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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, August 21, 2009

“No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food,” – Long Duck Dong, “Sixteen Candles”

Mr. Dong was a funny creation that really could have only come to fruition in the 80s when things were a bit looser on exactly what was deemed offensive. I will tread the line carefully today since my VP has been in town all week, but he leaves today, so with some luck, I will still be out the door by mid-afternoon with the weekend to stare down.

Before that happens, however, let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

Grey’s Anatomy” actor Eric Dane, and his actress wife, Rebecca Gayheart were featured in a nude video posted on this week.

The couple who have been married since 2004 were joined in the video by former beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche, and it was shot at her Studio City apartment. In the edited clip posted on the Web site, the threesome appear fully nude and take turns passing around the camera as they discuss what their porn names would be.

Dane settles on the name of famous bull riding champion Tuff Hedeman. At one point, Gayheart says she needs to lie down on the bed because she feels "very high." The website reports that Peniche has most recently been working as a madam in Hollywood.

I wish I was invited to more parties like that one because even though I loathe the TV show, I love to play Anatomy.

Alyssa Milano wed Hollywood agent David Bugliari at his family's estate in New Jersey this past week, her rep confirmed to People magazine.

The couple exchanged traditional vows under a wrought-iron gazebo decorated with willow, calla lilies and roses. Milano, wearing a custom gown by Vera Wang, walked down an aisle to the tune of John Lennon's "Imagine."

When I was younger, I used to ‘Imagine’ myself in all kinds of situations with Milano, but I guess Bugliari showed me and Tony Danza ‘Who’s the Boss’ with this marriage.

In other ‘Who’s the Boss’ news, Tony Danza will teach an audience of Philadelphia 10th-graders beginning this fall for a yet-to-be-titled reality show on teaching.

School commissioners approved the plan Wednesday, and the vote allows at least 13 episodes to be shot and broadcast on the cable channel A&E.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials continue to worry about the nation’s falling test scores.

On Tuesday night, Britney Spears made her first appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman" in nearly three years and the pop star wore a bikini to read off the Top 10 list of the night.

In the pre-taped segment, Spears sat atop a desk to read off "Top 10 Ways the Country Would Be Different if Britney Spears Were President." She listed items such as, "We would only invade fun places like Cabo," "Three words: Vice President Diddy,” "I'd be the first president to wear eye shadow since Nixon" and "Free pie for everyone."

Unfortunately, Kevin Federline had first crack at the pie, which ruined it for the rest of us.

A judge ruled this week that Paris Hilton is not liable for $8.3 million in damages for allegedly failing to promote a 2006 film she starred in – “National Lampoon’s Pledge This!”

In his ruling, the judge noted: “Much time was spent on Paris Hilton's busy schedule, including how long it takes for Paris Hilton to do her hair (over 3 hours), whether she could promote “Pledge This!” while visiting Japan and Austria to promote other products, or whether she should have spent Christmas with her family in Hawaii instead of promoting the movie.”

Crucially, the judge noted that lawyers could not show an “actual contractual provision, and could proffer no specific testimony from anyone who actually decided to invest in the movie, that Ms. Hilton's prospective promotion of the DVD release, in particular, induced their investment.”

In the end, however, the Judge simply decided that any investor who funds a Paris Hilton movie project deserves to lose their money.

Robin Wright and her husband, Sean Penn, are calling it quits on their more than decade-long marriage – again – as People magazine reported this week that Wright Penn has filed for divorce.

The magazine says Wright and Penn, who have had a tumultuous relationship, have agreed to share custody of their 16-year-old son, Hopper Jack. Court papers cite "irreconcilable differences" for the split. The couple married in April 1996 and they have twice before filed for divorce or separation only to dismiss their petition a short time later.

Wake me when the divorce finally sticks.

Canadian superstar singer Celine Dion is pregnant with her second child after undergoing fertility treatment at a clinic in New York, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The Journal de Montreal said Dion, 41, was due to give birth next May. Dion already has a eight-year-old son with husband Rene Angelil.

After dodging a bullet the first time, some critics are now worried that Dion’s next child could in fact be the Devil incarnate.

As always, let’s end with a gold image or two:

It's still the dead of summer, so a triple B dose seems in order as blue skies, blue water and breasts never go out of fashion. So, take a look up today, keep your head out of the clouds and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. wigsf Says:
  2. I'm so sick of Celine Dion. Do you have any idea how annoying she is?

  3. WIGSF - I've got an idea. Yes. But I thought all Canadians took pride in her. Ha. Happy Friday.

  4. TROLL Y2K Says:
  5. Penn needs to re-unite with his brother.

    They showed a clip of Britney/Letterperv on the news. Trust me, she looked far worse than in that publicity still you found.

    Celine Dion is 41. John McCain is 42. Dirt is 43.

  6. Heff Says:
  7. Quick Heff Friday !

    I thought "Rebecca Gayheart" was ALREADY a porn name.

    Regarding Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari, there's another classic case of a guy getting a girl that's WAAAAY too hot for him.

    Nice Danza segway. I'm pretty sure his new show will be titled "How To Fail At The Sport Of Boxing".

    I saw the Letterman Top Ten with Spears. It may just be me, but I think it would've come off more successfully if she had chosen to wear less clothing...

    One thing's for sure. The ONLY project National Lampoon would take on with Hilton now is : “National Lampoon’s Suck This!”

    If I were Robin Wright, I'd divorce Penn, too. "He IS Sam".

    Celine Dion is pregnant ? Cool. Maybe we won't hear anything from her for a nice, quiet period of time !

    Re : the 1st Gold Image - " triple B", MY ASS, them's gotta be triple D's !!

    Have a good weekend, BDS.

  8. Miss Ash Says:
  9. I of course loved Sixteen Candles and Long Duck Dong so that put a smile on my face!!

    I wouldn't mind seeing a video of Mr. Dane sans clothing...I'm just sayin!

    Not being one to judge but isn't Celine's hubby like 90??

    And maybe Penn and Madonna could reunite in the sack.

  10. Troll Y2K - I'm glad to hear that about Spears as the pictures I found weren't great (but it's hard to sit on a desk where you look good). Happy Friday.

    Heff - Appreciate the Heff detail, so I like Gayheart even though Tuff H. is kind of funny, it is a classic case, I forgot about the boxing thing with Danza and I'm sure it can't help his English skills, that is always the case with less clothing (well almost), either way or name, I wouldn't watch that movie even on DISH, I'm just tired of the Penn-Wright divorce, hope you're right about Dion and you're definitely right about the Ds. Ha. Happy Friday Heff.

    Miss Ash - Yeah, there's few women out there who didn't like 'Sixteen Candles' as that was a good date rental movie in college as it put people in a good mood. Ha. Check the web for Dane in the buff & Dion's husband looks like the Buddha, an old Buddha. Happy Friday Miss Ash.

  11. JLee Says:
  12. My favorite Hughes movie! My friend and I used to quote The Donger all the time. lol
    Miss Ash, you can see the video on The Superficial, but they may have blurred his junk a little. ha

    Is it just me or are there only two ending images?
    Anyway, Happy Friday..

  13. Amélie Says:
  14. As the Canadians in that sketch comedy on youtube say, we apologize for Celine Dion.

  15. Linda Says:
  16. When the most interesting thing is celeb news is Brittney in a bikini (every day) and the Penn's on/off marriage (every month) you know it's a slow week. The common thread I do see with all the folks in QHF this week, is that they're all pretty annoying. Visiting the Basterds at some point this weekend .... Happy Friday!!

  17. Wendy Says:
  18. It'd be nice--and totally surprising--if Tony Danza became a teacher simply for altruistic reasons and NOT have his new career filmed as a reality show. Does anyone know if he really has a teaching credential?

  19. Boxer Says:
  20. I wonder how much is air brushed nowadays because Britney looked way better in some other shots from this week. But I think you're right, it's not easy sitting on a desk in your UNDERWEAR. Just when you think she's gotten her mind back.... can you imagine what he kids think? "Where's Mommy tonight?" ahahahah.

    Heff is in fine form this morning as you are. Have a great weekend.

  21. Jlee - A good one for sure, and I'll be continuing the Hughes theme for another few weeks since he deserves it. And yes, there are only two images but you can still find 3 Bs in those 2 images (or maybe 4 depending on how technical you want to get). Ha. Happy Friday.

    Amelie - All countries have people & things they should apologize for, but still, thank you for reiterating that about Dion. Ha. Happy Friday.

    Linda - Yeah, it seemed like a slow week and a re-tread of some of these stories. Dog days of summer, eh? I've got tickets for 'Basterds' tomorrow & will catch it with my brother at a theater where you can eat and drink beer. Should be fun. Will post a review on Monday. Happy Friday.

    Wendy - Just wait for the book deal after that . . . Ha. Yeah, it would be nice for someone to do something good or decent without a camera following them around. Selah. And no, I don't believe that Danza has a teaching certificate. Details. Happy Friday.

    Boxer - Yeah, I think it's damn near impossible for anyone to look good sitting in that position. She should have stood up and read. And airbrushing it always out there, it's only a matter of how much. Have a great weekend.

  22. Celine Dion is going to be the next Octo-Mom.

  23. nobich Says:
  24. Happy Friday everyone...

  25. JLee Says:
  26. Oh duh..I read it wrong. Maybe I was distracted ;)

  27. Native Minnow - Don't even think it. Ha. Happy Friday.

    Nobich - Happy Friday right back at you. Enjoy it.

    JLee - These things happen to the best of us. :) Happy Friday & stay cool this weekend.

  28. BostonPobble Says:
  29. The Tony Danza bit just scares me.

    Love the pics. Have a great weekend.

  30. kmwthay Says:
  31. That guy got Alyssa Malano to marry him? Only 2 things come to mind...

    sorry I'm here late. But I made it!

    Happy weekend.

  32. KayDee Says:
  33. I'm horribly late too.

    I'm all for people having a laugh at their own expense but just a little bit of advice Britney. People always treat you as a joke, why join in? No really. Why?

    Have a great weekend B and if it gets too hot, that pool in the second pic looks very inviting.

  34. Bostonpobble - As a lover of the English language and contributer (sp?), it should scare you. Ha. Glad you liked the pics & hope you had a good weekend in Utah.

    Kmwthay - Better late than never. :) Always. And yeah, I've got a feeling the guy has some money. Call me crazy . . . Happy Friday.

    KayDee - I don't know, I figure if you can laugh at yourself (though not all the time), it's probably a good thing as most celebrities take themselves too seriously. :) And yeah, I wish I could have found that pool this weekend since it was 100 degrees outside.


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