh well Happy Friday Guys!!!

  15. Wendy - Ha. My guess is that he's had many, and few would admit to the crime. It's too bad as I like Rourke.

    Anonymous Boxer - I know. It's the scooter part that's truly strange and disturbing to me. Have a good weekend.

    Idig - That's probably true & a look that nobody pulls off well. Nobody.

    Nobich - I have both those movies on DVD. Happy Friday right back at you, and beware of Walgreen's this weekend.

  16. idobcool Says:
  17. SAD FACT: Katie Holmes couldn't finish the marathon faster than Oprah. It took Katie about an hour longer, she finished just behind a one-legged, 80 year old dwarf.

    (ok, I made up the dwarf part)

  18. Miss Ash Says:
  19. Is it a good or a bad thing that I had no idea who Shia LaBeouf was?

  20. Idobcool - That's too bad about the dwarf as that was my favorite part. Ha. But an hour beind Oprah, damn, I didn't realize that.

    Miss Ash - The main reason I know him is that was cast in the next Indiana Jones movie as Harrison Ford's son. So I wouldn't feel too bad. There's only so much useless information we can store in our brains.

  21. Linda Says:
  22. Shia LaBeouf made a statement when he was cast in Indiana Jones(then soon after turned 21) that he would not drink until his work was finished on the film. When I saw this report, I checked, and he has finished w/Indy and has moved on to his next film. I chuckled at the thought of this cutie-pie stumbling through the aisles of Walgreens...after a few, it takes a while to finish your shopping : )
    Happy Friday!!

  23. Grace Says:
  24. I'm a huge Conan freak too... can't really blame the guy for stalking him ;)

  25. vivavavoom Says:
  26. you know he must be drunk if he refuses to leave a walgreens!
    I see Mickey Rourke's face is falling down finally.

    and little known fact: watch the last scene of Teen Wolf, at the crowd bleacher scene when they all start cheering and you will see a guy whip out his dick!!

    to add to even more of your Biel fantasy.....I hear she is actively bisexual! you go girl!

  27. Linda - That's a funny backstory. Thanks. I remember reading him saying something in the past year about how you wouldn't find him out drinking at clubs because of his profile as well. I guess he was half-right, eh?

    Grace - My gut feeling is that Conan would prefer to be stalked by you versus a deranged priest. Just a guess.

    Vivavavoom - I found out about that dick scene w/ Teen Wolf at some point, and it's hilarious yet true. Ha. And I think you're simply toying w/ me about Biel, which is not very nice.

  28. vivavavoom Says:
  29. nope...not toying....bisexual my friend. (I would never kid about something that would make your year like that!)

  30. Then, I must do some research this week - just to confirm for my own eyes. Ha. Not that I doubt . . . I just want to see it.


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