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Thoughts on "I Love You, Man" . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, March 30, 2009

Worth Full-Price, Matinee or Rental: Matinee or rental. This enjoyable, shaggy dog film about one man's quest to find a best friend serves as a fine lazy Sundy matinee, but it would also make a solid rental without suffering any ill effects from the big to the small screen.

Will I Own It On DVD: No. I would watch it one more time because it was good enough to warrant that, however, a single viewing doesn't pay for itself in terms of buying the DVD.

1) The previews for "I Love You, Man" - at least the second round - were misleading as they pushed this film towards a best friend versus new female fiance rivalry that would be peppered with loads of physical humor and an unrelenting tug-of-war for the affection of the prospective groom. Luckily, that is not the case as those comedies are a dime a dozen, and very few of them amuse me in the least.

2) Instead, this movie is concerned with a recently engaged man, Paul Rudd, who suddenly realizes that he has no close male friends once he needs a best man for his wedding. It's a very simple idea as it does become harder to make good friends as you get older, and "I Love You, Man" plays this concept very well and most of its running time is spent on the growing bond that Rudd forms with Jason Segel, a schlubby affable guy who works in investements.

3) Rudd gives a very relaxed and natural performance in this film as a man who is far more comfortable around females than other guys. His fiance, Rashida Jones (TV's 'The Office'), encourages him in his friendship quest, and although she isn't onscreen a lot, Jones displays nice comic timing and comes off as very likable. Segel rounds out the trio, and is better here than in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' as he seems more comfortable in his own skin (and keeps from flashing his penis in this one) as he plays well off of Rudd in a fairly realisitic portrayal of the early stages of friendship.

4) The film also uses a uniformly excellent supporting cast that includes Jaime Pressley ('My Name is Earl'), Jon Favreau ('Swingers'), Andy Samburg ('Saturday Night Live') and others which makes even plot-driven scenes more interesting. Of the bunch, Pressley & Favreau are pretty damn funny as a married couple who fight heatedly and then have make-up sex afterwards.

5) Overall, I was more impressed with "I Love You, Man" than I anticipated. That being said, my expectations going in were exceedingly low, and while this isn't a flat-out hilarious comedy, it does provide enough laughs to keep from feeling bad about the ticket price.



  1. JLee Says:
  2. I agree with your synopsis and I also liked Segel better in this film than "Sarah Marshall". I think he is more comfortable as the shlubby sidekick than leading man. The ending fell a little flat for me, like they edited a bunch out, but it was likable overall.

  3. Boxer Says:
  4. Good news, because this is on my short list. I'm a fan of Paul Rudd - just his quick visits to the DAILY SHOW are enough to make me want to see him in a full length movie (have you seen Role Models, yet?) And, sounds like it's a different story line than the ususal "bromance" movies.

    Thanks for the review and Happy Monday.

  5. Heff Says:
  6. I did happen to notice there was more "penis" in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" than I care to see.

    I've viewed the fart scene from "I love you, Man" and of course, it was pretty funny.

  7. Jlee - You are 100% right about the ending as it felt slapped together, and like they really didn't know how to cut things off. But I enjoyed the ride well enough until that point (also agree about Segel).

    Boxer - Then you should definitely check this one out. I like Rudd as well, and did rent 'Role Models' a few weeks ago. He's a lot more likable in this one as I thought he was funny in 'Models,' but in 'Man' he's a lot more open and less disgusted with everything in the entire world. Ha. This one is more about friendship, which is a reasonable subject in my opinion.

    Heff - Yep. Although it did take balls for him to do it . . . Ouch. Bad pun, especially for a Monday. Anyway, that fart scene was amusing as that's the first time Segel & Rudd meet in the movie.

  8. wigsf Says:
  9. I love you, man.

  10. CHEF TROLL Says:
  11. Tons of ads for this thing. On to more important matters:

    Can you get insider info on the "Secretariat" movie being made?

    Disney (groan) owns the rights. Someone called Mike Rich is writing it. This Wallace Guy is directing it. Or at least that's how it appears. I friggin HATE trying to get factual information from entertainment websites. They're either GHEY or have NOTHING to do with the search terms or cookie-infested. Some are all three.

    Rich appears to write a lot of Sports Movies I've never seen. Wallace appears to work with Mel Gibson a lot. Including "Braveheart".

    Any help much appreciated.

  12. Linda Says:
  13. I liked this one as well. Agree with you on Favreau and Presley. One of the funniest movie couples I've seen in a while.

  14. WhatIgot – You didn’t have to say it, man. Ha.

    Chef Troll – I’m starting to think this Secretariat obsession is getting a little out of control. Ha. OK. I’ll take a look . . . You’re right about being nervous about Disney owning the rights – that could be horrible. On the other hand, Randall Wallace has done several solid and literate projects, so they might cancel each other out. Hopefully, eh?

    Linda – Agreed. Faverau was just a total asshole in the movie, but still made me laugh.

  15. kmwthay Says:
  16. I have to say that I am in no real hurry to see this one. I think the guy friendship theme was ruined for me in 'Dude, Where's My Car?'

    I do like Jon Favreau though - his supporting roles always crack me up. I loved him in 'The Breakup.' Maybe I will see it now. what to do... what to do...

  17. No best man? Sounds like a good reason to call the wedding off if you ask me.

  18. BostonPobble Says:
  19. I'm looking forward to seeing this one. Since Timber is also looking forward to seeing it, neither of us is having to sacrifice for the other AND you say it's a fun flick, it's a win-win.

  20. CHEF TROLL Says:
  21. Thanks much. The inner-webs search really was frustrating. Wallace might also be working on the "Atlas Shrugged" movie. Can't get much more literate than that.

    I'd be a darned fine John Galt!

  22. Romany Angel Says:
  23. LOL at Minnow...he may have a point. I just love it when a movie exceeds your expectations even if they were very low to begin with :)

  24. Kmwthay - 'Dude' was a long time ago . . . Ha. And yes, Favreau is usually a funny addition to any movie as he was good in 'The Break-Up,' but so was Cole Hauser in that one. He was hilarious.

    Native Minnow - Ha. You're always looking for ways to justify that one. It would have been a different movie entirely . . .

    Bostonpobble - Then, that is a win-win scenario. Just keep the expectations in check because it's a solid, but not spectacular comedy that I wouldn't pay full price to see.

    Chef Troll - I've got to do more research. You're right - it's tough out there. I thought would have better information, but no dice. The whole project seems to be shrouded in secrecy . . . from what I can tell, you already know: Randall Wallace seems to directing, it seems to be coming out in 2010, Mike Rich (I think) is writing/wrote it, it concerns the life of both Penny & the horse, and Walt Disney is bringing it out. I'll keep checking when I have time, but it's tough out there.

    Romany Angel - Me too. I try to keep my expectations in check on a lot of things because it's always better to be pleasantly suprised versus disappointed. Ha.


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