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Victoria's Secret Strike Viewing . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, December 04, 2007

With the writer's strike already wreaking havoc on my favorite television shows, it was comforting to learn that at least one was not affected - the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which is being held tonight.

I'm not sure what might have occurred if this script wasn't already written. I can only imagine the treatment given to the models reads something like:

* Model walks slowly down runway wearing tiny lingerie and giant angel wings
* Model pouts
* Model slowly turns around, looks haughty
* Model plays seductively with angel wings
* Model looks wholly unapproachable and bored

Rinse and repeat with next model.

I am very glad this script was already written because ad-libbing by the models could have been disastrous. It might have descended quickly into anarchy. Chaos would ensue, and there would be broken wings, baby powder and glitter everywhere, which might not be such a bad thing now that I think about it.

Regardless, beside sporting events, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was the reason that HDTV was invented. And unlike most instances, the writing for this show is secondary to the talent.



  1. cats Says:
  2. i was reading an article about how we will all want to watch reality tv because of the strike, shows like top model (which is one of my guilty pleasures, but for different reasons than you have for VS.) but they said that there were writers for the show! i still can't imagaine what they would need scripts for!

  3. Heff Says:
  4. For entertainment purposes, someone should STEAL the script. These things are always a ridiculous disaster in one way or another, anyway. I personally plan on taking a shot everytime a model busts her ass on stage.

  5. Cats - I know. I had a strong suspicion about these "reality" shows being scripted, and it appears that most of them are. It's terrifying that writers actually write some of those things because there have been some real idiotic utterings over the years.

    Heff - Not a bad idea, however, I would be careful as that could get ugly depending on the height of the heels on the models. Then again, if you own a bar . . . why not? And if I was in the vicinity, I would try to get my hands on a script (at the very least).

  6. What's the point? Just watch some porn.


  7. It's a good day for you boys, isn't it?

    I like her better with her clothes on during Project Runway... but honestly.... when she she speaks, you remember why she's a model.

  8. WhatIgot - Fair point. Actually, I've never seen one of these VS shows, and I am guessing that I will be bored after 10 minutes. We'll see.

    Anonymous Boxer - It could be worse I suppose. Ha. Besides, there's nothing on TV on Tuesdays anyway, but there's really no way I'll be watching more than 10 minutes of this thing.

  9. Oh... are there models at the show? I only watch it for the musical performances. Truly uplifting.

  10. VS models are too skinny anyway. When is the fashion industry going to learn that there are thousands of attractive body types and that the plastic mould model is boring? I don't think I'll be watching any of this and I think you're being generous with your 10 minute estimate. But good luck all the same. Turn off the sound, you may find it a bit easier to bear.

  11. Idig - Ha. Then you are in luck my friend as the Spice Girls are set to perform tonight. This is so much talent in one room that it damn near chokes the air.

    Getoffmylawn - In general, I agree that most are too skinny, however, the ones with actual curves (Gisele, Adriama Lima (sp?)are awfully talented. I'll take your advice on the sound volume, and if I make 10 minutes, then something has probably gone horribly wrong.

  12. JLee Says:
  13. I have to agree with GOML since the "curviest" of the bunch (Gisele, Adriana, Marisa) who are between 5'8"-5'11 wear a size 2, which is the size my 11-yr old daughter wears. (and she's skinny) I guess the camera really does add 15 pounds?

  14. Miss Ash Says:
  15. I watch this every year and every year it makes me want work out a little harder at the gym LOL.

  16. Linda Says:
  17. I watch very little TV, and this show is one of my "must see" events. I would love to do that nasty, pouty walk (yeah, and I want my 20 year old legs back too). I've done fund raiser fashion shows, and the best I could muster was the ever popular "please don't let me fall off this stage" look! I'm obsessed with the crazy wings and Vegas showgirl apparatus those VS ladies brave. Kinda like sports, right? I'll be front-couch in my sweats tonite!!

  18. vivavavoom Says:
  19. and what big, abundant talent too!

  20. BostonPobble Says:
  21. Except that the speaking on shows like this one is SO BAD even *with* scripts, I can only imagine what would have happened had they had to ad lib. So very, very few people hear what is being said. At least it will make some kind of sense with a script. lol

  22. Jlee - You're ruining this for me by bringing reality into the equation. Ha. That's not exactly what I'm going for w/ this show.

    Miss Ash - Another good reason to watch as a little inspiration never hurt any of us. I will probably feel like running - likely after them, but it's still exercise.

    Linda - That's great as I would not have necessarily pegged you for a fan of the broadcast. I think the 'falling off the stage' look just takes practice as that would be a major item on my mind if I was doing it. All the time. Enjoy from the safety of the couch.

    Vivavavoom - Yes. Big, abundant and bursting in all directions in HD. What a country, eh?

    Bostonpobble - My fear exactly because if they went off-script, then it could be really horrible and ruin some of the illusion (albeight a very thin one). But dammit, now I want to get on Ebay to see if there's a script floating around. Ha.

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