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Happy Thanksgiving From The Drunken Viking . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is not a true Viking entry as I'm in transit to celebrate Thanksgiving where the Internet is spotty and free time is far from a given.

But here's to an enjoyable holiday for everyone. If you live abroad and Thanksgiving means nothing to you, then you could replicate the feeling by simply stuffing yourself full of food, unbuttoning your pants and passing out on the couch while football plays on the television (this is actually more enjoyable than it looks onscreen).

Thanksgiving is a good holiday to keep your expectations in check. Grandiose plans should be sent packing, and small pleasures like a leftover turkey sandwich, and good mashed potatoes are worthwhile goals.

It's also a reasonable time to be thankful for the small things in life. With that in mind, a few which are bubbling up as I drink coffee this morning include:

1) Family
2) Friends
3) Conan the Barbarian movies

4) Fine novels
5) Fine photographers

6) Garters
7) Ralph Steadman

8) A sense of humor
9) Large bathtubs
10) Youngs Winter Warmer (which I plan to consume tonight)

11) European pornography
12) Strong coffee
13) Firm handshakes

14) Non Sequitors
15) 2005 University of Texas Football Team

Have a good holiday, stay away from Friday shopping at all costs and enjoy the time off. I'll return on Monday sweating turkey and dressing from my pores.



  1. BostonPobble Says:
  2. Garters and large bathtubs. *sigh* Happy Thanksgiving to you. Enjoy your long weekend.

  3. Linda Says:
  4. No shopping on Black Friday, just the black of a movie theater! (hehe) Happy Thanksgiving!!! : )

  5. JLee Says:
  6. Stuffing yourself full of food, unbuttoning your pants and passing out on the couch?
    I do that every day...
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  7. I watched Conan the Barbarian last night. Great movie.

  8. Heff Says:
  9. Good to know I wasn't the only "Viking" out there. Hope you had a great one, 2 Dollar.

  10. SymplyAmused Says:
  11. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

  12. Conan! What is best in life?

    To crush your enemies,
    see them driven before you,
    and to hear the lamentations of the women.

    Being governor doesn't hurt.

  13. cats Says:
  14. after years of working at the mall on black friday the closest i come to shopping the day after tgiving is stopping at a convenience store for a pack of gum. every year i swear they make those poor people get up earlier to deal with crazy consumers.

    hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  15. vivavavoom Says:
  16. european porn? what is the difference with american. fill us in please.

    and I totally agree with the firm handshake thing. the weak ass ones that are like a wet noodle make me want to just say 'lameass' out loud, but that would not good for business would it?!

  17. I hope you're enjoying the long weekend, 2$

  18. Excuse my ignorance but who the hell is Ralph Steadman?!?

    Sorry, couldn't stay away from black friday shopping.

  19. Miss Ash Says:
  20. I'm the queen of Non Sequitors...Happy Thanksgiving!!

  21. Bostonpobble - Happy Thanksgiving to you, and if you had those two in addition, then it couldn't have been too bad. Ha.

    Linda - Smart move. I did the exact same thing. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Jlee - Happy Thanksgiving, and you are living the dream. Every single day. Ha. Beautiful.

    WhatIgot - You better believe it. The Barbarian was (is) phenomenal with The Destroyer being less so (but still enjoyable).

    Heff - Right back at you, and there are more than a few Vikings running around these days.

    Symplyamused - I hope you did as well, and thanks. But no more gobbling for awhile. Ha. Enough for now.

    Getoffmylawn - It doesn't, and you just earned a huge amount of respect for that Conan quote (arbitrary I know) as my brother and I have been throwing that around for years.

    Cats - Ha. You could be right, and it's getting earlier and earlier every year. Bad craziness. Hope you had a good holiday.

    Vivavavoom - Euro porn is filthier. Ha. Probably not, actually. I mostly made it up because I liked the sound of it (but let's keep that quiet). And you're exactly right about the "lameass" comment as nothing spells it out more than a dead fish handshake.

    Anonymous Boxer - It was really good. I hope yours was as well as we all need the occasional break.

    Trina - I hope you got some good deals if you braved Black Friday. Be quick and decisive. Ha. And Steadman is an artist, who illustrated an author (Hunter S. Thompson) that I enjoy.

    Miss Ash - Thanks, and if that's the case, then you would be a fun bar conversation as those are nearly always funny.


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