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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, May 22, 2009

“I'll tell you somethin', I hate the fuckin' 90's.” – Mickey Rourke, “The Wrestler”

“The Wrestler” was an excellent film, and now that it’s out on DVD, I’d recommend a rental to anyone. I, however, have no plans to roll around on the mat with other guys today (or any other day for that matter), and instead, will start my weekend early since I took the day off from work.

But before I go buy food to grill, tonic for the gin, ‘Casablanca’ movie tickets for a downtown screening and hit the gym, let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

TMZ announced this week that Mel Gibson and his girlfriend, singer Oksana Grigorieva, are having a baby. Gibson's girlfriend is in her second trimester and living in a house Gibson bought for her.

Gibson meanwhile continues living out his out his mid-life crisis on a national stage.

“Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon announced her engagement to girlfriend Christine Marinoni at a gay rights rally this past weekend.

Nixon, 43, told the crowd at a "Love Peace and Marriage Equality" rally in New York that she and Marinoni got engaged last month and planned to marry, Access Hollywood said. Nixon and Marinoni, an education activist, have been together for about 5 years.

Wait a second, that’s not a man standing next to Nixon? In any event, congratulations are certainly in order.

Alec Baldwin apologized this week for making a joke about getting a Filipino mail-order bride that provoked a sharp response in the Philippines.

The actor quipped during a May 12 interview “The Late Show with David Letterman” that h would love to have more children and that he was "thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point ... or a Russian one."

Philippine Sen. Ramon Revilla said Monday that Baldwin's comment was "insensitive and uncalled for." He also threatened him with a beating and said the actor is apparently unaware that the Philippines has a law against mail-order brides.

This story really sounds like an episode of "30 Rock," so it's hard to take it seriously.

Woody Allen agreed Monday to a $5 million settlement in his lawsuit accusing American Apparel concerning their use of an image parodying him as a rabbi without his permission.

Both sides announced the settlement on the morning a trial was to start in federal court in Manhattan. Allen said he hoped the outcome "would discourage American Apparel or anyone else from ever trying such a thing again."

Personally, having Allen endorse any line of clothing would discourage me from buying it, so it’s unclear why American Apparel ever tested these waters.

Jessica Biel told Allure magazine this week that being attractive make life so damn hard for her. Seriously.

"It really is a problem, I have to be blunt," she told the magazine about being so attractive. The star was quoted for a story in the June issue of the magazine.

I also have to be blunt: if you weren’t so attractive, then you wouldn’t be working in Hollywood anyway, so count your blessings.

Michael Jackson's representatives announced Wednesday that the elusive King of Pop will postpone several of his London comeback shows scheduled for this summer.

The delays are likely to fuel speculation that Jackson is suffering from health ailments that may curtail his comeback bid, but Kenny Ortega, Jackson's collaborator, said the change is needed to deliver a flawless production.

"We apologize to all disappointed Michael Jackson fans and remain extremely dedicated and focused on creating an exceptional live music experience," he said.

Apparently, there’s no truth to rumors that the delays stemmed from problems spraying on his beard and finding the exact location of his nose.

Patrick Swayze, whose battle with pancreatic cancer was first announced last year, denied a false rumor that was widely circulated Tuesday morning saying the actor had passed away, the actor's rep said.

"This is to confirm that Patrick Swayze did not pass away this morning contrary to severely reckless reports stemming from a radio station in Jacksonville, Florida," says Annett Wolf. "Patrick Swayze is alive, well and is enjoying his life and he continues to respond to treatment."

Personally, I don’t find these health watch stories amusing, so I just hope they stop, and in the interim, rent ‘Road House’ if you want some entertainment.

A South Beach store owned by reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sisters was vandalized this week, according to police.

Miami Beach Police spokeswoman Deborah Doty said Tuesday that a section of the front window of the store, Dash Miami, was scratched and the letters "GUK" were painted in black on the window frame.

On her Web site Kourtney Kardashian said that a store employee discovered the vandalism, and that the graffiti wasn't targeting her sister Kim.

But Kourtney did acknowledge that the giant rubber mannequin ass left at the scene with a knife sticking out of the crack was “a little bit suspicious”

As always, let’s end with a gold image or two or four:

Sometimes, quantity DOES matter. Not often. But it’s a long weekend and why not end with a bonus image? So, don’t be afraid to add fuel to the fire, feel free to use latex at every turn this weekend and . . . Happy Friday & Memorial Day Weekend!



  1. wigsf Says:
  2. Haven't seen The Wrestler but I heard Marisa Tomei takes her top off a few times in the film. I'm all for rolling around on the mat with her, that's fer sure.

    Last time I remember Gibson getting somebody pregnant was when Braveheart knocked up the future Queen of England. He got disemboweled for that. I think buying the mother a house is less painful.

    So, some Sex and the City chick is lesbic. I guess she ran out of guys to screw so she had to go with mannish women.

    Alec Baldwin's line was funny. Those Philipino politician is just looking for some publicity.

    Who would want to look like Woody Allen? "I'm a neurotic nerd who likes to sleep with little girls. That's it. That's the joke."

    Oh yeah. It must suck being the inspirition for millions of men around the world to whack off.

    I hope MJ puts on a good show that reminds people why he was famous to begin with. He's a great artist.

    Ailing celebs should be left alone with their friends and family. The press should show some decency and leave the guy alone.

    The Kardashians are professional golddiggers. Throw 'em all in a mass grave for all I care.

    I love the colour red. Happy Friday dude!

  3. Heff Says:

    I guess at this point, there's NO CHANCE of Gibson yelling "FREEDOM !!!"

    As far as Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni, let's all PRAY there's no sex tape !

    Can you really blame Baldwin ? Those Philippino chicks are HOT !!

    I'm sure Woody Allen would have approved if the clothing line was for adolescent girls....

    There's nothing "Blunt" ABOUT Jessica Biel. She's got more curves than a corkscrew ! And that ass could crack walnuts.....I digress.

    "Michael Jackson : We can rebuild him...we can make him stronger, faster, etc, etc..."

    I feel bad for Swayze, but on the bright side, we probably won't have to witness any new movies displaying his butt-cheeks.

    Oh, speaking of BUTT-CHEEKS !!! The vandalism WAS directed toward Kim.
    G.U.K. stands for Giant Untamed Keister !!!!

    Regarding the 2nd to the last picture, Have a great long weekend, 2Dollar - AND DON'T MAKE AN ASS OF YOURSELF !!!!

  5. Linda Says:
  6. The Wrestler is awesome. Second your recommendation to rent it.

    Mel Gibson and Woody Allen *ugh*

    Batting for Lindsay this week, Jessica Biel in the "stupid things I've said" department.

    Happy Friday and happy long weekend ... enjoy!!

  7. JLee Says:
  8. Your blog-tourage is in rare form today! lol

    I remember that quote well from the Wrestler...pretty funny. After seeing Nixon and her "wife", I got into a huge discussion about why a woman who likes women would want to be with someone who looked like a man? Makes no sense to me???

    Too much thinking on a holiday Friday...have a great one!

  9. "Let him try to come here in the Philippines and he'll see mayhem," former action-star Revilla said, using a local idiom that implies the speaker will personally administer a beating.

    Local idioms are cool! I wouldn't have known that was a personal threat.

    I propose a Steel Cage Death Match tween wiry Ramon Revilla and ALL the fat Baldwins (except the Christian one). Mickey Roarke can referee. MARTIAL ARTS MAYHEM IN MANILLA.

    And a NEW CULINARY THROWDOWN at the Troll Report.

  10. kmwthay Says:
  11. Who needs The Soup when we have you? Interestingly enough, I haven't heard about any of these stories. That's pretty rare. I must have been under a rock this week.

    Anyway, happy extra long weekend, and enjoy the weather. Stop on over for some guilty pleasures.

  12. WIGSF - Appreciate the detail as always, so go rent 'The Wrestler' for Tomei & Rourke & the movie itself, buying a house is far less painful, that is one mannish woman, Baldwin is a funny guy quite often, exactly on Allen, Biel should just stop talking about that subject, if MJ can still move then he should be OK, agree about ailing celebs, I think Kim is hot (there I said it), and if you dig red, then you should have loved that last shots. Have a great weekend up north.

    Heff - Back on the attack, so Gibson's ship has sailed on Freedom, you are sooo right on the sex tape, Baldwin is pretty damn funny though I'm only lukewarm about the women there, loved the corkscrew line, no way to build MJ back again, feel bad about Swayze as well, and you bastard, that GUK line was something I just couldn't come up with as I was trying to spell something out . . . bravo Heff & Have a hell of a good, long weekend (and I'll be over sometime this weekend to check out yr. 'Boy review).

    Linda - I push the Wrestler on anyone. Ha. And yes, Biel took the stupid things to say award this week for sure. Have a great weekend and hope you catch some flicks (I am seeing 'Casablanca' tonight & probably 'Terminator' sometime later this weekend).

    Jlee - Exactly. Ha. You nailed it with Nixon and other situations as I wonder about that, and would have liked to have heard the discussion. Have a great weekend up I-35 on the lake or on land. Enjoy it.

    Ric Flair - Always love when the Nature Boy shows up around these parts . . . and "Local idioms are cool!" Damn right. I'd agree to that as well as the cage match idea as you could fill an arena (I've pretty sure). Happy Friday & I'll be over at some point this weekend to check out the culinary match as I enjoy those too.

    Kmwthay - It was a tough week to pull stories from, so these were somewhat minor, which might be why you missed them. And I like to watch 'The Soup' to make sure they don't steal from me since I post before it airs. Ha. I'll definitely be over at some point this weekend because I love a guilty pleasure or three. Happy Friday to you.

  13. I had my mid-life crisis at 25. That means I'll be dead before 50.

  14. BostonPobble Says:
  15. I had originally thought the Alec Baldwin story was an Onion piece or something was shocked to discover it was real.

    Jessica Biel does indeed need to realize it's not her beauty that is keeping from getting the roles (that are going to those utter hags Scarlett Johanssen and Natalie Portman) but her inability to act. Of course, perhaps this way she'll just go away sooner.

    Thanks for the statement about the death watch.

    And finally ~ the pictures are gorgeous. You hit it out of the park this week. :)

  16. Boxer Says:
  17. Bizzy week, wasn't it? If Jessica Biel stopped taking her clothes off, she actually may find she could be taken seriously as an actress. OK, that's a stretch.

    I thought Baldwin's joke was funny and correct and Philippine Sen. Ramon Revilla should be apologizing to his people for the fact this happens in the first place.

    And.... god speed and good wishes to Patrick Swayze. Roadhouse AND Dirty Dancing!

    Have a great weekend.

  18. nobich Says:
  19. Happy Friday/ Memorial Day!!

  20. Heff Says:
  21. Thank you, 2Dollar. You seem rather rushed to get the fuck out today, lol !

  22. Wendy Says:
  23. Poor Jessica Biel. I feel so sorry for her. It must be awful to be that good-looking. Sigh.

  24. Miss Ash Says:
  25. You know I enjoyed the wrestler enough however the ending didn't do much for screen = boring, I got the point, I just wanted more.

    As for being too good looking...she seriously said that??? Unbelievable....and for what it's worth she has a super hot smoking bod but the face...meh there's been better.

  26. starbender Says:
  27. not a man standing next to Nixon???
    WoW-it sure does look like a man.

    I like Alec Baldwin. He can say whatever he wants. ...and I think there are Thousands of mail order brides from the Philippines already living in the USA. :o

  28. BostonPobble Says:
  29. Pssst...$$...I have a message for the Drunken Viking...

    If fried egg sandwiches are a gift from the gods the morning after, Chinese food is proof they love us the night of. ;)

  30. slopmaster Says:
  31. I really relaly really love those pics at the end..

    anyway, I thought about you when I saw the wrestler.. Marisa looks freaking amazing... she deserves another oscar.

  32. Native Minnow - Ha. I went closer to 30. Selah. I'll predict a longer life if you're not as crazy as Gibson.

    Bostonpobble - Exactly what I was thinking about Baldwin as the Onion sounded about right. Just hilarious it was actually true. And I like Biel's attributes as at least she's not waif-skinny. Finally, glad you approve of the ending shots as I liked some more than others (though none can be that bad in this genre - ha).

    Boxer - Hope you had a great long weekend. Biel is in some period movie coming out this summer, so she'll probably be clothed throughout. 'Dirty Dancing' is a favorite of virtually every female I've ever known though I don't care much for it. :)

    Nobich - Happy Friday & Memorial Day weekend to you. Hope you had a good one.

    Heff - You hit the nail on the head Heff. Ha. But it was still a good one. Keister dammmit, should have caught it.

    Wendy - Cry me a river, eh? There's so many things wrong with the world right now, and I feel even worse now that Biel has to contend with looking great. It never ends. Ha.

    Miss Ash - Yeah, but you really couldn't go any further with the story as he went out on top, just a little . . . As for Biel, her body is great (muscle & curves), and her face is good, but not great as you noted. And yes, she apparently said that.

    Starbender - I agree about Baldwin as I thought it was pretty damn funny, and that is indeed one scary woman (and it is apparently a woman).

    Bostonpobble - Thanks for the tip, and great timing as I ate a mound of sushi rolls last night & then went to a concert & drank a mound of Dos Equis & it helped quite a bit today. I know Chinese/Japanese aren't the same, but still, it was in the same ballpark & I felt more than human today. Good tip.

    Slopmaster - Agreed. 100%. I watched 'The Wrestler' on Friday on Blu Ray for the first time & she looks even better. Ha. Glad you liked the final pics too.


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