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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, May 15, 2009

“That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded and one that's not.” – Liam Neeson, “Taken”

“Taken” was a surprisingly enjoyable revenge thriller that was uplifted by Neeson’s participation as an avenging father intent on keeping his daughter from being sold into sexual slavery, a goal any decent audience member could root for him to accomplish.

I have no designs on buying or selling anyone in this arena today, and instead, plan to finish my work early and prep my loft for visitors from out of town. But before that occurs, let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

In next month’s Playboy magazine, Shia LeBeouf gave an interview where he talked glowingly about his mother, which wouldn’t be news except that he said this:

"Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother," he says. "She's an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren't my mother, as sick as that sounds."

It does sounds very, very sick, and besides, I know for a fact that LeBeouf worked with Megan Fox in ‘Transformers’ so it would be impossible for his mother to hold that title. Impossible.

Donald Trump ruled this week that Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, can retain her Miss USA crown following recent revelations that Prejean failed to disclose before the pageant that she had posed in her underwear as a teenager.

Trump says the pageant has determined the photos are "fine." "We reviewed the pictures very carefully," he said, according to USA Today. "We are in the 21st century ... Carrie's a model, she's very successful. ... Some were beautiful, some were risqué ... We've determined the pictures taken were acceptable, fine, and in many cases they were very lovely pictures."

Despite his ruling, Trump is still “reviewing” the pictures in question “very carefully” with blown-ups images lining the walls of his office.

Rob Lowe settled a dispute with former nanny, Jessica Gibson, this week with both sides requesting their lawsuits be dismissed and it was unknown if a financial settlement was involved.

Lowe, 45, preemptively sued Gibson in Santa Barbara County Superior Court in April 2008, alleging she was trying to blackmail him and his family unless he paid her $1.5 million. Within days, Gibson filed a sexual harassment suit against Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, claiming he groped and exposed himself to her over her 7-year employment with the Lowes.

Lawyers for both sides had no comment.

The lawyers were especially silent on the accusation that Lowe appeared naked before Gibson with a request to “make me burn hotter than St. Elmo’s Fire.”

Kanye West posted a blog this week complaining about Twitter and imposters.

In the posting, the rapper railed against the Twitter site for allowing users to set up accounts under fake names. West called on the site to take down the user tweeting under his name — and Twitter listened – as the user named KanyeWest was suspended Wednesday.

The site doesn't allow impersonation, but does allow parody impersonations clearly meant as a joke.

The real Kanye West has no plans to join Twitter as he wrote: that he's "too busy actually being creative most of the time" and that "everything that Twitter offers I need less of."

If you substitute the word "Twitter" for "Kanye" in his last statement, then we’re in total agreement.

This week, Kate Gosselin, the wife of Jon Gosselin, on the hit TLC reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” was denying reports that she also cheated in her marriage with her relationship with Steve Neild, a bodyguard who frequently travels with her and her family.

This accusation came several weeks after stories linked her husband to a 23-year-old school teacher, Although Kate denied the affair, she did admit to People magazine that her marriage was tumultuous at present.

"I don't know that we're in the same place anymore, that we want the same thing," she said. "I've been struggling with the question of 'Who is this person?' for a while.”

Strangely enough, Jon has been struggling with the question of “Who is this person constantly bitching me out for breathing" for quite some time as well.

Maxim celebrated the 10th anniversary of its annual ”Hot 100” list, which counts down the sexiest stars and celebrities in the entertainment industry, this week and declared Olivia Wilde (TV’s ‘House’) to be the hottest woman in the world.

"I'm considered sexy even though I'm wearing a lab coat every day and seen as a doctor on TV," Wilde says. "That really says something. Playing someone who is not defined by her looks and being considered hot, that really makes me feel good."

With all due respect to Wilde, who I feel is quite the contender, any survey which doesn’t place Megan Fox at the top is just corrupt from the start and thus the results cannot be trusted.

{Editor’s Note: I’m really into Megan Fox recently, not that there is anything wrong with that . . . }

In this week’s useless Lindsay Lohan news, a burglar alarm led police to Lohan's house on Tuesday, where officers found evidence of a potential break-in and ransacking – until it turned out that the mess belonged to Lohan, not the burglars, police said.

Police determined that no one entered the home and nothing was stolen, but the mess inside the starlet's home prompted officers to ask, "Is it normally like this, or did the intruders do it?" said Los Angeles police Officer Karen Rayner.

Apparently, Lohan’s career isn’t the only horrible mess in her life at the moment.

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens said this week that she'd bare it all onscreen – for the right role.

"I will show nudity in a film when the time is right," Hudgens, 20, said in an interview with E! Online. "Right now, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.""When the time's right, if it's an amazing movie that I'm really passionate about and that's what it calls for, then we'll see."

In a related story, the writers of “High School Musical 4” have just added an extended shower scene in the girls locker room to their script, and mailed Hudgens a watch.

As always, let’s end with a gold image or three:

In a departure from the past week’s color shots, I felt a move back to black and white would balance the scales and besides, who doesn’t like an outstanding nipple?

Feel free to answer that question for yourself today, conduct as much research as you would like and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. wigsf Says:
  2. Geez, anyone looks hot next to Kumar and Hugh Laurie. That chick is nothing special.
    Megan Fox is pretty hot though. Yummy.

  3. Heff Says:

    So, Shia LeBeouf more than likely actually broke his hand masturbating to the thought of Megan Fox.....or his mother, then ?

    Donald Trump is the MAN. Hell, I'd reinstate her ass too !

    I think Jessica Gibson said it best with "Rob Blowes".

    I wish Kanye Pest WOULD take up Twittering. Hell, maybe we'd see and hear less of him that way.

    Jon - Kate = 9 ? My math skills are a little rusty.

    Olivia Wilde is aight, but I'm still in to Jennifer Love Her-tits myself, who I'm sure has also been in Maxim.

    Lohan could easily use that Hoover Vacuum of a nose to clean up that mess pronto !

    I honestly can't top your Vanessa Hudgens remarks, lol !

    And in closing : Damn it sure is NIPPLY in here to be May !!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. TROLL Y2K Says:
  6. QHF inspirations:

    BIG QUESTION: Is Carrie Prejean an actual virgin or has she been fortunate enough to only do guys who are EXCEPTIONALLY discrete and immune to ghey-activist and tabloid cash offers? I'd be enjoying a bidding war tween the National Enquirer and BRAVO myself!

    BIG IDEA: Maybe this already exists but it was an original idea to me. Color-CoOrdinated Lip and Nipple glosses! Perhaps a third area, as well.

    BIG FUN FACTS: The Co-Chair of the Miss Cali Contest is a bi-sexual former Playboy Playmate and Prop 8 activist. She resigned in protest over Trump's decision. None-To-Pretty (but smart) Greta Von Susteren was a judge in this pageant once. Not sure if that's stranger than Perez Hilton, or not.

    Small Question: Who the hell is Shia Beaouff?

  7. JLee Says:
  8. First of all, WIGSF needs to take back what he said about Hugh! ha
    I will say Olivia Wilde plays a bisexual doc on the show and had a couple of very steamy scenes in the past, which may have earned her spot. Maybe.

    Donald Trump is just plain creepy. Yes, I'm SURE he "reviewed the pictures very carefully"

    Have a great weekend...

  9. JLee Says:
  10. ps
    Troll, I noticed the Shanna Moakler story and had to laugh too!

  11. WIGSF - She does have a cool name, and I think Wilde is just fine. But Fox is my favorite. And she also has a cool name. Happy Friday.

    Heff - Back on the attack, so ha about Shia as that's a horrible thought, I don't know about Trump as he's a bit shaky, like a good Lowe pun, we'll never hear less of Kanye, JLH has gone way downhill, yes on Lohan, and I'm glad I cut you off on Hudgens. Ha. And yes, even though it's hot, it can be nipply. Happy Friday.

    Chef Troll - Big ideas by and large; I think Preejean is dating Michael Phelps now, I can't comment on whether that matching idea has been used, although you should investigate immediately, are you talking about Shana Moakler's resignation? Finally, Shia has been in some popular movies lately like Indiana Jones & Transformers. Happy Friday.

  12. Jlee - Flew by you in Cyberspace . . . I figured someone would take up for Hugh Laurie. Ha. I like him just fine, but not as much as Wilde. And yes, I agree about Trump as he gets creepier all the time. Happy Friday.

  13. Wendy Says:
  14. I give Shia points for being up front about his Oedipus Complex. Not too many guys would admit they'd do their mom. As for Olivia, what the hell? Anyone who watches House knows she's not always in a lab coat. Of course they're "defining" her by her looks. Geesh.

  15. nobich Says:
  16. all I can say is.. Happy Friday!

  17. Wendy - Great to see you back around, and yes, I guess you have to give some credit to Shia for being so ridiculously upfront, but still . . . it's just wrong. Ha. As for Wilde, she tried to spring off it, but in the end, that contest is about one thing. Happy Friday.

    Nobich - That's enough for me - Happy Friday to you.

  18. wigsf Says:
  19. Hey JLee, sorry for the inconweenience, my sincerest apple-ogies, but he, was that sheep.

  20. So, Shia Lebeouf may be starring in Hollywood's next rendition of Oedipus, eh?

    My favorite part about the Prejean thing is that her keeping her crown prompted the pageant director (or whatever her title is) to resign because she realized the contracts she'd signed meant nothing. Don't these people realize that beauty pageants aren't important? That it's just so we can stare at pretty girls, even if they are dumb?

    I've never understood the need to expose oneself to someone. Then again, I've never understood Rob Lowe, or any of these other Hollywood types either.

    Kanye is too busy being creative, huh? Is that why he's so desperately trying to bring those ridiculous glasses from the '80s back? Newsflash, Kanye, it's not working.

    I had no idea who Jon or Kate were until news of infidelity hit the internet.

    Megan Fox is way hotter than Olivia Wilde. This isn't even up for debate. Further proof that Maxim sucks.

    Lohan's house was trashed? I hear that an owner being on every drug imaginable can do that to a place.

    I'd like to see Vannessa Hudson nude, even if it does seem a bit creepy. Ok, a lot creepy.

  21. Linda Says:
  22. Taken is sitting on my DVD player, looking forward to it. Glad Lindsay hasn't broken her streak, looks like you have a QHF regular. I think Trump just enjoys "reviewing the pictures carefully." In the "who cares" column this week, Hudgens naked. BTW Maxim and LeBeouf need to get their priorities straight, Fox should be #1 with both. Happy Friday!

  23. Boxer Says:
  24. OK, kill me for this comment, but this is what I was thinking:

    DAMN Rob Lowe is still hot.


    Happy Friday 2-Buck! Enjoy that heat down there and remember it's Friday... so you can leave at 3:30, right?

  25. kmwthay Says:
  26. I am watching Taken tonight - I've been looking forward to it for quite some time. Liam Neeson is hott - but I feel inappropriate saying that, seeing how he just lost his wife. :(

    Shia LeBeouf has a crush on his mommy? How long did she have that kid on the tit? Sick dude. Just sick.

    I am really trying to understand the Megan Fox thing and the obsession that guys have with her... is it that she comes off as a bit dirty and sluty? I appreciate a hot girl - ala Heff's Donna - but I am struggling to see it with Megan.

    I got nothing for Rob Lowe - except that I always get him confused with that guy who was on that sitcom Wings.

    I guess Kate is technically an octo-mom?

    Olivia Wilde - she’s pretty - But I think she made the list because her character makes out with other girls.

    Lohan - it's one thing to be a public train wreck - it’s quite something else to be gross and filthy. If you won't clean up after yourself Lindsey, hire a maid!

  27. WIGSF – That’s a lot of word play for one sentence. Ha. Knew someone would take up for Hugh.

    Native Minnow – Appreciate the detail, so that’s another Shia movie I don’t care to see, beauty pageants are hugely important (to parents of the participants), exposing yourself seems like a poor idea (unless asked), those sunglasses are terrible, ditto on Jon and Kate & on Fox (especially on the latter), that is the likely Lohan explanation, and yes it’s a little creepy. Ha. But that’s OK. Happy Friday.

    Linda – Enjoy ‘Taken.’ I don’t think I’ll see anything this weekend as ‘Angels and Demons’ looks pretty bad to me. Lohan does occupy a semi-permanent slot on QHF, Trump is just bizarre, Hudgens is not really news but it was a slow week and you’re 100% right about Fox. Ha. Happy Friday to you.

    Boxer – That is the WRONG message to take from that story. Ha. Enjoy the Friday yourself as I plan to be gone by 2:45 p.m. today unless something goes sideways. Let’s keep that between us, eh?

  28. Kmwthay – Flew by you in Cyberspace, but appreciate the detail, so I like Neeson as well (although for different reasons ), I think you’ll enjoy ‘Taken,’ sick is exactly the word I had in mind, I should send you more pictures of Fox if it’s unclear (or just check out this month’s cover of Esquire) but she does look a little wild which is a plus, Lowe was in more 80s flicks, I never thought of it but you’re right about Octo-Mom, agree 100% with your Wilde assertion and Lohan is a giant mess. Happy Friday to you.

  29. BostonPobble Says:
  30. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, $$!

  31. TROLL Y2K Says:
  32. Research completed. Matching Lib and Nipple blush exists and comes in both temporary and PERMANENT varieties.

    My innovation now would have to be long-lasting seasonal colors.

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. Well Mr C, I think I am going to have to go straight from here to google to see what all the fuss is about with Megan Fox. I've never heard of her but then Oz is a billion light years away so don't hate me for it.

    In even more shocking news I am going to have to agree with Boxer on Rob Lowe. My first reaction on seeing that shot was that he is aging very nicely thankyou.

    Lindsay Lohan...FGS get a maid. Surely there is enough money left in the dwindling coffers for that? And while she's at it she should buy herself a decent bra. My breasts are perkier than hers and I've got two kids and 20 something years on her.

    Beauty Pagaents are so Stone Age and are just meat markets in bikini's. Trump is a vile, creepy little man with tons of money and a bad rug.

    I don't know who this LeBeeouf person is but he needs to get himself a good publicist ASAP to advice him on what secret fantasies NOT to admit to.

    Awesome gold images especially the second one. Titillating without the "tit".

    That's all from me and have a golden weekend my friend.

  35. Anonymous Says:
  36. OK I'm back with my verdict on Megan Fox...I could certainly live with being her but personally I think there are hotter women out there. I can't think of one right now but she didn't make me go WOW.


  37. starbender Says:
  38. If there was no Hollywood, what would we talk about?

    Donald Trump gives me the Creeps!!!

  39. Bostonpobble – Right back at you Pobble – hope yours went well.

    Chef Troll – I knew there had to be as it seems like every good idea has already been accomplished. Ha. Thanks for the research . . . and that spin might be enough (but I wouldn’t pour all your money into the venture).

    Romany Angel – I appreciate the detail, so nobody ever loses when Googling Megan Fox, Lowe looks fine to me though his nanny might feel otherwise, Lohan might not be able to afford a maid or a bra as she hasn’t worked for awhile, Trump’s hair just gets worse and worse, Shia’s publicist should be fired for letting him talk that way, glad you liked the images and hope you had a good weekend.

    Romany Angel – Sometimes, we have to agree to disagree. Ha.

    Starbender – Probably each other, which is why the Hollywood outlet is likely therapeutic (sp?). Ha. And yes, Trump gets creepier with each passing day.


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