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It's A New Year (Or Close Enough) . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, December 31, 2007

The countdown has begun, and the New Year's preparations are driving me half-crazy.

A solid game plan is key. The battle will be won and lost in the details, in the muck and those who are afraid to get their hands dirty will suffer like fools. But enough of the doomsday scenarios.

Mostly, I need to finish work at the office so I can round up my New Year's Day essentials. These include: 1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle of Orange Juice, 1 Chocolate Silk Pie, Freshly ground coffee, 6 aspirin, Black Eyed-Peas (for luck of course), breakfast sausages, Eggs, pesto jack cheese, hash browns, 1 cantaloupe, turkey bacon, 2 bottles of Young's Winter Warmer, and a chopped onion.

College Football will be watched throughout the day, and I've got a backlog of magazines to sift through while this all takes place among packing for Taos, N.M.

So, here's to a hell of a good New Year's Eve and Day celebration for everyone. Be safe, watch out for the amateur drunks on the road and don't forget the Black-Eyed Peas because who couldn't use a bit of luck in 2008?

Happy New Year.

And to fulfill a promise and keep a streak alive, here is a holiday meme that I'm behind on:

1. Post a note about a blogger you would like to see something wonderful happen for. Maybe one whose posts have touched your heart in one way or another. Include details as to why you admire them and what you wish for them. Be as supporting and affirming as you can. This is tough as I generally pull for everyone whose blogs I read consistently. Cyberspace is like real life in that there is only so much time in the day, so why waste it on those who don't interest you? Anyway, I'll go with Jlee on this one since she could use good medical news and is due to get some anytime now. This seems the most pressing to me as it all starts with health in my book.

2. Post your favorite memory around selflessness, giving, or doing for others. Something that has actually changed you. "Changed" is a big word, but I do remember always finding families, older people, etc. to buy presents for around the holidays since I was very little as my parents encouraged it. This has stuck with me, and although some years I'm better than others at keeping this tradition alive, it's always one of the reasons I enjoy the holidays as I am a fan of random acts of kindness, even if I LOATHE those t-shirts that advertise the same sentiment.

3. As a postscript, name one thing you will actually do for someone in your life before December 31 that is born out of joy. Buy my boss a present because unlike many others in his position, he still finds time to be a decent human being. This mostly means leaving me alone to do my work, and to never question my hours which can sometimes get a little sideways. There is also some joy much closer to home that I will unleash at the appropriate time.


  1. Heff Says:
  2. I thought Black eyed peas (not the shitty music group) were for money, not luck. Money, luck, yeah, same difference. Here's wishing you both in '08 2 Dollar.

  3. JLee Says:
  4. I've got my black eyed peas and champagne, but that's where my prep ends! (there's always Denny's, right?) Thanks for the good luck wishes...I can always use more of that :)
    Happy New Year and safe travels!

  5. Heff - Interesting. I always heard luck, but as you mentioned, they are often intertwined. Why not? Have a good one on both fronts as well.

    Jlee - No problem on the good wishes as I think you're going to be just fine, especially with your Black-Eyed Peas. That is good luck for sure. Be safe and have a great time tonight & tomorrow.

  6. Wendy Says:
  7. Chocolate silk pie and Winter Warmer...the breakfast of champions. Happy New Year, 2D! I hope you and your bro sell that screenplay!

  8. nobich Says:
  9. ok ok I have never really never heard of the black eyed peas business. What gives??
    Happy New Year 2$ & pinch that brother of your's ear. He never writes anything here anymore.

  10. BostonPobble Says:
  11. Oh you just warmed this transplanted Southerner's heart ~ no one above the Mason-Dixon knows about black-eyed peas on New Years and so I spend a lot of time explaining their necessity at my New Year's table.

    And I too loathe the "random act of kindness" t-shirts and bumper stickers and, and, and... If you have to advertise, it's not so random. Happy 2008 and Blessed be, $$!

  12. BostonPobble Says:
  13. Ps ~ Having just read the comments, I've always used them for luck as well but I will certainly accept the money Heff mentions, too! :):):)

  14. Your strategy is sound. It only remains to be seen how well the troops are prepared. Details. Happy campaigning and happy new year!

  15. vivavavoom Says:
  16. I also have never heard of the black eyes pea thing.
    I paid for the car behind me at the Starbucks drive thru the other day. Does that count for my 2007 Random Act of Kindness?

    Have a good one!!!

  17. vivavavoom Says:
  18. that would be black eyed..not eyes...and I am not even drunk yet...

  19. Wendy - Thanks for the New Year and screenplay wishes and I'll have more updates on that in January (mid) with any luck at all. Happy New Years to you.

    Nobich - I don't know the origins, but my family has been eating them on New Years Day for as long as I can remember. I don't like them, but I do like Luck. And I'll mention it to my brother as he is also going to Taos. Happy New Year.

    Bostonpobble - Ha. I occasionally forget that you are a transplanted soul, which means of course you know about the Peas. And I hadn't heard about the money thing either, however, I'll take it. Always. Finally, I hate all that kindness paraphenilia (sp?) with a strong passion. Happy New Year.

    Getoffmylawn - Indeed. It always comes down to execution as well. And experience. We'll see how it goes. Happy New Year up north.

    Vivavavoom - I think that counts. But why? What struck you about the car behind you? Questions. Regardless, have a great New Year.

  20. Wishing you a safe and sane New Year's, 2$.

    The picture of that pie? I think I'm in love. *sigh*

  21. Miss Ash Says:
  22. What did you buy your boss out of curiosity (I'm nosey if you haven't figured that out yet haha). Happy New Year!

  23. Nope nope I'm not entertaining black peas into my mouth. Happy Near 2D.

  24. Anonymous Boxer - Safe and Sane. I like that combination quite a bit. Right back at you, and that pie pic does it for me too. Happy New Years.

    Miss Ash - An electronic putting green. He's a big golf nut. That's not too nosey. Ha. Happy New Year to you.

    Upset Waittress - OK. But don't run to me if your luck turns rotten next year. Ha. I don't like the taste myself, but . . . Happy New Year regardless of the Pea quotient.

  25. Linda Says:
  26. Sounds like a yummy New Year for you, I'm all about that pie! I'm off to a birthday party tonight, should be fun! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2008!!

  27. vivavavoom Says:
  28. Nothing about the car behind me at the Starbucks drive thru...just thought I would make someones day and pay for their order...but driving off before they knew. Maybe they would in turn do it for someone else....and so on and so on...etc.

  29. Damn, I'd never heard the black eyed peas thing either, and now it's probably too late. That means I'm going to continue to be broke in 2008. (I'm going with the money option, because I don't want to think about bad luck this year)

  30. cats Says:
  31. didn't get black eyed peas or pork and saurkraut today (which is a german thing), but we did have a wonderful breakfast with good friends and the kids gotta go beddy-byes on time tonight! so happy new year's to you!

  32. I need some good luck just as much as the next person but I can not bring myself to consume some black-eyed peas. But anyway Happy, Happy New Year.

  33. Gypsy Says:
  34. Here's another one who has never heard of the black eyed pea thing. Not to worry, now I know for next year.

    Have a great trip and I am intrigued about that last statement on your post. Hmmmmmm.... Happy New Year $2.

  35. Grace Says:
  36. Oh my, that chocolate pie looks good. Never heard of Winter Warmer... I'm definitely intrigued though.

  37. Linda - Hope your New Year went well too & that 2008 moves on an upward tract for us all.

    Vivavavoom - It's like that insurance commercial, which I happen to like.

    Native Minnow - I hope for good luck across the board this year - and money - black-eyed peas or not.

    Cats - Happy New Years right back, and I can ALWAYS appreciate a good breakfast. Always.

    Trina - OK. But don't say I didn't warn you. Ha. I don't much like them either.

    Gypsy - A little intrigue is a good thing in my book. Ha. And hope your New Years went well too.

    Grace - Then you should definitely try the Warmer as it's cold in Canada I hear. The pie is of course delicious too.


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