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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why is St. Patrick’s Day on a Tuesday?

I’m sure there is a historical reason, however, it still seems monumentally unfair for an enjoyable holiday, and it casts the rest of the week into an ugly area because it is no fun to feel like an elephant is sitting and possibly shitting on your head on a Wednesday morning. It should be Friday if that feeling is present, and now, there is still half the week remaining to deal with and productivity is being demanded with an utter disregard for timing issues.

All this because some dirty bastard stuck the holiday on a Tuesday, although it was my own fault that I felt the need to spend most of last night trying to make the perfect Black and Tan, which I finally managed to achieve after many failed attempts that were nonetheless rewarding as far as failure is concerned.

A few years ago, I actually spent St. Patty’s Day in Ireland because my best friend was getting married outside of Cork. That was an experience. I still remember eating lunch at a pub where I went through a cafeteria-style line and when they asked me if I wanted potatoes I said yes. I was then given French fries, mashed potatoes and potatoes wedges to go along with the meat. They were serious about their potatoes. But the Guinness was indeed better, and I enjoyed the holiday atmosphere as well as the time off to recover afterwards.

Recovery seems far off today. My only hope is that any work requests can hold until tomorrow and that I don’t receive a summons from the HR department in regards to any unlawful pinching which might have occurred – it was St. Patrick’s day after all.



  1. Heff Says:
  2. I feel the SAME WAY, dude. I must admit though, I was strongly anticipating a "Viking" post today....

  3. I'm with Heff today dude. Where's the "Bathing with the Drunken Leprechaun" post? (Really, all you gotta do is photoshop a green hat over the viking helmet.)

    But on to the topic at hand.

    A) I so have to go to Ireland. I love potatoes. I love how you were asked if you'd like potatoes then were handed every possible way to enjoy a potato.

    B) The problem with number specific holidays is that they fall on weekdays. New Years is always different because New Years Eve is spent drinking and the holiday itself is a day off.

  4. Heff – Ha. I started a Viking post, but it usually takes several episodes to generate a full order . . . Hope you are feeling better than me.

    WhatIgot – Then you definitely need to get yourself to Ireland. I kept expecting the potato onslaught to be over at the pub, but it just kept coming. Ha. You’re right about other holidays following this trend, but New Years usually works out pretty well. And I am terrible at Photoshop, so no dice on the Viking front.

  5. kmwthay Says:
  6. I've not been to Ireland, but have made many trips to England. I figure its close enough, that I bet I'm not missing much.

    The Tuesday St. Patty's day is a bust for sure. I take issue with the holidays that are assigned a specific date (like Christmas and New Year's and St. Patty's.) They impede on my much anticipated time off of work when they fall on a Tuesday. Or Wednesday. And I particularly feel jipped when said holidays fall on a Saturday. The best days are Thursdays and Fridays.

    I much prefer the ones that are "the third Thursday of November, etc.
    It makes planning much more convenient and doesn't ruin your middle of the week.

    Well, here is wishing you a speedy recovery and no trips to HR.


  7. Boxer Says:
  8. I really thought we'd be seeing the Drunken Viking today, too.

    I had a dinner with a friend last night and we picked Mexican so we wouldn't be sitting in some packed restaurant... it was FULL of people wearing green hats and beads.


  9. wigsf Says:
  10. My photoshopping skills are pretty weak too. But this a gander.
    Bathing with the Irish Viking

  11. Kmwthay - I agree completely about the locked-in holiday dates as those middle of the week ones just screw you up on both ends of the spectrum. Sheer ugliness. Thanks for the good wishes & I'm feeling more human now that I'm up on water & coffee.

    Boxer - Smart move as I would have thought that would insulate you a bit . . . obviously not. Ha. I find it vaguely ridiculous when the beads come out on Pattys day as I just want to drink some Harp & Guinness & show off my embarrassing accent (I am horrible at all accents across the board).

    WhatIgot - Ha. Man, thanks for that as it was good for a laugh & I'll take all that I can get today. And I've never messed with Photoshop at all, so that looks like phenomenal work to me.

  12. Linda Says:
  13. This post makes me happy I had 2 Harps and got my ass home last night. It's those folks that say, "c'mon, just one more", that are so dangerous. Speedy recovery.

  14. nobich Says:
  15. Oh I love potatoes! they make fun of me at work cause I'll bring mashed potatoes for lunch. yum!!

  16. Linda - Smart move as I can have 2 drinks no problem, but once that 3rd one goes down, then at the very least my sleep gets screwy which is the worst part (I think). But I did watch 'Elegy,' which is not a festive movie. Ha.

    Linda - I am a potato fan myself, but that was potato overload for me. Ha. One serving at a meal would suffice, and by the third, I was just laughing.

  17. Miss Ash Says:
  18. St. Patty's day on a Tuesday did not impress me and I hurt my back to boot. I stayed in and felt groggy from the muscle relaxers this least you had a good excuse to feel like shit.

  19. JLee Says:
  20. You should not have attempted to drink your failed black and tan attempts. There's no telling how many of those things went down! ha
    (I like WIGSFs Irish

  21. kmwthay Says:
  22. Have you recovered yet? I know the *ahem* older I get, the longer it takes.

  23. Miss Ash - You're right, I had an excuse but it wasn't a very good one. Ha. But I'm sorry to hear about your back as I know that is no fun at all. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery on that front.

    Jlee - I only made 1 perfect one, but they all tasted pretty damn good. :) And I need to learn Photoshop like WIGSF (and you of course) so I could make the Viking festive with the seasons.

    Kmwthay - Yep & thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I have a standing Thursday appointment to meet my brother after work for drinks, so . . . at least tomorrow is Friday.

  24. starbender Says:
  25. St. Paddy's day must be a blast in Ireland.

    I'm back after my disappearance!
    come visit & say hi.

    ~☼♥ Starbender ♥☼~

  26. slopmaster Says:
  27. Obviously Dan Quayle was NOT Irish

  28. Starbender - Good to see you back around & I'll definitely drop by. And yes, Ireland on the holiday was a great time.

    Slopmaster - Ha. I hadn't thought about Quayle for a long while, but the spud incident still resonates.


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