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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, October 19, 2007

"So, I tell them I'm a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald... Striking," - Bill Murray, "Caddyshack"

It seems like a fairly slow week in Hollywood as people are getting out of rehab instead of entering, which usually leads to boring stories, however, I'm sure there was some challenging ones such as:

On Monday night, Britney Spears turned herself in to a police station in Los Angeles. The troubled singer is now booked on two misdemeanor charges for hit-and-run accident that occurred in Van Nuys, California back in August and driving without a valid license.

Then, the week got worse as Spears has now temporarily lost visitation rights with sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

"[Spears'] visitation with minor children is suspended pending [her] compliance with court orders," reads a court document (via

It was not immediately clear what orders Spears defied, but TMZ suggests she "did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests ..."

With all this negativity around Spears, I think we should accentuate the positive as she: 1) Didn't run into any parked cars on her way to court 2) Probably refused to take the drug test because she was up doing drugs the previous night and didn't want to fail. Well played Britney.

Paris Hilton, 26-year-old socialite, has vowed to change her party-girl image after serving a 23-day jail sentence in June for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

"There are a lot of bad people in L.A. Before, my life was about having fun, going to parties — it was a fantasy," she tells Newsweek magazine. "But when I had time to reflect, I felt empty inside. I want to leave a mark on the world."

Let's hope that "mark" can be taken care of with a shot of penicillin.

Clay Aiken is going from "American Idol" to Eric Idle's "Spamalot" as Aiken will join the Broadway cast of "Monty Python's Spamalot" on Jan. 18, playing one of the leads, Sir Robin, in the Tony Award-winning musical directed by Mike Nichols.

"I really couldn't have asked for a more wonderful group of people to work with," said Aiken, who became a recording and concert star after his appearances on the TV series "American Idol."

It's a great choice for Aiken as it will certainly refute all those gay rumors circling around him if he starts wearing tights in a Broadway production with a title that conjures up images of cheap and salty meat.

Ellen DeGeneres bawled for several minutes on her syndicated chat show this week as she told the audience about an unfortunate incident involving a dog, her hairdresser and a canine contract.

The 49-year-old explained she had adopted a puppy named Iggy from an animal rescue centre on September 20, but, despite training and neutering, Iggy failed to impress the comedian’s cats and Degeners gave the dog away to her hairdresser.

When pet rescue agency Mutts and Moms heard of Iggy’s new domestic arrangements, it informed DeGeneres that giving away the Brussels Griffon terrier cross was a breach of the adoption contract she had signed. The agency reclaimed the dog, leaving the hairdresser’s two young daughters distraught.

I'm just surprised the dog agency didn't throw Ellen a bone, and overlook her indiscretion as she was doggone sad about it. This wouldn't have happened to Oprah.

A hits package by the reunited Spice Girls will be sold exclusively in the United States through Victoria's Secret for the first two months of its release, beginning November 3.

This is excellent news as now I can lurk around Victoria's Secret stores with an excuse other than my old standby: "Research."

Fans of country music superstar Garth Brooks who couldn't get tickets for his sold-out concerts will now get a chance to see his final show live on the big screen because on November 14, Brooks' final show in the series of nine concerts will be simulcast from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri to more than 300 movie theaters.

For non-fans: We've been warned and can mark our calendars accordingly to stay away from the movies.

John Goodman checked out of rehab this week after being treated for an undisclosed reason. The actor left Promises Treatment Center in Malibu on Wednesday.

"For my family and myself, I voluntarily took the necessary steps to remain sober the rest of my life," Goodman said in a statement issued by his publicist Stan Rosenfield.

We have to assume that alcohol was the cause, however, I enjoy Goodman's acting and I think the more pressing concern is food as that guy looks like he might fall over dead in nearly every movie I've seen him in since 2000.

Madonna and concert promoter Live Nation Inc. announced a deal this week which will give the company an all-encompassing stake in the music of the Material Girl, the latest big-name artist to break ranks with a major record label.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but a person close to the deal said it is worth about $120 million over 10 years.

Let's hope the terms of the deal also prohibit Madonna from making anymore movies, although "Swept Away" should have cemented that years ago.

As always, let's end on a high note with this:

Strangely enough, I feel suddenly parched for unknown reasons. So, everybody drink plenty of water, it does the body good and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Usually, I look forward to your Happy Friday cleavage shots, but not this time. Those there are buffalo boobs and I hate buffalo boobs. They're too big. I'm afraid that if I try to stick my head in between them and blow I'll be crushed and suffocated.

  2. Heff Says:
  3. "Gay Aiken" Broadway Star. I'm completely SHOCKED. And yes, regarding the last photo, there IS a such thing as "TOO MUCH HEART".

  4. WhatIgot - I like the "buffalo boobs" monikor, but just think of survival as the challenge. A fearsome one.

    Heff - Could have blown me down with a feather, and there is always too much of anything. Ha.

  5. Please tell me those "buffalo boobs" have been photoshopped?

    I think Ellen G. should apologize to the dog.

    Happy Friday, 2$!

  6. nobich Says:
  7. That last pic was just painful!!
    Happy Friday to you too!!

  8. Claire Says:
  9. Gah. Those boobs are terrifying!


  10. Anonymous Boxer - My guess (hope) is that they have to be digitally-enhanced. As for Ellen, I'm with you and I'm already tired of this story. Have a good weekend.

    Nobich - Painful indeed as I just can't believe it to be real. But I'd like to know for sure. Ha. Happy Friday.

    Claire - I bet they could cause some serious damage as well. I'm sure they are terrifying for her back too. Ha.

  11. JLee Says:
  12. That's a lot you've covered today, so I will touch on only a few things: a. Clay Aiken's hair really, really bothers me. b. I have been craving Spam lately. And c. Poor Ellen. It's not like she dropped the dog off in a ditch somewhere for crying out loud... That dog would probably have a better life than me with that hairdresser!

    Finally, we really need to get you some therapy for this Buffalo Boob Syndrome. HAHA

  13. Linda Says:
  14. 1. Always love photos of Bill Murray
    2. Can't quite wrap my brain around Clay on Bdwy, but I wish him well!
    3. Ellen should know, by now, to keep her personal life off her show. I think she was smart to pipe down.
    Happy Friday!!

  15. vivavavoom Says:
  16. omigod....have that girl stop drinking the water, she already has them pumped up enough for any emergencies in water. damn those are some major flotation devices!!! and they make my back hurt just looking at them.

  17. Gabrielle Says:
  18. Jlee - You're right about Aiken's hair as that is very disturbing. And I think the boob lady finally broke me. Ha. But I appreciate your concern.

    Linda - Yeah, I feel you on Murray, and that is a classic role. I'm also with you on Ellen, and I saw 'Clayton' today with a Monday review coming up.

    Vivavavoom - That poor woman (if this is real) must be in constant pain. But she would be handy in water or some other kinds of crisis. Ha. I'll test it out for the good of mankind.

  19. vivavavoom Says:
  20. gabrielle???? that your weekend alias?

    now that is a blog entry I want to read!!!you go girl.

  21. Stephanie Says:
  22. It's been a busy week for blondes!

  23. I can't believe how much I have heard about the damned dog and Ellen's tears. Jesus Murphy! (as we say in Canada) It's a dog! The kids will adjust! I don't even pay attention to E news so why have I even heard about this? It makes me... grouchy.

  24. Vivavavoom - Ha. Unfortunately, it was a case of mistaken (Previous computer sign-in'er identity). Besides, those pictures would cost you a lot of cash.

    Stephanie - Good point as I missed that motif/theme/etc. until you pointed it out. However, my guess is that not many of them are natural ones. Ha.

    Getoffmylawn - Yeah, this Doggie-gate was pretty lame from the get-go in my mind, and I'm tired of hearing about it as well. Put this dog to bed for good.

  25. I wish I could have climbed into my television and slapped the mess out of Ellen. And don't get me wrong I am definitely an animal lover but that whole display was ridiculous.

    Speaking of ridiculous, what's up with those big ass titties?!?

  26. I was also sick & irritated by the Ellen thing about 5 seconds after it started. But what's ridiculous about those tits? Ha.


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